Iplehouse Fashion Doll Discussion - Part 8

Oct 22, 2018

    1. Omg I just barely looked at Rexy and Laheala on iples site and OH NO I LOVE REXY! Ahhh she is so flippin adorable this is ruining all my doll plans! I thought for sure I’d buy a boy next but I have a mighty need to push the buy button for Rexy! Ack!

      Her cute lil faceup with the freckles is so adorable. I really want a tan doll in my collection one day but I might be sold on her in normal skin just for that faceup.
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    2. You and me both! My OC is not busty ;)

      Lawrence is one of my faves too - if I ever get a guy for my girl (that I haven't gotten yet LOL) it will probably be Lawrence <3
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    3. Oooo they added a front view of all the curvy body bust options to the body review. Makes deciding a little bit easier!
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    4. Chewiemonster I asked them to add these pics but I was not quite sure, if they made exactly the same bust like they have on the Nyid. And the confirmed at the board, that it is exactly the same size :-)
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    5. Wow, those pics look really good! I honestly like the large option with the new body, and that isn't something I expected at all.
    6. sorry if this has been asked but has anyone tried Dollmore's size 5 wigs? (for their Bebe' size) do they work? I do not have my dolls yet so... can't even try them lol. And do FID dolls wear any of the shoes from DM?
    7. One hour and I will get my Ron from customs - totally excited! First time I will see a FID in Person :cheer
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    8. I used to have these shoes for my JID (MSD(high heels)Shoes - Basic Shoes (Pink) -
      Dollmore.net :: Everything for Doll & more

      Since the JID and FID can share shoes I would assume they would fit. They would probably fit like the Iplehouse enamel shoes, which have a little room and the doll could wear tights/stockings.

      There were also sneakers that fit, just have to check the sizes. I thought the Marigold shoes and sandals were so cute, but they ran big for my taste.

      No idea on the BeBe doll wigs, looks like they have stocked some choices that could pass as some mature options...it would be good to know about the fit. I thought I had looked before and there were not so many wig choices, thanks for asking....hope someone knows.
    9. I have those Dollmore high heels--they're made for DM's Judith Girl dolls. I don't recommend them for FID unless you pair them with thick socks--provided you like that look. Here's a pic I posted the last time this came up. On the left is a DM Judith Girl (in the white heels), with an FID girl on the right (in black JID heels). The bodiless foot in the foreground is an FID in the Dollmore shoe. To be fair, I don't remember if that was a normal heel foot or the extra high heel foot. Either way, there's a lot of space between the heel of the foot and the heel of the shoe, and not much room in front for stuffing the toe.
    10. Just got the shipping notification for my Yur! I requested the faceup of the old EID version so fingers crossed that it translates well to the smaller size!
    11. hmmm build up the back of the FID heel with mole skin and it would work okay under 'long gowns'. In those it would be the toe of the foot peeping under a skirt edge. I have GOT to find a shoe for the yellow FID 'belle' dress. ... stupid thing is the bane of my existance. it should be ideally yellow but whit would work. lol thanks guys!
    12. These come in yellow, and while they say 72mm, the toe is very pointy (and could be stuffed with tissue until they're the right length inside! the benefits of a closed toe). Based on other American Model shoes from Facets, there's a strong chance these will work, and they're pretty inexpensive. :)

      I've had a couple of these in the past in the 64mm size for my Raccoon Dolls and they worked pretty well. No yellow, but some pretty metallics.

      These are embroidered on top and yellow and highly likely to fit. They look like they'd match the ball gown really well!

      For something more period, there are also court pumps (and mules). It says they fit Dollshe41 which have FID-sized feet, but from the look and measurements, I'm guessing you'd have to stuff the toes with tissue a bit to make them fit. I personally don't mind taking a few minutes to do that, to have a nice variety of (comparatively) cheap shoes, but your milage may vary!

      In other news, my Carina arrived and I just love her. :) Meet Pri.

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    13. @sidroq Grats! She is very beautiful. Is that the Iple face up?
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    14. She's lovely! What a great wig.
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    15. Thank you! It is—I loved the promo pictures of it, though the promo Carina was dark brown and Pri is light brown. :)

      Thanks! It’s a Monique Adorabel I bought at a meet a few weeks ago—I knew Pri was blonde, I didn’t expect her to wear this wig so well! I thought she’d end up with curlier hair. Oh well, you never know!
    16. Whoa, Carina looks totally different in-person--much lovelier, I think! Congrats on your new lady!
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    17. I love her in lt brown. Congrats.
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    18. Happy Valentine's Day from Echo and Simon. . . they might have kissed. . maybe. . .
      [​IMG]Valentine by Tatterpunk, on Flickr
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    19. @sidroq your Carina is lovely.
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