Iplehouse Kid K.I.D. 35cm discussion part 5

May 26, 2016

    1. My Leia cosplayed as herself this past weekend at the PNW BJD Expo.


      -------- Added notes --------

      This is a discussion thread for the Iplehouse KID (Kid Iplehouse Doll) 35cm line.

      Company website:

      IpleHouse KiD What Fits:
      Iplehouse Kid Clothing Database (What fits)

      DoA Wiki: Iplehouse

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    2. There are so many kinds of awesome in this. Congrats!! Her wig is amazing -- and is that a Kid body?? If so, costuming for the win...
    3. Thanks! The wig was made by me. Her body is a bunny nine body from Nine9Style.
    4. This is beyond impressive!
    5. Thank you! Everything, including Jabba, was made by me.
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    7. Hello DoA!

      Wasn't sure where to post this thread and if there is a similar one elsewhere I apologize, I could not find it when I searched.

      I am considering getting a KID from Iplehouse. They're so cute and I don't have a toddler BJD at all yet. I currently own an EID and a JID, and my question about KIDs is...

      How tight are their bodies? Can they sit well on their own or do they flop over easily? I ask because my JID from Iplehouse is quite loose and floppy, so I want to know if KIDs have the same problem (especially with sitting) or if they are more sturdy.

      If anyone that owns or has handled a KID could help me out, I would be so grateful! It would help my decision in purchasing one. <3

    8. that bunny nine body is really cute. is the color match as good as it looks in the photo? and how is the posing?
    9. Yes, the color match is that good. I also have my Lisa head on that body. The posing is ok, not fabulous. One piece torso, mobility joint, single joint arms and legs.
    10. I have an Iplehouse Irene, second hand and several years old. The stringing is tight, she sit and stand pretty well and not like JID. JID has issue with being half strung into the torso and legs separate, if it's the female ones. To solve the JID problem, you might want to do some modding by drilling holes in the torso to the legs and string it up normal from neck to ankles. JID poses and sit great in comparation and their bodies are solid.
    11. I find my KID's to be much sturdier than my JID's. JID's do have a known issue with their 'floppy-ness' though so it's not so surprising. I believe it's the manner in which the JID is strung (especially the girls) as it's different from the rest of Iplehouse's dolls. I still have no clue why *_*

      My KID girls are always solid standers, they rarely sit, but I've never had any issues with that either :)

      Anyway, if you have any other questions about KID's you can ask here...

      Iplehouse Kid K.I.D. 35cm discussion part 5

      Don't let the lack of posts throw you, it's just had a refresh. You can see previous threads for similar thoughts on any issues as well. There are always lot's of enthusiastic KID owners on the discussion threads who are happy to discuss them, so don't be shy ;)
    12. Thank you that really helps a lot!! I didn't realize JID's were so different. I do wonder why. Hopefully they fix that problem soon but this is good news for the KID. Thanks!!
    13. Thank you!! I will definitely check it out. My main concern was if they were floppy like my JID. My EID doesn't have the same issue (even though he's a lot larger) so I'm glad KID size isn't floppy - I thought it might be a 'small Iple doll' problem. So glad it isn't!
    14. You're welcome :)

      And it's most definitely not a small doll issue, just a JID issue :| My KID BamBi and BID Elin are my most solid posers, much better than even my EID boys. So yeah, you won't have any issues like that with a KID ;)
    15. well the iplehouse dolls aren't exactly known for fabulous posing either (just gorgeous sculpts!) so that might not be too bad. do you have a kid body too by any chance that you can compare it to? it might be fun to have an alternate body for one of my girls...
    16. Unfortunately I don't, I never got the KID bodies. I bought the heads specifically to put on the bunny nine bodies since I love those bodies so much.
    17. Hi stopping in to say hi and stalk thread, ordered one of the KIDs (Paige) in RS last week. : )
    18. I'm looking forward to seeing her in real skin, as I still haven't decided which resin colour I'd like to get her in.
    19. did you get the regular or glow skin? im like mb lilac and want to see her in rs as im still undecided