Iplehouse Discussion ( YID, nYID, SID, EID, HID ) Part 10

Oct 1, 2018

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    1. Doria trying on a borrowed wig, very different than the normal look I have for her.

      [​IMG]Doria by Laurie W, on Flickr
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    2. @LaurieESW Your Doria looks fantastic! The wig looks great on her.

      I managed to scrape together money at the last hour for the summer event and have ordered an Asa--I've wanted her for literally six years at this point, so I'm very excited. If anyone has pics of Asa to share, I'd love that! I have a hanbok outfit for her but inspiration is always good. To be honest, I'm so thrilled at the thought of owning a doll that I can actually find clothes for, size-wise! (My nYID Andrew...not so much.)
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    3. I love the SID Rachel face, I received mine long ago but I didnt have anything that clicked to me about her look
      I ordered her on the HID body in normal, with the faceup of SID Grace type C
      I think this faceup makes her look very sassy, a rose with a thorn type


      @yhlee Congratulations on ordering Asa, and on the savings too lol
      The wait shouldnt be too long if you ordered her in the paler skintones
      Did you get Asa on her default EID body, or did you pick another body?

      @LaurieESW Of your dolls, Doria and your FID Aurora are always my favorite, I always love looking at them
      I love the animal print on her, it makes her look like a rich socialite.
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    4. @GreenTeaSlug Your Rachel looks gorgeous--that pose and outfit are stunning together.

      I ordered Asa in normal skin (I am boring) on the default EID body. I hope the wait won't be too long! My Yui only took a month and a half so that's what I'm hoping for, more or less.
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    5. I am considering adding a HID....my Grace SID is a joy! Having a lot of fun working up her sloper pattern. But a bigger doll would be nice too! Was thinking of either a Rachal or an Aileen head for her. Loved the photo's of Rachal!!!! @GreenTeaSlug Small bust btw. May do a smidge of sanding. NONE needed on my Grace! A first for a BJD for me.
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    6. @GreenTeaSlug - Oh a Rachel! I've been curious about that sculpt...but you never see owner photos of her. Please share more...:XD:

      While I'm here....more from my Elle Army...;)


      [​IMG]Undyne by luluna33, on Flickr
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    7. It's been a few months since she arrived, so I figured I should finally put together a proper outfit (with shoes!) for Mephilia. I ordered new items for her wardrobe and I am really looking forward to her red heels. She doesn't look very patient for a new change of clothes right now though! :lol: Here's to hoping everything arrives quickly for her!

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    8. I have been working on a sloper pattern for my SID Grace and it's almost done. I am also very certain I will be ordering a HID with a Raffine head. I was thinking about a couple others but I keep going back to Raffine. Rachal was a possible but as I said I keep going back to Raffine...Haute Couture faceup. Does anyone have a Raffine. I would love to see pictures!!!
    9. I thought I had more of her, but I didn't keep her too long--she was too nice, and I was unwilling to drag her around for photos!
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    10. Hi everyone, :whee:

      I'm new to the house! Been having this girl for a year but I only joined the Iplehouse group on Facebook.
      This is my girl. Yuki. Her sculpt is EID Bibiane
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    11. Who said Rachel?

      Old snap taken at the old place with the old camera ... the dolls have not yet been unpacked after moving house. :sweat
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    12. @Jany Your Heather is what made me sure that I needed Rachel, I could see her sculpt a lot better and the realistic look you gave her is complements the beauty of the sculpt very much. Shes one of the newer Iplehouse sculpts with a lot of detailing to her face, shes under rated in my opinion

      @snowle21 I havent seen Bibiane looking like yours before, shes very unique and I like her clothing :love
      Im imagining what it looks like, but I would love to see a full photo if you have it, or are able to at your leisure
      I really like that fabric choice

      @fishcake The FID's are good for travel, the bigger dolls, I couldnt understand when people talked about how difficult they are to carry and walk around with until I tried the FID. What a difference!
      Im also a big fan of your humor and blog by the way lol

      @Paulajtm There are quite a few beautiful Raffines, but there is one who I really love, and she is on the HID body so that might give you a visual on how Raffine would look on that body.
      @Sillion 's Genevieve who is insanely beautiful

      Aileen is beautiful too - you will have to log in to Iplehouse to see these. I loved how Aileen looked with the dark hair in the style review (It feels like they havent had one done in ages...)
      IPLE BJD

      @Maechen That couture faceup with the skin color choice and wig color is my favorite combo for Mari, she looks so good!

      @luluna Im going to take a photo soon with a different more subtle look to enable you to get Rachel as payback for enabling me to finally get an Elle lol!
      Turquoise is my favorite color and it looks so good on Undyne with her Athena makeup and coloring :love
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    13. @GreenTeaSlug - Yeah, you are getting an Elle! :XD: Glad I could....help. ;)

      I look forward to seeing your Rachel!

      @Jany - Love your Rachel! I wouldn't of known what sculpt she was. She has a lovely look and so different than the Iple shots. Thanks for sharing her! :)
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    14. @GreenTeaSlug Oh thank You for appreciation of my Genevieve! :love

      Elle is an excellent choice! I've been considering this sculpt too, I hope I'll be able to get her one day.
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    15. Oh my goodness, I've been neglecting DoA again, and have fallen behind in this thread, but what a treat to come here and see everyone's stunning dolls! Love them all!
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    16. @GreenTeaSlug LOL thank you! I stopped the blog for a bit because my "dollie lama", the woman who got me hooked ..uh..interested in dolls passed away, and it took me a while to kind of get back to them and not be sad. I think mostly my Mom reads the blog ;)
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    17. @GreenTeaSlug wow, thank you! :blush Without your help in the photo search I wouldn't have gotten her - talk about coming full circle, eh? :XD:

      @luluna thank you! :whee:

      I'll take new pics once the new place is set up. I bought an old wardrobe that I'm planning to turn into a diorama (well, half of it, the other half is for storage) and you'll definitely see pics of that once it's done - and, knowing me, a Project Journal to pass the time until it's done. :lol:
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    18. Aw, @fishcake , I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you will find getting back into dolls brings back happy memories and feelings after a while. I've recently been knitting, something my grandmother taught me when I was a child and I've been getting happy flashbacks of memories of her. ::Hugs::
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    19. Thank you so much! And I am glad knitting is bringing you joy--I am sure your grandmother would smile to see you knitting!
    20. @fishcake I'm sure your "dolly lama" would be happy that you are enjoying dolls again.