Iplehouse Kid K.I.D. 35cm discussion part 5

May 26, 2016

    1. Our fire was in 2015. The fires in CA were awful and so sad this year. :(
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    2. I just love this little face.... <3

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    3. Does anyone know of a person who makes Tibetan lambskin wigs to fit? I need a special order... and want it to fit well :)

      @Nancy-TN Oh my, she is such a cute little thing! Adorable!
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    4. Thank you @IngieBee Sorry, I don't know of a good wig maker but best of luck finding what you need :thumbup

      I know the Iple KIDS aren't as popular as some of the other lines but I just love them. They all have such sweet faces and personalities.

      I'm still hoping someone might share pics of Mia who was released this summer. I still regret not ordering her and have been hoping to see real life photos online but haven't been able to find any.
    5. Oh, I second the request for Mia :D
    6. She is very pretty Nancy. I agree KIDs are a great size. I wonder why they are not as popular. I have four and love each of them. I also like MNF size.

      @IngieBee i used to know of someone who made amazing wigs but I have not seen her around for a few years. Have you looked on the wig thread?
    7. Actually, I haven't, good idea! Funny how I forget the obvious! LOL... Actually more annoying, but I'll go with funny :thumbup
    8. I do the same...forgetting to look there. I will do some research for the one I used to buy from. I never was disappointed.
      Okay I just found her on flickr but no posts for a few years. I emailed and will let you know if I get a reply. :)
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    9. @Nancy-TN I love how the curls frame her face! <3

      We added another KID to the household - this time she belongs to my Mom, which is doubly-hilarious cause all her other dolls are 55cm and above :lol: (and she only got into BJDs herself cause I refused to collect SDs)


      This is Katyusha, a Lonnie <3
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    10. Ah, she is beautiful, @Roterwolkenvogel and it's so awesome that you and your mother both collect! I just love the KID dolls even so I also mostly collect "adult" dolls :D I really love her outfit!
    11. @Roterwolkenvogel Lonnie is beautiful. I agree with @IngieBee ..it is wonderful you both love dolls. It must be so much fun. KIDS are a great size.
    12. @IngieBee @Oliveoil thank you both :D

      It is wonderful to share the hobby with her, esp cause it means I don't have to pretend they are cheaper than they are xD
    13. OMG! That is so funny. I hate when someone asks me how much the doll cost. They just don’t understand. LOL
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    14. Least favorite question for me too! I just awkwardly go “a lot“ and hope they just fill in what a lot means :lol:
    15. Thank you @Roterwolkenvogel : )

      Your Mother's Katyusha is beautiful! And that photo looks like something from a fashion magazine for children's clothes - Gorgeous!
    16. Thanks again everyone for your kind comments re Katyusha! I bring more pictures (cause my own dolls annoy me right now, so I gotta steal Mom's :lol:)


      Finally dyed Mom's Iple cat too and now these two are giving me Sabrina the teen witch and Salem vibes xD
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    17. Woo-hoo! BIG sale coming up on Iplehouse - info link is on their front page. Looks like a new KID is coming too. YAY!!! :dance
    18. Yay...off to look! Thanks!
    19. Wonder if the new KID is another cutie-pie girly girl... Most probably yes ;)
      Iplehouse, you know that little boys do exist right? (Or at least tom-boyish girls) :lol:

      Ricky wonders if Iple is ever gona to release some seriously cool !boy! KID :cool:
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    20. Seems to me that Iplehouse always introduces their KIDs as girls. Yes, they have a boy body option, but I don't recall them ever advertising any sculpt as a boy. So it's left up to the buyer to interpret them as boys, and some work better than others.

      I have just two....Milo (KID Millie) and Aaron (KID Ah'ra)....
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