Iplehouse Kid K.I.D. 35cm discussion part 5

May 26, 2016

    1. Thank you MB Lilac, Doll Sewist, Lady Tiku, and Xanadu Dolls, I am so glad you like her.
      She does have elf like features, maybe someday they will release her as an elf. I learned about Kira and the Dark Crystal. I saw her costume, and I don't think this Kira will ever get one like that. The poor girl looked like she was dressed in a sack. I will have to watch the movie now. I never knew of it before today.
    2. Random Q for KID owners - while Im waiting to pay off Paige, would someone mind posting or pm-ing me the dimensions of the KID box? LxWxH or similar in centimetres? Do they come in the new black boxes now?
    3. They are now using the black boxes for the KIDs. My Paige's box is approximately 38 by 14 by 7.5cm.
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    4. Thanks heaps @Jill in WV. Shame about the new boxes! Its OT but I just made a cute prop bed for my BID with the mattress based on the dimensions of his box, which turned out ok, so I thought I might make some props for my incoming KID while I'm doing the wait thing.
    5. has anyone seen a picture of the bull terriers with a bid or kid? they are really cute, and im tempted, but wonder if they would be out of scale with my girls?
    6. YAY, in few weeks I'll have my KID home, a Bambi, which I had wanted since the beginning. I waited almost to the last day, but... she's coming home *____*.
    7. i just placed an order for an alice yesterday! she is my first KID so i'll be joining this thread. i can't wait to get her home but i had to do a layaway so it will be a couple of months til then.
    8. I ordered my first KID too, Moondust07x, did you order some clothes too? I ordered the purple set and the sha sha leggings in purple, so she can have some clothes ready... oh gosh, I have to find some underwear!!!
    9. i was going to order that light blue dress but ti was out of stock, i am very disappointed cuz it was perfect for her character, so she has no clothing at the moment :pout: but i will find something for her
    10. The light blue dress is very cute! The character for mine is contemporary, so I just needed something basic.

      You could look on dollmore because often Narsha clothes fit KIDs.
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    11. thank you for letting me know! i will take a peek. my girl's a little ghost
    12. If you go at the first page of this thread, you will see, in the first post, a list of links. In them there is the "KID What fits", that is the thread where we discuss what clothes, sizes, brands fit the dolls. It's very useful!
    13. Congratulations @Enid Black and moondust07x! Great news. I have my fingers crossed I will receive my new KID in July. I bought her a few outfits from Etsy. Has anyone else ordered /received a Paige? I'd love a link to some more pics to make the wait go faster if possible. : )
    14. I ordered Paige very soon after she came out. I loved that little face so much - and she did not disappoint.

      I looked for where I posted, but I think I posted her on the old thread, so I'll put one on this thread for you as well:

      [​IMG]Paige by DramaDoll1, on Flickr
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    15. She is very beautiful Jill, I love those freckles. Is this wig from them too? It is perfect on her.
    16. Yes, it is - it's this Iplehouse wig, pulled back...

    17. Gorgeous, fits perfectly, and the fullness is just right.
    18. She's super cute! Thanks for the pic! I've only seen the two so far. I'm glad you weren't disappointed with her. Such a sweet little face.
    19. is it just me or does anyone else think paige looks like a young nicole kidman? i didn't notice it at first then i saw this picture