Iplehouse Fashion Doll Discussion - Part 11

May 22, 2020

    1. And on it goes with part 11

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    2. As Miho was the only new face- I wonder if Iplehouse plans to do new faces for FID or just use the sculpts they have to scale them down. I would love to see some new faces- that would be tempting as well
    3. Greeneyed-soul, that's a very good point! I hadn't thought of that. Limitless possibilities! Mind you, I'm still waiting for Bibiane to become available. I would actually be very happy with more than one faceup choice for each FID, like when the first few were offered. They each had a choice of at least two looks, didn't they.
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    4. LilyAndRuby you also can chose a custom face up and get Bibiane (yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i want her too and my avatar here is screaming for her) with "her" face ups of the EID version. I did that with FID Isis and got her "poor girl from carved heritage story" face up. You just have to ask iple before ordering which "number" in the face ups sector you have to chose
    5. New thread! :XD:

      Iple has been quiet this month of May...so far....I'm wondering what is coming next?

      Till then...my FID Elle...(Phoenix).

      [​IMG]Phoenix by luluna33, on Flickr
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    6. luluna
      Beauty!!! Aggressive and charming!!!!
    7. Laurie ESW, your Aurora is looking so fresh and pretty!

      Luluna, you have such a perfect selection of characters and outfits. Phoenix is stunning. Such a strong, beautiful lady.

      Greeneyed Soul, Thanks so much for that. I had a look at Carved Heritage, including Isis and her fabulous story. Beautiful photos aren't they. I think my FID Mari has a custom faceup. I was so happy to get her from a friend. I attempted my first bit of knitting for her a couple of days ago. It is so big, it wraps around the back, haha, and I had to embellish it to cover up my dodgy stitching. Just pleased to have finished it really!

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    8. [​IMG]
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    9. Now THAT's what I call knitting!!! How do you do that Olga?! Vanessa is a very lucky girl to model such marvellous outfits. She is looking fabulous <3
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    10. LilyAndRuby
      Thank you very much for your attention to my work! You 're right - Vanessa is beautiful, I really like knitting for her! Iplehouse creates very beautiful and multifaceted dolls!
    11. I don't think I shared Raffine in this photo before...forgive me if I did. Just wanted to contribute to the new thread. Love all the girls here!!

      [​IMG]Autumn Colours by LyanneNZ, on Flickr
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    12. I asked Iplehouse about FID Bibiane and this is what they told me


      We will release FID Bibiane on August. We are sorry for delaying
      Next month we will release Isis with new styling instead.

      Thank you.
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    13. wow, that's so nice of them to give release times. I didn't know IH was that obliging. I wish we had more info on all doll company plans.
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    14. That's brilliant news Greeneyed Soul - thanks for that. More time to save..
    15. @LyanneNZ You did :) But it´s a joy to see her again, she looks so very glamorous and splendid on that picture!
    16. @LyanneNZ That is such a wonderful color dress and perfect for her coloring.
    17. Iplehouse used to show their upcoming schedule of releases on their Diary, a button just to the left of the Login. They haven't used it in several years. Maybe the person whose job it was to keep it up to date left the company and nobody took it over. You can still display the calendar but there's nothing on it.
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    18. I wonder why they stopped showing the previews too, could be the very reason like vermont chick said, with the pandemic still happening who knows when or if we will see any more soon. I wish they would do more clothing like they used to do.