Iplehouse Fashion Doll Discussion - Part 8

Oct 22, 2018

    1. Congrats on the corruption, er, I mean the newly shared love of dolls with your mom! I love doing things with my daughters. They are too busy now but I had tons of fun with them when they were kids and look forward to slower days when they're middle aged and I am just old, LOL.
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    2. @artisticadelle how wonderful to have your mom share in your hobby! I certainly know how she feels about Vanessa; as she is the one I ordered as my first FID!
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    3. Lahela!!!!!!!!!!
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    4. anybody else love FID Rexy more than the Nyid version?
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    5. @IngieBee - I am behind the 8 ball as usual. I saw you guys already knew about her.

      I am in the same boat. Said no more dolls for awhile and then she pops up. Happens every time.
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    6. At least I can enjoy everyone's dolls here :D
    7. The boy is here! And he has the proper options /whew

      Pardon the huge photo, but I'm very excited :) He came with brown eyes by default, and I put them in just so he'd have something. His new eyes ought to be here in a few weeks.

      I did at least have his journal for a homecoming present. He's wearing a dish towel toga for now, but hopefully soon I'll be able to make him some clothes and get his faceup started.

      This boy is BIG. Somehow I thought he was going to be closer in size to Spouse's Kid Delf girl. Noooope. :D Spouse's opinion was "holy cats, that doll is jacked."

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    8. @redsixwing

      Lawrence is one of my favorite sculpts by Iple. COngrats on your dolly coming home.

      Just love those bodies. Nice books as well.
    9. @Bren Thanks!

      They really did a good job with his face. I'm looking forward to working on him. I was waffling between Lawrence and one other, and the more photos I look at, the more I think I made the right decision.

      The book is a Paperblanks mini that a good friend gave to me when I mentioned that the OC this doll will be representing has ones that look very much like it, so it's pretty special already. /g

      Here's one more. He's already getting into mischief.

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    10. @redsixwing Grats to your boy! I like his toga ;) Lawrence is a wonderful mold, I have one in EID size. Sold him, bought him back, wouldn´t want to miss him now. I think you made a good choice!
    11. LOL, He found the important side of the library I see :D
    12. @redsixwing Congratulations, so exciting! I decided a while ago that if I ever get another adult guy, it would be a Lawrence.
    13. @Ashemanu hehe thanks ;) It's so encouraging seeing all the love for this mold!

      @IngieBee he sure did xD

      @Mahgiep Thanks! Your collection is stunning, regardless!
    14. @redsixwing

      He seems very interested in the Hieroglyphs. hmm Archeologist???

      Here is a little more encouragement for a Lawrence.

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    15. @Bren What a handsome fellow! :love That V neck is very flattering on him, and it seems like his faceup mellows out the angles of his face a bit. I'm going to be doing something similar with K.

      As for the pictographs, this character is a phoenix - he spends a lot of time looking human, but he has roughly a lifetime between his returns, so his experience is spotty. He's very interested in history, and especially the bits he wasn't there for. Also, he likes shiny things. ;)

      I draw him a fair bit, and I'm hoping the resin version will help me get the poses right, so long as I remember to correct for things like joint peanuts.
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    16. THank you. I just love Lawrence. The outfit was done by our own Lyanne NZ.

      LOL I have to laugh cause I had written pictographs then changed it to Hyroglyphs since I wasn't sure.

      LOVE hearing that he is a Phoenix. Love such stories. My own Law is an Elemental Being. Law of the Word he is known as. He also works with books and writing down the events of the cosmos as other beings report to him what is going on with their work in the realms.
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    17. Ugh, this reminds me of all the work I need to do on my boys (mostly making them decent wigs, LOL! Ugh!) These Lawrences are gorgeous!
    18. @redsixwing congrats on your new Lawrence. He's a terrific sculpt and the ones I have.

      @Bren I just love your Lawrence.
    19. @Bren that's actually the cover of a special edition Exalted RPG sourcebook. xD The pictographs are in Old Realm, an in-game language. I haven't bothered translating them yet, but someone out there probably has. (Too much nerdery?)

      Want to PM stories about your boy? I'll swap you :D

      @Patrice S Thanks! Is that yours in your signature? Such a sensitive face!
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