Iplehouse Discussion ( YID, nYID, SID, EID, HID ) Part 11

Sep 24, 2019

    1. @Bren, he's gorgeous!! I love yours as well. He looks great in that skintone. He's such a handsome and versatile sculpt.
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    2. ..

      Thank you. Yes. I agree. Yours look so different that if I hadn't seen you named him Dean, I wouldn't have known. I think he has a Custom face up and it looks gorgeous on him.
    3. @mustbemissa - Wow he's so handsome! :D I love the red hair.

      @Bren - Ooh, is he in Special real? That resin tone looks gorgeous.
    4. And this, kids, is why owner pics matter. From his promo pics alone I'd never have guessed Dean was that handsome! :D (Good thing I have Mike shelled, he could have been some serious competition for Omar <3)
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    5. Ever since I have seen Eric I have thought that they could be twins, and on some occassions I've gotten them mixed up for a moment or two. It's funny, I have heard some people say the same thing of smirking/smugness from Claude, but I've always loved both of them. I have never seen them that way, and perhaps it's because I love their smiles.....

      Yes he is.

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. Owner's pics have been the reason why I've totally have fallen for a certain face sculpt after not feeling anything with the companies promos.
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    6. I love owner photos and I love to see one off face ups too to see the possibilities in a sculpt.

      [​IMG]White shirt by LyanneNZ, on Flickr
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    7. Oh my, those Deans are handsome. And everyone's girls too!

      I'm impatiently staring at my tracking lol my Yur is sitting waiting for her turn at customs and then a flight. XD; Hope to be posting a picture of her sometime soon... :eusa_pray
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    8. Owner photos really are important. Different people can style the same doll in so many different ways, and really showcase a doll/sculpt's potential.
    9. @LyanneNZ, she is stunning! I love that skirt.

      Re: owner pictures, it's true! I'm trying to get better about photographing everyone in my collection more often. Iplehouse sculpts are gorgeous, but sometimes it takes seeing them with custom faceups or different styling to see their true potential.
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    10. @LyanneNZ

      As always your Aaliyah looks gorgeous in that outfit and wig.


      And I didn't think she could be any better. You proved me wrong.
    11. [​IMG]
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    12. Love Queen Bella and also love this blunt bob on your Marien!
    13. @Bren - @LyanneNZ - Thank you! I didn't plan this look for her but I'm really digging it.:XD:

      @collectionkate - Your Marien is so sassy and cute with that bob haircut! :)

      @LyanneNZ - And you know how I adore your Aaliyah. And the ouftfits you make!
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    14. Hi all. Today I've just hit 10 weeks in my wait for my new EID Jessica. When she arrives, whenever that might be, she will be my fourth Iplehouse girl. My first was Rhiannon, my original old style YID Freezia, who came to live with me way back in 2009!


      So who was your first Iplehouse doll?
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    15. @Tonto65 My first Iplehouse doll was my EID Carina back in 2014!
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    16. [​IMG]
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    17. tomorrow.... tomorrow I will have help and can get my new still in her box (sorry sweetie) SID Kali out and 'dressed'! and my friend who can see can take some better pics. I have been having more trouble seeing the last year or so and it seems i crossed the line and now am technically 'white cane' legally blind :sigh (for me that means blurry) so for the next year pls pardon any crud shot while it relearn how to take decent pics. I even mentioned to the CNIB lady that maybe a group for ppl like me could be made. Cuz I already know there a more than a few blind and visually impaired ppl who still love taking pictures! But for now my freind will help while she is in from out of the city. And yes i got the full set and yes i got the scythe... but it's not blushed.. but omg it's... huge O_O
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    18. Oh Lady Tiku, I didn't know that you were going through that! I'm sorry to hear it. My mother has also gone blind these last 5 years, and it was hard at first, but now she just takes it in stride. I know there is no choice but staying positive and happy makes her, and you, my heros!

      But oooh, Kali is going to be gorgeous! I'd be happy to see even fuzzy pictures! So awesome!
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