Iplehouse Fashion Doll Discussion - Part 8

Oct 22, 2018

    1. Eek! I just noticed my shipping notice has a different option listed than my order @_@; I hope the doll arrives correct!
    2. redsixwing what did you order and what do they ship?
    3. @coleen your Vanessa is going to be very well dressed. I love those outfits and definitely want to buy a couple of them.
    4. @redsixwing Hopefully all is okay. Tough that the New Year's celebration will keep you in suspense.

      I'm working madly on the wedding plans. They have decided not to use a wedding house, so they are having to make decisions. This week they picked a cake and chose the invitations. No idea when the wedding dress will be to firm up the date though.
      [​IMG]Wedding choices by Kathy Puckett, on Flickr
      [​IMG]Wedding choices by Kathy Puckett, on Flickr
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    5. @greeneyed-soul It's a pretty small variation. I ordered mobility type; the shipping notice marks it as "no."

      @Mahgiep It says it should be delivered this week, so hopefully the package is out of range of the holiday. xD;

      What gorgeous photos! And the topper on that cake is adorable.
    6. @Mahgiep - Squeee! Gorgeous cake...and I love Yoona as a blonde.
    7. Thank you @redsixwing @vermont chick
      I actually had to saw off the Ameican couple cake topper. I had this Korean wedding couple from my last doll wedding (the groom was Korean).

      What's so odd is that in real life I've always been pretty anti-wedding (ask my ex and my partner of 26 years) but I seem to go all out for doll weddings including spending $ on a once a lifetime event (what will I do with this cake afterwards? Maybe a renewal of vows in a few years?). I bought 3 backdrops for wedding and honeymoon, wedding outfits, Korean garden gates, and this cake. :ablink::ablink::ablink::roll:
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    8. @Mahgiep I wasn't much on weddings for myself either, but have had a couple doll weddings as well. The first doll wedding I had was held at the Austin BJDC. I had the bride's dress made from my daughter's wedding dress. I had tons of stuff I had to take with me to Austin and I ended up throwing it in the trash at the airport because my luggage was over the limit. The 2nd wedding I held at my house with my friend @Patrice S. @Patrice S also had a wedding at her house which I and my dolls attended. I look forward to seeing your wedding plans progress @Mahgiep.

      @Patrice S since I only have Vanessa at this point I am hoping to expand her wardrobe as well as her stable!
    9. Isshun in summer.

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    10. @coleen Cool! Great to find a kindred spirit! I will definitely show photos as things progress. As an extra twist, I am learning and explaining about Korean culture and customs along the way.

      @xyuemoto Isshun looks great and I almost remember wearing sandals a long time ago, haha!
    11. EEEEEEEEP the new body is perfect - so happy it looks just like a smaller NYID. I was worried they'd mess up the narrow shoulders! I think someone said this above but I too think the small bust looks proportionally larger than the NYID small bust though. I could have gone with even smaller but at least they made the effort ;)
      I had my mind made up on a Mari this time instead of Isis for my OC but LAHELA!!!!! I am soooo in love with that face. I will have to wait for June though as my money is being held in reserve for our vacation... dang it!
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    12. @xyuemoto, It's always great to see Isshun, and the sandals look like Birkenstock to me....:3nodding: I love them!!

      @Mahgiep, the wedding cake is awesome, and I can't wait to see the next pictures of the plans/ dress.
    13. LOL, It's going to be amazing!

      Oh, and the new body looks beautiful!
    14. We can wait till June together. This is gonna be a difficult wait lol.
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    15. Well, having someone to wait with makes it a 'little' easier ;)
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    16. True. Very true Or at least we can tell ourselves that. I'm glad they FINALLY got a smaller bust. . even though I too could have gone smaller. . . but then I'd be happy with JID small bust size nearly flat chest.
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    17. For as much as I want to wait to see owner pics, I learn more and more I just never know until I have a doll in hand. I’m probably gonna bite the bullet and get a carina and Isabel. Messing around in photoshop with possible face ups makes me fall in love with those sculpts all over again and I’m betting I’ll like the new body.
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    18. Well guys after me being in the hobby 6 years, my mom is finally joining me LOL
      She won’t be getting an account on here so I’ll be posting the order under my name (plus its on my iple account). She’s fallen in love with my FIDs, but always loved the YID body. Seeing pictures of Vanessa did her in. I’m really excited that she’s joining, and she can’t wait for Dorie (as she’s named her) to get here.
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