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Iplehouse Discussion ( YID, nYID, SID, EID, HID ) Part 10

Oct 1, 2018

    1. @earth.spirits - Oh he's handsome! A Douglas...a sculpt you don't see so much.
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    2. @luluna, I love your moody guy. He's absolutely worshipworthy.

      @earth.spirits, he's beautifully done. Did you do his faceup? I love bearded guys.

      Yeah for the moody guys!! :bump
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    3. Oh wow, what sculpt is he? I don't recognise him. His face up is stunning <3
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    4. If only I were young and made of resin! :drool
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    5. Oh wow, he's a much older sculpt! I don't think I was even in the hobby when he was released!
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    6. Ooh, makes me want to slash my husband, see if it's be an improvement :whee:;):wiggle
      (I Really am joking, no hubby abuse happening)
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    7. Yes, Luis is indeed a Douglas. I was very, very fortunate to acquire him from a friend.

      @luluna - Thank you so much! And your Douglas is also very handsome, as is your other delightfully brooding guy.
      @Mahgiep - Thank you! : )
      @oriscany - Thank you, and yes, I did paint his face-up.
      @Quiet and Insane - Thanks, and glad you like his face-up.
      @IngieBee - The Douglas sculpt is definitely a very intriguing one!
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    8. I decide to buy a Aaliyah with light brown color. Is there anyone interested in Aaliyah too? I want to dress her like the woman soldier in the movie Black Panther.
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    9. @Happy moon moon , I have an FID Aaliyah and absolutely love her! You'll love her too no doubt, congratulations! :)
    10. @luluna - Ooh I do like the scar version too! :D

      @IngieBee - Heh, scarification is a form of body modification. ;)
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    11. Aaliyah is a definite favourite here. You will love her! :)
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    12. If anyone has the time, could anyone confirm getting the same error or is it just me?
      Ive been refreshing, cleared my cache, different desktop browsers and used incognito mode and still have the same error when looking through doll choice (Im on nYID girl, but I checked others and its the same)

      I also used google, and typed "SID Choice Man" into the search, and clicked the first link (different from going to doll choice through the website)
      I get this warning

      @luluna your Maelgwn is amazing!
      You know, Im very curious because I know there are so many talented story writers and RP'ers on this website
      Do you write books or have somewhere where you post about their adventures? Your models have very distinct looks and then theres these names that Ive never come across before and its so enticing!
      Youve enabled me to get Elle and now you have enabled me to get Rex... Im just waiting for the weather to cool to get him in LB/GRS on the HID body lol

      @earth.spirits Im glad you shared him here too!
      I saw him posted the other day on the BJD Database page and fell in love with Luis
      Youve done a great job at showing his nicest features and painting him to look full of character, he is beautiful!
      His eyes look so very melancholic

      Douglas and Kamau, to me are my favorite of all the discontinued dolls! I loved Renewal Kamau a lot, but Douglas is magical too. I always loved that he looked like he could be a sibling to Doria, perhaps her male twin (in my storyline atleast lol!)

      @IngieBee That mental image of you and wanting to beautify your husband made me chuckle XD

      @Happy moon moon Aaliyah is one of the most popular sculpts, and you can never go wrong with her! Will you be getting her on the default EID body, or the HID or something else? I think HID would look very nice specially since she's got nice muscle definition and Ive seen Aaliyah's who look really nice on that body
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    13. @GreenTeaSlug Iplehouse is serving a certificate for sujaeshop.com, which of course is not valid for iplehouse.com. That's why you're getting the error.
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    14. @GreenTeaSlug - I got that same warning when I attempted to access Iple's Custom Doll section (for EID Woman) - and when I saw that, I backed out very, very quickly.

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments on Luis! I love the Douglas sculpt and was very lucky to obtain him from a friend. He was lots of fun to paint, and is the perfect avatar for my character.

      Like you, I also admire Kamau, another wonderful sculpt.

      @scripple - So the error warning is due to Iple hosting that certificate? I'm worried they'd been hacked.
      #956 earth.spirits, Sep 8, 2019
      Last edited: Sep 10, 2019
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    15. @GreenTeaSlug yes. I got that last night trying to get to iplehouse site and immediately disconnected, I got the warning on two different browsers.

      I don't know what that means.
    16. I don't know why they're hosting the wrong certificate. Most likely it is because they or there hosting provider have simply misconfigured their server, but it could also be a hack. Someone should probably email iplehouse about it so they can get it fixed either way.
    17. I'm not sure if you've also noticed, but in addition to the pictures that have been either moved or deleted, some of the pictures look like they have been corrupted. (Louis - Special Edition's thumbnail for example)
      The only time I saw something like this was right before one of my external hard drive crashed and kicked the bucket.

      Hello everyone, by the way! I'm new on commenting on this thread, but I love stalking watching all your beautiful guys and gals, thanks for sharing!
    18. I've seen on FB that several people emailed them yesterday.