Iplehouse girl bust

May 26, 2017

    1. Hi,
      I recently ordered an Iplehouse FID girl specifying a medium bust (options on order page were large and medium). When I received her, I thought she looked awfully "busty" and a few days ago I got time to actually measure her bust, and she measures 22.8 cm which is the measurement for the large. The one I wanted, the medium, is 22cm. I contacted Iplehouse and they seemed to think that they had sent what I ordered, but told me to send some pics front and side of the bust. Has this happened with anyone else? I also have a SID girl that I bought from a reputable dealer on ebay. She was advertised to have the large bust, but I thought she looked really large and when I measured her, she is actually the glamor size bust, so I am thinking that the buyer probably got the wrong size and just didn't notice it. (Ordered large and got glamor) I am just wondering if this has happened with anyone else and if they were able to resolve the problem and how.
      Thanks for any help or suggestions,
    2. hello there. I got a SID Marien and her "large" bust is huge compared to the small one. Its okay for her character but it looked less busty at the homepage. I hope you can clear this matter and they believe you that the mistake is on their end