Iplehouse Discussion ( YID, nYID, SID, EID, HID ) Part 11

Sep 24, 2019

    1. Does Iple still make dolls in ebony resin? It's not in the CDS right now but think I read somewhere that they alternate months with it?
    2. Yes, they still make ebony resin...but it seems only at certain times of the year. I don't think it is even alternate months...frequency.
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    3. [​IMG]
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    4. JinCIncy
      Oh God! What beautiful!!! Amazing couple!!!!
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    5. @JinCIncy Now that´s an awesome couple! They look good together!
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    6. Oh my, they're stunning!
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    7. Claude and Eric would make amazing identical twins on their SID bodies. I had not thought of that, I guess because I thought Eric looked a little smug to me. Yours doesn't. I may have to think about an Eric now.

    8. It's been a minute since I played with my Iple girls and even longer since I shared here, so I decided to take Maeve and Sybella out to the garden for some photos this week.:cool:
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    9. seriously gorgeous photos everyone! Iplehouse dolls, YOUR dolls are so lovely!
    10. Such gorgeous dolls and great photos. Love your Alyssa (?) @collectionkate Your couple with Leonard and the Saroriaj lady is so gorgeous @JinCIncy and the girls in the garden are so pretty, love their sunglasses! @Poptart

      Sorry I have nothing really new to share but here is my SID Aaliyah in a red dress by Ellen...

      [​IMG]Lady in Red by LyanneNZ, on Flickr
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    11. I hardly ever take good doll photos but I forgot to share one of the rare ones that came out decent. This is my SRS EiD Asa, Sizzy. Still trying to figure out what eyes work best for her. The eyeco ones I had ended up being too big. :sigh
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    12. I love her corset @Cap'n - she's very pretty. :)
    13. @LyanneNZ Thank you! This is my favorite sculpt Alyssa.
    14. Hope you guys don't mind some drive-by spam of my SID Dean!

      [​IMG]Dowen by Dollish Gambino, on Flickr

      I love seeing everyone's Iplehouse dolls. <3
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    15. @Kaname Kimura, thank you!! I need to photograph him more! He was one of those love-at-first-sight sculpts for me.
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    16. @mustbemissa - I ordered a Dean last month and am excited to see more owner pictures, so thank you! Is he on the SID model body by chance (which is what I selected)?
    17. @VeraLyne Yay! More Deans! Congratulations! :D He's on the muscle body here, but I bought him on the model body. I don't think you'll be disappointed! It poses really nicely, and the elbows are so much better than the older muscle body. His character just needed to be a bit beefier, so I switched them for that.
    18. @mustbemissa ,

      I love your Dean. He looks wonderful. Loved him as a red head. Great job. I too fell in love with Dean

      Here is mine.

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