Iplehouse Fashion Doll Discussion - Part 9

Apr 6, 2019

    1. @sisen

      Thanks for the advise! X3 I am going a different direction with the character in terms of color than originally planned, and am ordering a pair from etsy from DOLLines. They had a nice pair of oval 6/3mm that look lovely.
      I had debated changing the characters eyes for awhile now, so it works out in the end.
    2. Dante was supposed to be a brooding brunette poet, but he decided he'd rather be a California surfer. Darn opinionated dolls, LOL!! He’s wearing Dollmore 6mm oval glass eyes in grey green. Not sure on the wig, I’ve had it awhile.

      [​IMG]A little attitude? by Sisen, on Flickr
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    3. XD that wig really does give him that vibe, doesn't it? He looks good! Those eyes look great in him!
    4. Kyouen working on his studies.

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    5. Kyouen is so handsome in his students robes! He looks like a good student who is learning much.
    6. @sisen He looks REAL good!
    7. Such a handsome guy!
    8. I love that skin tone! Looks great with your design for him! @xyuemoto !

      Adding to this to ask! Does anyone have a JID model body they could compare to a FID model body?
    9. @AjiAji - Thanks. I need an excuse to get the new light brown too, like if they ever make an elf bichun, haha.
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    10. I absolutely love seeing everyone's FIDs! Keep the stories and pics coming - they all look so unique and fantastic.

      @sisen Dante's California surfer look is spot on!

      @xyuemoto Kyouen's robes look great with his skin tone!

      I finally received my first dolls from Iplehouse (FID Arvid and Bliss) and I can really see what all the hype is about. They are so realistic and beautiful; I really feel inspired by the company's artistry! It might be weird but I totally wish they had a Glamour bust option - Bliss's dress is slightly loose on top even though I got the large bust. Don't mind Arvid - his shirt is nearly popping a button 'cuz of his muscles!

      I am having way too much fun! :D

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    11. @WaWaMelon - Thanks. Your people look very sharp.
    12. Oh my goodness! I am LOVING all these photos!

      Sisen, your Dante is divine ^.^

      WaWaMelon, Many congrats on your super new couple! Absolutely Gorgeous!! :love

      xyuemoto, your guy is sooooo cool and amazing!

      And Mahgiep; *CONGRATULATIONS* on the new addition to your beautiful FID family! :celebrate
      Beautiful photos, each and every one :3nodding:
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    13. @WaWaMelon Congrats on your new couple! They're stunning.
    14. @WaWaMelon
      Congratulations on your arrival! Your two look very stylish and lovely!!
    15. Glamorous couple WaWaMelon, congratulations! I too love this size, so much easier to dress, pose and photograph. You’re going to have so much fun!
    16. I enhanced a couple of horses, so now Rex and Bianca are ready to travel....
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    17. @MB Lilac Absolutely perfect! Can't wait to see what you will do next!
    18. @MB Lilac I love this. And your jointed horse does not look bad at all. but I can see the differences.... if you ever decide to switch to a non jointed one I'll happily rehome you Morgan LOL.
    19. @Mahgiep - Thank you! This is just one of the variations of their 'mix-and-match' outfits.
      @Lady Tiku - Thanks! I do have other horses, all non-jointed, but they are all the same mold as the brown one, so went with the jointed Morgan horse just because it was different.

      Here's another costume variation....
      Rex has several different cloaks to wear over the same basic outfit, while Bianca has two completely separate outfits, and all the pieces can be mixed and matched .
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