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Iplehouse Fashion Doll Discussion - Part 8

Oct 22, 2018

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    2. I really would love to see new faces next round.

      Wonder about... as the FIDs are so popular if they do a big discontinueing event soon. As they did with Tedros, Cherie and so. If you check the popularity it´s more the new sculpts they do as FID and I wonder if this gonna effect the old faces like Asa, Arvid, Rexy and so
    3. Discussion threads 1-5 no longer exist. They have been archived.
      The opening information needs to be amended to reflect that please.
      DoA has had volunteers archiving various threads and updating the Wiki pages. Important information from the threads is being compiled on the Wiki page. Moderators are told of photos that need to be saved, and they are doing that part.
      Myself and some other volunteers have moved important information from the FID threads 1-5, to the Wiki pages. Now those pages are gone, so the links are useless.

      This opening should be amended to the following, thanks. :)

      Discussion information from threads 1-5 and other important information -
      Fashion Iplehouse Doll - Den of Angels BJD Wiki | Den of Angels

      part 6: Iplehouse Fashion Doll Discussion - Part 6

      part 7: Iplehouse Fashion Doll Discussion - Part 7[

      Link to the 'What Fits' thread -
      What fits Iplehouse Fashion Women & Men
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    4. Yay, a new thread!
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    5. LaurieESW edited ;-) was not quite sure as the links were still kind of alive
    6. Thanks Kathy, I believe you helped too in archiving information. It is nice to have that information saved all in one place on the Wiki Page.:)

      Great, thanks for the update.

      Really? When I clicked on the links for FID Threads 1-5 I only got this Error Message --
      Den of Angels - Error
      You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.


      The links when I clicked on them would not go to any thread.

      The information about the FID wiki page would be a nice addition to this first page, first post, of the thread information, I think.
      Here is a link to the Iplehouse FID Wiki Page - Fashion Iplehouse Doll - Den of Angels BJD Wiki | Den of Angels

      Also the What fits Thread used to be listed in those links but somewhere along the way it got left out.
      Link to the 'What Fits' thread -
      What fits Iplehouse Fashion Women & Men
    7. LaurieESW this I had on number 1 and 2 and the 5th worked. But well- now its correctly :-)
    8. Seconding new faces! I really hope they don't discontinue though--I have at least a couple more FIDs from the current crop I'd like to snag!

      I got some new eyes in last week and popped 'em in. I'm liking these pretty well, though I think I'm going to try some Dreaming Tree Studio next. All your pictures with them look so lovely!

      [​IMG]20181022_160216 by lessdenied, on Flickr
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    9. I miss having my desktop computer, I would upload more pics of Mr. Serious my FID Rex. Also would love to see more new faces and not EID size shrunken down to FID.
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    10. I asked Iplehouse if they still had plans to release the FID this month. This is their response.:)


      Yes. We are preparing for new FID. We are going to release it soon.

      The concept of doll is Athenae. It's Elle character.

      Thank you for being interested.

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    11. i meaned discontinuing from the big ones

      Uhhh cool.... let’s see when we gonna see her I really like her face
    12. I haven't forgotten my poor dolls, don't worry. Today I managed to mostly finish Skuld's dress. I wanted to get it done before I did her faceup, so here she is with no face or eyes. BUT SHE HAS CLOTHES!
      I did a bunch of research before I made this thing. . . That said, it's not entirely historically accurate mostly due to materials and sewing and colour.
      [​IMG]Skuld's dress by Tatterpunk, on Flickr
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    13. The outfit looks great! I like the color combination, not too many Vikings around to say you’re not historically accurate anyway, .
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    14. Truuue. Mostly the colour is off cause it's super bright for being linen (blend). Plus I didn't dye it myself, but yeah, not terribly worried as long as it looks good and my dolls don't kill me in my sleep
    15. Wow, it’s AMAZING!!!! I love it so much!!!
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    16. What do you think? How long will it take to release the curvier body for the girls- will they really do a kind of shrunken Nyid body? Cause the survey seems to say yes
    17. @TatterPunk that dress looks awesome! What is Skuld's story?
    18. @TatterPunk - Cool costume! If you're worried the colors might be too bright, would a tea bath help dull them a bit?
    19. Questions. I seem to be getting scratches in the black color areas of my new puppy. I have hardy taken many photos. Seems very unstable, like no sealer applied. Should I ask about it in Q&A?

      I finally lost a problem eyelash on Jae Jin. I don't want to pay $30 shipping from Iplehouse. Where can I get eyelashes for FID boys similar to what they came with?