Iplehouse Discussion ( YID, nYID, SID, EID, HID ) Part 11

Sep 24, 2019

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      EID_M Model
      Height : 70.5 cm
      Weight : 2.6 kg
      Head mesurement : 23.5 cm
      Neck mesurement : 12.5 cm
      Chest size : 35.8 cm
      Shoulder width : 18 cm
      Arm length : 22.6 cm
      Arm mesurement : 12 cm
      Wrist mesurement : 7.5 cm
      Waist mesurement : 25.5 cm
      Hip mesurement : 35 cm
      Thigh mesurement : 19.7 cm
      Waist to toe length : 45 cm
      Ankle mesurement : 8.8 cm
      Foot length : 10.2 cm

      EID_M Super Hero
      Height : 68.5 cm
      Weight : 3 kg
      Head mesurement : 23.5 cm
      Neck mesurement : 13.5 cm
      Chest size : 37.8 cm
      Shoulder width : 19 cm
      Arm length : 22 cm
      Arm mesurement : 14.2 cm
      Wrist mesurement : 7.8 cm
      Waist mesurement : 27 cm
      Hip mesurement : 36.7 cm
      Thigh mesurement : 20.5 cm
      Waist to toe length : 44 cm
      Ankle mesurement : 9.2 cm
      Foot length : 10.2 cm[/TD]

      SID Man
      * Height : 65 cm
      * Weight : 2.12 kg
      * Head Measurement: 21.8 cm (8.4 inch, M size wig)
      * Neck Measurement : 12 cm
      * Chest size : 33.7 cm
      * Shoulder width : 17 cm
      * Arm length : 22 cm
      * Arm measurement : 12 cm
      * Wrist measurement : 7 cm
      * Waist measurement : 24 cm
      * Hip measurement : 29.3 cm
      * Thigh measurement : 18.4 cm
      * Waist to toe length : 41 cm
      * Ankle measurement : 8.5 cm
      * Foot length : 9.2 cm

      EID Woman
      * Height : 65 cm
      * Weight : 1.9 kg
      * Head mesurement : 21 cm (8.4 inch, M size wig)
      * Neck mesurement : 10.5 cm
      * Breast size : Large 32 cm / Medium 29.5 cm
      * Shoulder width : 14 cm
      * Arm length : 20.2 cm
      * Arm mesurement : 9 cm
      * Wrist mesurement : 5.5 cm
      * Waist mesurement : 21 cm
      * Hip mesurement : 32 cm
      * Thigh mesurement : 18.2 cm
      * Waist to toe length : 42 cm
      * Ankle mesurement : 6.8 cm
      * Foot length : 7.5 cm

      SID Woman
      * Height : 62 cm
      * Weight : 1.6 kg
      * Head circumference : 21 cm (8.4 inch, M size wig)
      * Neck circumference : 10.5 cm
      * Chest circumference : Glamour: 30 cm / Large: 29 cm / Small: 28 cm
      * Shoulder width : 12.5 cm
      * Arm length : 19.5 cm
      * Arm circumference : 8 cm
      * Wrist circumference : 5 cm
      * Waist circumference : 19.6 cm
      * Pelvis circumference : 29.6 cm
      * Thigh circumference : 17 cm
      * From waist to toe : 40 cm
      * Ankle circumference : 6.7 cm
      * Foot length : 7.5 cm

      nYID Boy
      Height : 63 cm
      Weight : 1700 g
      Head circumference : 21.6 cm
      Neck circumference : 11.3 cm
      Chest circumference : 27 cm
      Shoulder width : 16.5 cm
      Arm length : 19.2 cm
      Arm circumference : 10 cm
      Wrist circumference : 6.5 cm
      Waist circumference : 23 cm
      Pelvis circumference : 26.8 cm
      Thigh circumference : 17 cm
      From waist to toe : 40 cm
      Ankle circumference : 7.7 cm
      Foot length : 7.8 cm

      nYID Girl
      * Height : 58.7 cm
      * Weight : 1420 g
      * Head circumference : 21 cm (8.4 inch, M size wig)
      * Neck circumference : 9.5 cm
      * Shoulder width : 12 cm
      * Breast size : Glamour 28.2 cm / Large 27.2 cm / Medium 26.2 cm / Small 24.5 cm
      * Arm length: 23 cm
      * Arm circumference : 8 cm
      * Wrist circumference : 5 cm
      * Waist circumference : 17.5 cm
      * Thigh circumference : 17 cm
      * Hip circumference : 28.5 cm
      * Waist to toe length : 37 cm
      * Ankle circumference : 7 cm
      * Foot length : 7.5 cm
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    2. New thread celebratory photo spam!

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    3. An HID guy shoud fit nicely in a Dollmore Lusion carrier.
    4. New thread photo! Fall is finally here, break out the sweaters and jackets;) (and hope the temperature drops about 20 degrees!)

      [​IMG]Zera by Laurie W, on Flickr
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    5. @collectionkate Thanks for letting me know! :3nodding: I will definitely have to get a girl in peach gold. That resin color has really grown on me lately. It's very pretty.
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    6. I owned a sweater once 42 years ago...then I washed it and stuck it in the dryer... LOL. I'm trying to knit a simple one with my sister and daughter's. We're doing a knitalong :D. I hope it will fit! And Zera looks so cozy in that sweater! Tomorrow it's supposed to go down 10 degrees, yaaay! 90 is so much better than 100! LOL (mid 70s by end of week, if they're not lying :cool:

      @Dynamint, what an adorable couple!

      Jade looks so sexy in her new dress @derilan85

      Beautiful picture spam for first page!!!
    7. Hello everyone! I'm an Iplehouse manager. It is a pleasure to meet with people who love dolls on this forum. I'm glad to see that many other people here took great the pictures of our dolls. Those are fantastic.

      I would like to listen to the various opinions and requirements of our customers and reflect them as much as possible in our future operations. So I would like to hear any idea from doll fans. Please feel free to talk to me if you have any wishes or comments. For example, “I would like to have more variety of FID dolls”, “I would like to have this concept dolls.”, "I don't like these things, because..."or you can tell about any inconvenience or improvement. Thank you!
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    8. Hi @maro Iwould like to see more African faces, especially boys, and another Asian face, because Bichun is gorgeous! Maybe a little older like Dexter used to look?

      Both for the big dolls and FID :)
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    9. I agree. We should try to make more African or Asian faces. Bichun is one of our best seller.
      Actually, the resin of dark color is not easy to handle, so that's why tan skin is more expensive.
      Thank you so much for your opinion!
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    10. Hi @maro ! I would love to see more dolls with elf ears especially some of the guys!
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    11. @maro it would be nice if heads and bodies could be purchased separately and if additional bust sizes could be purchased.
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    12. Thank you for letting me know! I would deliver this opinion to our artists.
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    13. Yeah, thank you for telling me. Many customer want to purchase heads or bodies separately. We sold some heads separately as an event in the past, but it was our old rule that we sell only whole assembled doll. I will deliver your opinion to our CEO one more time though. Thanks!
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    14. @maro welcome to DOA, It is very nice to see that a company is willing to visit the fan forums want to listen to suggestions, I love Iplehouse and I do want it to succeed so I will make a few suggestions that I think would benefit Iplehouse and be profitable for you as a company

      Thank you for listening to us, I know its a lot of suggestions, but I wanted to explain each point to show you what I mean. I always knew Iplehouse cared about their customers, and its nice to see you here :)

      1. Iplehouse New SID + Female FID bodies are amazing. Theres a reputation that Iplehouse dolls dont pose well, but I think this is a very old statement and not true anymore. The New SID bodies are very good posers, and engineered very well, it is probably my favorite of doll bodies because they have looks and engineering.
      I think the biggest and best change you did is changing the balljoint foot design on the new SID bodies, it makes them very stable and easier to handle, it is very smart. HID woman has that foot design and that is why I do not buy EID woman, I have 1 EID woman and when I compare her with the HID, she is difficult to stay still and pose, it is the foot design on the HID Woman, new SID that makes the biggest difference I truly believe. That is why as much as I liked Camilla and her fullset outfit, I did not buy her. After trying the HID woman's stability from the foot design, I never want to buy an EID woman as much as I prefer the look of the EID woman body.

      2. I love that older limited edition dolls, had an extra "special" head as a limited edition like Knight Claude, Addiction vampire version Doria/Aaliyah etc. They all were sold with the regular head, and had an option to add the extra special "vampire etc" head as an option. This will make more people buy the fullset when offered, because Iplehouse does not sell heads separately. Those creative fullsets I would love to see come back some day.

      3. K-Pop music is very popular now, I would use that to your advantage to get new customers. BTS is almost everywhere, many other companies make similar looking dolls and they sell very fast. The new designer for clothes at Iplehouse makes very nice and trendy clothing, I think she will do an amazing Kpop fashion set.

      4. Your dolls are extremely beautiful, but what made Iplehouse stand out from all of the older dolls, is that Iplehouse made ethnic faces and did them beautifully. I think you should do that again, the newer releases, very beautiful but they all look white (which is fine, because you are a company, and after all, profit is important to continue working). I think you should reintroduce Kamau again, I see many people asking about it on forums and then find out he isnt offered anymore. I think he is the most handsome doll so far, and I will buy 3 of him if offered again XD.

      More african faces, maybe even an nYID african girl or an SID african male head (Halima Aden's face is very pretty). Nancy is one of my favorite dolls, and I would love to see more asian looking ladies, maybe with a sweet expression too. Omar is a favorite to many, so I also think a Middle Eastern face is nice (I know the model you used to make him, he looks exactly the same, great job on that one!)

      I know if you check sales for Kamau and Ashanti you would get discouraged, but that was back then, a different time. I think now it will be popular because if you look at the fashion adverts, and the current trends, social media etc people want more ethnic looking faces, specifically black and asian (look at the more popular instagram and social media influencers - the look is very popular now, people want to look ethnic). Every day I see people asking about companys that offer ethnic faces and people can only say Iplehouse or Granado, but the Iplehouse african sculpts are discontinued except Taregan, aaliyah, lahela etc. Im very sure people want to see more.

      5. Cyborg Bianca is one of the most unique looking dolls. I think you should either reoffer that full doll for sale, or make a new cyborg. Detroit become human is a video game that made cyborgs even more popular than before, I really think reintroducing her again would not only be less work for you, but also become very popular, make sure you make her exclusive to an order period and not offer the body in doll choice. I noticed people like exclusivity, even though they will not say it, the sales prove to me that making things exclusive is beneficial, not make LE qty, I mean limited order period and then not offer it again for a year for example - this is for special full body dolls, not regular full body human dolls. There arent many robots offered, and your Cyborg Bianca is the most beautiful one, not many people know she existed and are disappointed they cannot buy her. I read she was off topic before, but I am certain she will be on topic this time, its a very different time now.

      6. I think, for me at least, the biggest problem is clothes. It is very hard to find clothes that will fit your dolls, and I love the new designs of the Iplehouse clothes, but I would love to see more clothing, and specially shoes offered (the pink couture heels is the best iplehouse shoe ever)

      7. Offer head options with your limited dolls, some of your limited sets are very beautiful, but sometimes the sculpt that is offered with it is not something I want to buy. Maybe to make it more fair because it is more work for you, is to have head options with your limited sets, but at an extra cost IE $50+ extra to change the head design from the default. There are many FID dolls I want to buy, but I do not like the doll head, and prefer for example Baron in the Greek Warrior outfit. Offering head options will make people buy it, and i think people will pay the extra price to change the head option.

      8. Many of us noticed that you removed the head options from Doll Choice SID man, that now you can only buy SID man heads on the SID man body in Doll Choice because a customer complained about the fit. You already have a very detailed and helpful guide in the Data section that shows different bodies, with different heads. Maybe bring back the head options to the SID man doll choice, and post the link from the Data section on the top of the page. Most rational people will know the heads will not fit well, but they want to buy the head as an extra, and have the body for a head they purchased separately before, or change their current doll. You are still selling a full doll, but offering more choice which is a great thing. You can even make a poll and see what people think of that if you are unsure.

      9. A lot of people love your dolls but some of them cannot buy because they have many different layaways or a company is offering a very limited and expensive doll, so they prioritize their purchases. I see many people talk about layaways etc, I think its very fair that you are offering 3 month layaway, but for some people, that is short? Ive seen other companies partner with dealers like BJDivas because they offer 12 month layaway

      10. Selling heads only, I will have to be honest, will not encourage people to buy your full dolls. Not many companies offer heads only as sales because of that, and to be honest, people like exclusivity and not easy to get dolls. If heads were sold separately, I do not think people will be buying full dolls anymore. I think realistically, it is better to offer a few heads for sale, not all of them, and not the popular ones, maybe 1 head of the basic dolls each. Or perhaps allow a blank head with a full doll purchase in doll choice, but not any head, only the special/vampire etc version of that head in doll choice if people really want it, but in my opinion, it is better to only be offered with limited edition dolls so it seems like a benefit of buying the limited edition doll.
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    15. Thank you for your detailed and sincere explanation. Your suggestions are very smart ideas.
      All the sentences you wrote will be translated into Korean and printed. I will deliver it to the CEO next week conference.
      Especially, I agree with the comments about the new SID joints, the special concept of heads, and the lack of clothing.
      Plus, the proposal about Layaway is something we didn't know. Thank you for letting know us.
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    16. I would like a carry bag for HID men
      I would also like to see an afro style wig
      I would like to suggest snakes, lizards and spiders as pet bjds
      I think I green-skinned elf doll would be a good idea
      Do you offer a faceup service for customers? I have Ashanti but her default makeup became damaged and if Iple offered a repair service for makeup I'd like to avail of it

      My next purchase will probably be the calico/tortoiseshell kitten, I have a saving fund set up for Gaming Heads Mass Effect statues, but I think I'll dip into the fund for the kitten
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    17. Hi @maro! I’m mostly just a lurker here, but I also agree about selling heads. There are so many beautiful faces at Iplehouse, and I’d love to bring many more of them home, bit I just don’t have the space in my rook for so many bodies as well!!

      And when @Demonique mentioned reptile pet dolls, I have to agree! A big lizard (like perhaps an Argentine Tegu, if you’re looking for lizard suggestions) or smaller guys like chameleons would both be amazing!!
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    18. @maro I also am very low on space especially for large dolls. I am tempted by some of your beautiful limited dolls but unless it is a face and outfit I love, I usually pass. One option would be to make a limited number of the outfits and accessories available separately. I also like the suggestion of allowing a substitution of the head.

      I would like to see more samples of faceups on various skin colors. I like the style of a faceup the is shown on real skin, but I am not sure how it will look on normal or white skin.

      I like the suggestions of multiple heads for a doll but I would suggest that you allow buyers to chose either or both heads. That will allow someone who wants a body for both heads to buy two full dolls.
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    19. Hello @maro - How lovely to see you here representing Iplehouse - that's wonderful that your firm wants to connect with your customers for feedback and suggestions.

      I'm another who would love to see an option available to buy separate heads, as I don't have a lot of space for full dolls. Perhaps offer heads separately as part of the custom doll choice option? That way the option wouldn't be available all of the time, and would be more special. Also, if you do offer separate heads, please issue COA's for them. I know that in the past, when Iplehouse held a "head event" they didn't issue COA's. But I think that nowadays people would prefer that a head comes with a COA.

      And yes, more African and Asian faces please - for male and female, and for all of your different size lines. Would love to see this!

      I also agree that redesigning the EID women's feet to be like the HID women's is a great idea. Also, it would be nice to have a small bust option for EID women.

      Thanks for listening! : )
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