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Iplehouse Discussion ( YID, nYID, SID, EID, HID ) Part 10

Oct 1, 2018

    1. Hello all! While waiting for my Dollshe dolls, I weakened and bought my first EID Evan secondhand from 2008. He will ship this week so I am joining the thread to learn more. He will be my first large boy (I have 3 FID boys and one FID girl) and I was wondering what differences I can expect for an older doll. No CoA in 2008, for instance.

      I will probably restring him which I've never done. Are there good tutorials you'd recommend? I'm nervous!
    2. Back then, the peanuts in their elbows and knees were a bit tricky. It was a great idea, but slipped out of position. Someone made an amazing mod with watch strap connectors... I bought some of those pins for my JIDs at the time but never attempted ig. I really should find them and do it! Other than that, use as large a chord as fits through the neck and they are string "normally" so most tutorials on You Tube should work ,:)
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    3. Poor Zera is living with a damaged chin. She probably thinks I do not love her, letting her live with it. However, it is exactly the opposite. I love her so much and I am so used to this look for her that I am reluctant to send her off for a fresh face-up. If I send her off I think part of me would want to try something new, but I am pretty sure most of me would want her to remain the same, maybe even her orangey lipstick.
      I received her in 2014 and her face-up has held up for a long time, with all the re-dressings and adventures she has been through.
      Anybody else find it hard to let some dolls go for new face-ups. For my collection I have only felt this way about one other doll, not wanting to ever change her.

      [​IMG]Zera by Laurie W, on Flickr

      Here is a link to the first photo I posted of her. Her lips look glossier -
      Zera & Cordelia Homework 2
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    4. I do have at least one doll, a cp/Luts Lishe whom I fell in love with early on in the hobby and was able to adopt a couple of years ago. She was painted by Ddink. I hope she stays safe forever!
    5. I really like iplehouse dolls. They looks very real.
    6. Yes @LaurieESW I know exactly what you mean about letting face ups go. I had to do that several times with the Lahela in my profile pic. I'm still getting used to her latest face up. I have had her for many years now. I have a few dolls that could do with new face ups - I am not skilled at repairing them so damage usually means a whole new fresh start. Your Zera is lovely...hope you find a good solution...maybe someone could repair her makeup?

      [​IMG]The Faces of Lahela... by Lyanne NZ, on Flickr
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    7. Those pictures of Lahela and all her looks makes me want to get a dozen heads for each of my dolls! Their look is so different each time (yet still Lahela). Like she's dressed for different events. Your dolls are always so amazing, @LyanneNZ
    8. Hi! I have a nYID that has trouble holding poses. I've sueded her and tightened her string up a bit. How to you wire them? What type of wire do you use? That would help me do more with her :)
    9. Wouldn't that be fun though...a few heads for each doll ;)

      Just on the face up damage...years ago Cindy Heaton of Bella Repaints was able to work her magic on an Elfdoll June of mine when I messed up the makeup on her lips (and it was embarrassingly bad!) She painted her up without having to touch the eye makeup and you could never tell afterwards. I am not sure if Cindy is still painting but I'm sure there are some who could do this.

      Thanks so much Ingiebee! I love Lahela's face sculpt...
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    10. How about some EID male love? :XD: (The ladies seem to get the most attention.)

      [​IMG]Maelgwn by luluna33, on Flickr
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    11. Oh! Gorgeous!
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    12. Loving all the gorgeous eye candy in this thread!

      And here's my own beloved EID guy.

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    13. Oh my! Those eyes are so beautiful!
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    14. Did Iplehouse discontinue Ashanti?
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    15. @Demonique - yes...sorry to say they did. Think it was about 3 years ago? But not absolutely certain. Somebody will be able to tell us I'm sure.