Iplehouse Discussion ( YID, nYID, SID, EID, HID ) Part 11

Sep 24, 2019

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    2. Hm, in lack of the event it seems that I will not be ordering the long awaited HID Aurora, again. If I only had known that I should just have ordered her in january with the same price that would now be her event price... I could have her already, but no, I decided to wait for summer event and then the corona situation came. But, it cannot be helped and I'm not the only one whose plans were changed due to this exceptional situation. Maybe I'll fall for some other HID girl second hand before the next sale and sew her a SWAT set myself.
    3. I'm in the same boat, exactly^^ Of course it is quite true that Covid caused all sorts of hardships for BJD companies too, and Iplehouse was struggling before because of the r3cast situation.
      But when I look at all the summer event notices of comparable companies going up now I can't help thinking that it could be a mistake for Iplehouse to not offer incentives. There must have been more people in the world who were holding out for it, but for anybody less set on a specific company there are many other good opportunities around now so that people's doll money might even rather be going elsewhere. Maybe IH felt that granting discounts after just having raised their prices might counteract their intentions too much.
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    4. I saw in a FaceBook Iplehouse group that Iple will have their "summer event" in august!
    5. I wish I knew for sure. I’m sitting here with a Claude in my cart....
    6. Well, here's to hoping! I live in a country where EMS hasn't shipped for probably 5 months now, so I can wait for a good deal at this point. I know friends also waiting for their Iple parcels to be shipped, and no one here really gets it why EMS doesn't accept parcels to Finland because we send EMS mail there normally and we would accept all EMS mail from there normally. Other companies like FedEx work fine. I hope Iple would use it as an option.
    7. Soooo, the Iplehouse website is down and not working? Or is it just me?
    8. I can't enter the site too. I've tried different browsers and gadgets. :ablink::shudder
    9. It's saying it's crashed for me too. Oh dear. :frownyblush:
    10. We've actually seen this error before, or at least one very similar to it. Last time they got it up and working again soon after they got back in to work. so... hopefully in a matter of hours?
      (Watch, I'll have jinxed it by saying that. :lol:)
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    11. It is crashed for me as well, hope they fix it soon.
    12. Web is back again :3nodding:

      was wonder if Iplehouse was trying to add on event page, but not yet
    13. My girl's head arrived!
      This is my EiD Asa in SRS, Sizzy. :XD: Now to figure out what eyes fit best in her.
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    14. Well, I did it. I took the plunge and ordered a Claude. :love
      I ordered custom make-up for the first time from Iple so I'm crossing my fingers. I edited Dane A lips to Dane B face-up to make a composite for Claude. I also edited the eyeshadow colors to neutral grays and blacks instead of brown. Linking below with the character inspiration I sent as well.
      upload a pic online
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    15. Congrats on ordering your Claude. Will exciting to see the end product.
    16. Here's a shot of my RS Dylan...as I try to figure out more about his character...he doesn't have his proper wig yet so he filched this one for now. :XD:

      [​IMG]Janus by luluna33, on Flickr
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    17. He’s lovely. I wish I had gotten mine in RS.
    18. @cyranstar and @Kaname Kimura - Thank you so much! He is really nice. :kitty1

      cyranstar, your Dylan is in NS...If I remember correctly? He's a great sculpt...I think he would be nice in all resin tones.