Iplehouse Discussion ( YID, nYID, SID, EID, HID ) Part 10

Oct 1, 2018

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    1. Oh no, I think I'm really sold on Dean. He's like Felix and Edan had a gorgeous baby, haha! I don't love my Edan as much as I thought I would, but maybe it's time to re-shell...
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    2. He's rather nice, but thankfully he's not grabbing my attention which means my wallet is safe and can continue its recovery from all the badly timed discontinuations.
    3. To celebrate allowing HIDs here and still have the HID thread...:kitty1

      One of my Elles...."Arcadia"

      [​IMG]Arcadia by luluna33, on Flickr
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    4. @luluna Your Elle is so fabulously stylish! :D
    5. Happy to be able to share HID here. My Lahela is HID.

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    6. Hello everyone!
      Can anybody show the comparison between HID male head (probably Baron, but any other would be okey) and EID model body?
      I really need to know, if it works :roll:
    7. @Helg I ordered my Baron on the EID Superhero body, and it looks natural to me. Some people say that Baron looks like a modified Rex, so proportions should look similar if you like Rex on the model body

      This is my Baron on the EID Superhero body if it helps

      @LaurieESW Your Lahela is lovely, I dont think Ive seen one in PG before, it works nicely on her I think :)

      @luluna Elle Army, you probably are the biggest Elle enabler XD I love that name you chose and that outfit, I love those kinds of dresses

      Do you follow Jiyoung9327 on instagram? Shes made a couple of outfits for Iplehouse, and shes worked on Dean's look. She posted a candid that made me look at the sculpt a different way.
      I wasnt a fan of the promotion shots, but I can see that jawline better in the candid.
      I think what turned me off the promo shots is those glass eyes with the dark rims, I dont like how those look so it skews my perception of the doll


      Oh..... I also managed to find my grail finally, a renewal verision of the Kamau head :love
      Its not in the color I wanted (glow real skin / light brown) but I see the beauty and potential in him
      Hes in Peach Gold and I think it looks really nice on him, Ill be sending him to Iplehouse after I have a set look for him, but Im really happy and thought I would share with my friends here
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    8. @GreenTeaSlug

      I"m so happy for you. I know how much you wanted a renewed Kamau. Congrats on finding your grail.

      Thanks for the extra photo of Dean. I really like him. I can see him looking up instead of looking down at him. As you said, You can see his jaw much better.

      I changed his eye color on one of the promo for the character I had in mind and I find him to be perfect.



      Your Lahela looks lovely.
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    9. Oh thank you so much for answer. Happy to hear it can work :) Your Baron looks great!
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    10. Your Lahela is so beautiful!

      My Olga (SID Harace) on the beach
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    11. @Bren
      Will you be getting him in that skin tone?
      I think the purple eyes with the skin color and his features would look magical
      If you dont have those eyes in particular, Ive seen some people use Mako eyes, the OZ series and they look really nice on Iplehouse

      Just google the color before adding to the cart, the actual eyes dont usually look like the colors on the store. I think the OZ-013 or the OZ-015 look similar :)

      Have you placed your order for him?

      @Heavenlywater looks very nice!
      She must be modeling for the new sports illustrated issue :)
    12. @GreenTeaSlug

      Yes. he will be RS. and No I haven't ordered him yet. Not ready.

      Thank you for the info on the eyes. I will go and check those numbers out.

      I do have one set of oz eyes that are a dark blue/indigo type, but not those lighter purple eyes. The oz eyes were much darker than I expected. So yeah. Store pic not true to life.

      I really do like those eye color on him and it's always hard to find the right shade. Drives me nuts at time. :roll::)

      Edited to add:

      Too funny. You will find this amusing. The oz eyes I was telling you about, were the Oz 013 you mentioned and what I had in mind for him. I just checked. They are beautiful but darker. Indigo which is what the character eyes are like.
      My Eric is wearing them.


      What a great picture. She does look like a model of sport illustrated.
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    13. Ugh, haven't I bought enough dolls already this year? :lol: I think I might need Dean, though.

      @GreenTeaSlug - Thanks for that bit of info - I'd been wondering what other designers Iplehouse has been working with. Congrats on finding a Kamau too! It's sad that sculpt wasn't more popular.

      @Heavenlywater - Nicely photographed! Thanks for sharing. ^_^

      @Bren - That's a gorgeous blue though. Looks like a good size for your Eric.
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    14. @Sianserais,

      Thanks. They are very nice color. I do like Mako eyes for my dolls.
    15. Wow! So much has happened since I was last on here :aeyepop::XD:. I have no hope of catching up on every post but did want to say how beautiful / handsome everyone's dolls are and congrats on purchases! I favorited all the photos too :). Looking forward to all the doll photo spam and hopefully being on here more often again.
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    16. I was trying to make an own thread but with no luck so I decided to ask here too.
      Does anyone have a comparision between the new dark brown and the ebony skin tone? <3
    17. @Evoi
      I took a comparison shot of all the skin colors I have, only ones missing is Glow white, Glow normal because Im not interested in those glow versions

      Normal + real skin glow + light brown + dark brown + ebony from 2019
      Peach + peach glow + real skin from 2018
      White + grey from end 2017

      Dark brown and Light brown are almost the same. I had to check my orders to see if I did a mistake but its correct. The difference shows in person better. Its the same shade of brown except dark brown has red undertones and light brown has beige undertones.


      @Bren lol!
      That eye color with his skintone does look really good!
      Your Eric is really handsome by the way, Ive never seen one in that skin color, it works very nicely
      This is the OZ-015, its closer to your edited picture of Dean, but its still a bit darker

      @PennyDes Im very happy to see that you have recovered and that you are back posting here again, I missed seeing you around

      @Heavenlywater she wears that bold blue color nicely, and that dress is very nicely tailored to her body :)
      Harace works nicely on that body too
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    18. Thank you for posting her, I had not seen the new body before- and it is lovely with your Olga!