Iplehouse Kid K.I.D. 35cm discussion part 5

May 26, 2016

    1. I wish IH would show their new dolls in more than just normal and PG. And it would be nice if they said whether or not the resins they do show them in were regular or GLOW, because many times I'd swear the sample dolls are shown in GLOW but it's not labelled as such.

      I do have a real skin Chloe and a GLOW real skin "I" coming any day now, so will finally be able to take a comparison picture of the real skin resins at least.
    2. Comparison snaps would be great! I did a lot of Flickr research, mainly on the BIDs as there are a few good owner pics in RS. My order is regular, I'm not 100% the extra cost for glow is justified, as the regular skins are so lovely anyway. I think Paige's Elfin features will look great with a more Mediterranean toned skin color, but we'll see. I've just had another look at The website and I'm still second guessing myself!!
    3. let us know when you get the pics please, i'd love to see them.

      you'd think they could at least do blank sculpts in a variety of resins. it's not like they couldn't sell them all once the orders start coming.
    4. Exactly! It really is a bit short-sighted on their part, since the more they'd advertise their resin colours, the more likely they would be to get orders.

      Well, tracking shows my dolls have arrived at Pearson, so they should arrive tomorrow - hopefully before I have to go out to an appointment.
    5. the reason has to do with them not wanting to become known for 'mismatched' dolls (heads/bodies). They drew a line and even this head sale thing made them cross it (and we paid with jacked up prices). It's one thing when they can sell it as 'seconds' in an auction for a low start price.. but another to 'deliberately go about creating this surplus. ... Think of it as an ethical issue for the company about their perception of quality.... accidents happen but they don't want to cross the line deliberately ... and a batch of blank heads to them would be doing that.

      note: not my thinking but me trying to think like they might
    6. I need some Irene spam STAT! LOL! Still two more payments on my girl! (sales have not been kind- I was hoping to pay her off earlier but no such luck...)
    7. i wasn't thinking they would just do a bunch of blank heads, but rather the full body and then they could sell it to the first customer to order that resin color. taking a simple photo of it, wouldn't make it used in my mind so it would still be a "first"
    8. We meant for IH to show more resin colours with face ups on any particular doll's promo page - not for them to sell their heads separately. I understand that they don't want to sell their heads and bodies separately. It's just very difficult to make resin choices when new dolls are shown only in normal and PG. I'd like to see the dolls in RS as well - maybe all the Basic colour options - as I'm sure many others would. It's not like the heads would be a loss, since they'd attract more sellers if we could see all the options, and the first person to actually order that head in that colour with that face up, can always get that head.

      Edited - I see we answered at the same time.
    9. Noni is willing to help here, and hopes your girl arrives soon.

      Noni Teal
      by clochette62, on Flickr
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    10. @clochette love your Noni! Great dress.
      Just posted over in the 'what fits' thread too: I've been window shopping for clothes for my impending arrival. Love how affordable everything for tinys is. Anyhow I found a Minifee outfit on Etsy that I liked and I got chatting with the Olga the shop owner and we did some comparisons on measurements etc. She very kindly offered to make me the outfit I liked to the exact KID specs, and it was complete and shipped within 24 hours!! it was such a great customer experience, and I'm sharing the shop name here for you guys with her blessing: by Olyshka
      : )
    11. This is an old pic of Irene and Aki --- I miss them
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    12. Yay! Thanks for the Irenes!! I'm really looking forward to getting my girl!!
    13. The jean overalls I'd ordered from TTYA for my BIDs, arrived this morning! I love them!
      However, the straps and bib are much too long for Ringo, so I tucked the back bib down into the pants. It will need to be permanently sewn down. Either that, or I'll have to shorten the straps.

      Since the top and legs were so long, I thought I'd try it on a KID to see how it would fit them. The top fit perfectly, but the legs are too short. It reminds me of Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn.....or a boy who's just had a growth spurt....
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    14. that looks like what my sons pants always looked like before they came out with jeans that had elastic on the inside. he was so skinny he wore jeans that were 5-6" too short just to keep them up. my mom and i used to sew funky cuffs on them to make them long enough :)
    15. I was going to shorten the straps on both pair, but I'm starting to think maybe I should sew longer cuffs on one of them and keep it for a KID
    16. I finally finished my Paige, and I thought you might like to see her. I have named her Kira. I did not know who Kira the gelfling was, but apparently from what I was told by so many on FB that is who I have made. I am so impressed with this doll, she will not be my last Iplehouse.

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    17. She's gorgeous! The perfect little elf.
    18. She does look like Kira! How funny - I suppose you know all about The Dark Crystal now, though?
    19. oh wow she does look like kira from "The Dark Crystal"! just some costume changes and she'd be a dead ringer! And really this sculpt looks like it was 'meant' to be an elf LOL she's wonderful!
    20. She's a superb vision of Elvin perfection! :thumbup