Iplehouse Fashion Doll Discussion - Part 9

Apr 6, 2019

    1. @dollsoflace She is stunning! I love the wig you chose, color and style!

      There is no chance Christine will ever wear evening gowns - she is totally the casual type.

      [​IMG]Outside by Ashemanu, auf Flickr

      (and I am happy she is so sporty she didn´t fall from the balcony railing ... )
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    2. @dollsoflace Your Mari is stunning!

      @Ashemanu I don't think I'd have the courage to try that kind of shot.
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    3. What gorgeous Mari! Beautiful face up and that red wig looks amazing. Is she light brown or real skin?

      Yikes! The balcony railing, you are braver than I with your lovely girl, Ashmanu! Got a really great shot though ;)
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    4. @dollsoflace What a stunning Mari.

      @Ashemanu I love the styling you chose for her. What a unique look!
    5. @TatterPunk I think I'll see how I get on with Elle when she arrives first, but I highly doubt she will disappoint. I'm so glad Iplehouse released the FID size, as I loved their EID/SID but found their size too much to handle when I owned some. If I get on with Elle I can easily see a Raffine in my future. I'm going for a curvy Elle so I like the idea of getting another FID with a different body for a bit of variety.

      @dollsoflace I love her face up and wig colours. I love that you said the FID is so much easier to handle than the larger sizes - I'm excited for a FID because I couldn't physically handle the size and weight of the EID/SIDs I owned.
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    6. I think a lot of us came into the FID size because the bigger dolls were so pretty and wonderful but so HONKIN BIG! I find that the Slim male is about the heaviest and bulkiest doll I want to deal with. I don't know how I'd fare with a muscle one . . though I may try in the future for variety.
      I am sure you will love her, especially with the curvy body. It's SO lovely!
    7. Haha! I just bought a 70cm doll and 5 heads. As usual, I'm swimming against the stream!
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    8. weeehee... i did it
      hit the orderbutton to get Mari on the slim body with small bust

      so let the wait begin:dance
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    9. @honestrabbit I hope you'll post pics of your Elle once she arrives! I've been eyeing one for a while myself. It's such a lovely sculpt.

      @greeneyed-soul Yay for another Mari! I have one and love her to pieces but haven't dressed her up for a while, whoops. XD
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    10. Phoenix and Peregrine are absolutely stunning!
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    11. Woah luluna, they are one intense couple! Love them!
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    12. dollsoflace: I love your Mari, she's amazing! Did you do the face up? Ashemanu: I like her look. Those pants are cool! luluna: Awesome couple! I am hoping to get Elle and Dane myself one day.
    13. @Mahgiep She sees good things in the baby's future!

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    14. So. I know my Carina is going to be shipping soon, just given the general time line.. and I am going to need to order some eyes for her because I am like 95% positive she will not come with purple eyes. XD; I am wanting to know if anyone has a Carina currently and what size you have for her? 6mm with small iris? or 8mm small iris? 6mm wides?

      I am very new to FIDs and will have nothing to compare to besides the eyes she is coming with. @_@

      Thank you in advance!
    15. @Mahgiep i love the photo of the daddy holding his baby
    16. @skyealloway Thanks. There is nothing that affects me like a man allowing himself to be sensitive.
    17. AjiAji, I like the oval 6mm glass eyes in my Raffine, but the color selection is pretty limited and they are pricey. Dreamingtree studio has an amazing selection of colors, but personally, i’ve Had trouble getting much “expression” from them. But the price is so good it’s easy to experiment. Each face sculpt has slightly different eye holes, so you will have to experiment until you find what you like.
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    18. @Mahgiep - Cute photostory. Based on the first photo I take it Yoona had a long labor--the guys look like they've been sitting there waiting forever. Congrats on the new arrival!