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Iplehouse Fashion Doll Discussion - Part 9

Apr 6, 2019

    1. @MB Lilac - That coat is amazing. Having clothing that is aged, distressed or looks worn has been a desire of mine to see (and own)! You have executed it to perfection. Bravo!:D
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    2. @Evey I'm absolutely in love with your girls! I haven't even ordered my Elle yet and I am already thinking I would love a Raffine too - what sort of spell were those ladies casting?? Which face up did you get with your Raffine? Can't wait to see more photos.
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    3. Thank you so much, @honestrabbit !! They haven't deigned to tell me what spell it was, but it seems to have something to do with repetitive cycles and patterns. Raffine has the "Type A" makeup, but I redid her eyebrows (not very elegantly, but it gives her the strength of character she deserves!).

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    4. Ooh that's so generous of you to share the patterns - I would LOVE to try them out!!!
      Also I love what you did with ageing the coat - it looks so "real" now! Not something it ever occurred to me to try for doll clothes - but now I'm rather fascinated. Something to experiment with in the future I think! :D
    5. Amazing work @MB Lilac Your Rex is so handsome and your outfitting skills are so impressive! Thank you for sharing your patterns too. I might try a couple of your bodices for fun...if I do I will let you know :)
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    6. Ooooh, all my dolls are envious now! Lookit all the kittiez! :kitty1
      Love all the little touches, rug with in-scale thread, plants, all of it! Yay!
    7. What a great porch! It looks so cozy and comfy. Allegra has a book, she’s gonna bring a peach cobbler and join your girl

      [​IMG]Reading Nook by Sisen, on Flickr
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    8. Well now that's really cool too! You guys are making me feel like a lazy-bones.
    9. @Evey @aernath Thank you :)
      @sisen and if it gets crowded: I am working on a terrace with a garden. And now I'll dream of peach cobbler...
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    10. She has a very impressive home! So cute! Love all the details :)
    11. @Evey I think the spell might have involved making someone else want to buy a Raffine! I love them both with their dark looks, but Raffine really steals my heart. Did you make their outfits? I love dolls with witchy vibes.

      She's so pretty and this photo set up is gorgeous. Those cats are amazing and have so much life to them. Everyone's Raffines are making me want her, but I am still waiting on my Elle!
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    12. Goodness, no, I didn't make their outfits! I only wish I had such talent. The dresses are made by @TatterPunk, whose Echo made me fall in love with Raffine and her possibilities! So I think my ladies are just passing along the "Raffine is amazing" spell.

      Witchy Saturday picnic:

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    13. I love your girls soo much @Evey !! The whole witch aesthetic is strong in them <3
      Speaking of witches (and Echo) here's a shot of Echo helping boost the Raffine spell!
      [​IMG]Witchcraft by Tatterpunk, on Flickr
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    14. @Evey and @TatterPunk Raffines have magickal powers confirmed! I love it! I love both of your Raffines, I love the attention to detail on your Echo's tattoos Tatterpunk, and your clothes are amazing. If you make and sell clothes I'll definitely check them out once I get my FID Elle.
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    15. @honestrabbit Perhaps after Elle there is a Raffine in your future? I know there's eventually an Elle in mine.
    16. Seeing everyone’s dolls is so inspiring. Sharing my Mari who is now complete. I’m so incredibly impressed with how well they photograph; as splendidly as bigger dolls, without the weight.

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