Iplehouse Fashion Doll Discussion - Part 9

Apr 6, 2019

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    2. So then... part 9

      And I am still waiting for my Rexy on the curvy body.
      I really hope to see some ownerpics soon of someone who already received a curvy girl
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    3. I've looked at Iplehouse and I was wondering is there somewhere on DoA that has images of the different body types? Because I saw the choices available, but wasn't sure what they looked like.
    4. Are you looking for owner photos? Because no one as far as I know has received a curvy FID yet...
    5. @Ashemanu congratulations on her arrival!
      I would love to see a comparison between the big and small Lahela's if you get the time to do it
      I remember seeing some and noticing a difference, so I would like to see how they match up

      @davri if you are a member of Iplehouse, you can see all three of them next to each other :)
      Its very helpful, but you need to be a member and logged in to see it
      https://iplehouse.com/home/bbs/board.php?bo_table=bjd_blog_body&wr_id=82&ca_name=FID W&nhn1=en

      @luluna Ares looks amazing!
      I like that his weapons and armor are silver colored rather than bronze, it makes it look more luxurious
      I loved the photo with Dane, Ares looks like the reigning champion, and Dane looks like the aspiring warrior next to him based on their clothes, very nice as always :love
      I love your skin color choice for him by the way, I dont see too many in that skin tone for men
    6. Wow! Part nine! Congrats on that handsome hunk luluna! I too like the silver armor.
      Exciting the new dolls arriving! Hope to see many pictures in the coming weeks.
    7. @GreenTeaSlug and @sisen thanks so much! But his armor isn't really silver...it was just the way I edited the photo and the lighting that gave it a cooler tone. It's nice.:)

      Here's a full shot...of the outfit.

      [​IMG]Warrior by luluna33, on Flickr
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    8. @GreenTeaSlug Here you go! I am not sure it´s a good comparison since the skin tones are so different, and one has a face up and the other doesn`t.

      [​IMG]Comparison by Ashemanu, auf Flickr

      @luluna Grats to your new boy, he looks awesome, especially in that armor!
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    9. @luluna your Rex is stunning and that armor is gorgeous!
      @Ashemanu it's great to see a Lahela! Congrats!
    10. Ashemanu which body did you chose for your Lahela?
    11. Athletic body with large bust.

      @Patrice S Thank you :)
    12. WooHoo Luluna, what a hottie! Great armor!

      Nice comparison shots, Ashemanu. It’s fun to see them side by side. Looks like your big girl has a doll of her own
    13. Doria is up and she is the most beautiful thing! A cherry witch!

      Ive just ordered my first FID :)

      ITEM VIEW : F.I.D-Woman - Doria_F.I.D

      @Ashemanu Thank you for the picture! Shes beautiful, I can see some minor differences, but that makes them both each unique
      Very helpful and Im excited to see how she is going to look when done
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    14. Here is the long shot pic lol omg i love this!
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    15. The black cherry witch set is lovely! I like how the lower sleeve is removable too- smart design
    16. Oooh she is REALLY pretty! I think for Charlie Elle has won though. . Doria's still on my wishlist in any case though!
      What options did you order?
    17. Doria is a beauty! Thank goodness she's not Korean so I'm safe! Here is the Korean coca cola my daughter found for me. So pleased with it. First product with hangul! And I can read it!
      [​IMG]Untitled by Kathy Puckett, on Flickr
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    18. Yay! I been waiting for her to be released! Now to choose, Carina or Doria, normal or glow peach. Decisions, decisions!
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    19. Yippee! I snagged a 'second dress' with a friend for the new Doria set! Thank you Lee!. A long wait but I can handle it! XD
    20. Anyone know if we can expect a new boy this time around too, or do they usually just release new FIDs at the same time?