Iplehouse Kid K.I.D. 35cm discussion part 5

May 26, 2016

    1. It's nice to see some KIDs as boys.
    2. My Ryan from way back in 2010 was advertised as a boy!
    3. I think both Peach and Joy were advertised as boys as well.
    4. Ah, Ricky is so cute. I like his hoody and hat!
    5. Peach is 'currently' shown as a boy, Irene has a 'boy look' but it's still quite feminine, Lonnie has a boy look,
      Paige, Angela and Lisa do not even have a version show at all. Not even in 'style up'. Makes me wish we could 'donate' lol
    6. It would be nice if they'd show KIDs as both girls and boys. It would certainly help us picture roughly what they'd look like. I really like Daisy, but can't decide if she'd work as a boy.
    7. I agree and also the face up with different color resins. It is hard to visualize a face up on normal resin when it is shown only on white.
      I have to depend on the company face ups.

    8. You probably already know this so sorry for a repeat but on Page 24 of this thread, DancingBee has a photo of Daisy as a boy if that helps any. He's a real little cutie.

      @Oliveoil - I agree on company photos and trying to figure out which color might enhance or worsen a face-up. I was actually wondering how Celina make-up A might look with the normal resin. Not sure if it would add or detract from her unique beauty and styling.
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    9. Thanks for reminding me. I went to look, and her Daisy looks more 'boy-like' than any other KID I've seen.
    10. I do remember that the first few KIDS were advertised as both girls and boys and they even have several face-up options with at least one passable as boy, but since then... all girls! Not that I have anything against KID girls, they are adorable and I would also love to have a girl KID one day (most probably Paige - I love her rather unique features and that smirk of hers!), but most probably, she would be rather tomboyish, hehe ;)I do not plan on getting another boy KID, but I love seeing them. And I really think it would be cool if Iplehouse would produce a boy KID with slightly narrower head (is it just me or do the KID heads really all have almost the same round face with some slight variations in chin?), smaller eyes and mischievous smirk :aheartbea

      Thanks for the picture, Martha! I especially like your Aaron, he is a cutie:love I visit your web quite often, it is such an inspiring eye-candy :thumbup

      Thank you, @Oliveoil! :) I am quite proud of these two pieces, though the hoody has some issues I have to fix next time :sweat
    11. I know I keep asking this (sorry) but by any chance has anyone seen a real life photo of KID Mia? I'm not on Facebook so I can't look there but I haven't been able to find an owner's photo anywhere and I would love to be able to see how she looks "in hand" so to speak. It helps me to pick up on details I might not see in the IH photos.

      Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

    12. Oh Nancy...I am right there with you. I have searched and cannot find a "real" photo of Mia.
      The new BID is a cutie. I was told the Limited KID will be offered in December. I keep checking.
    13. That new BID is adorable but to me, the faces are looking a lot alike lately. Coy 's faceup is very similar to Mia's. When I look through older photos, it seems the sculpts and faceups had more distinction between them.

      Thank you Anita for the heads up on when the new KID will be released. I've been debating back and forth to order from the sale or wait. By any chance did they say what the character would be?

      Decisions decisions......lol
    14. They did not say the character but I assume it will be a new face sculpt. I agree the face ups are looking very much the same. :(
    15. In my opinion, it's not just the faceups, but the sculpts themselves. They all look so much the same, I'd be willing to bet they are all by the same sculptor. I prefer the older sculpts where there's more variety, especially with the BIDs.
    16. I agree completely. It's like there's one sculpt starting with Faline and they just keep sizing it up and down.

      Guess I watch too many old movies b/c I keep hearing Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard talking about how "they had faces...." :lol:
    17. Yes they seem to be very similar and face ups too simple. I agree the old sculpts had more variety.

      LOL!!! Now this was funny. I loved that movie. :)
    18. the mono sculpt trend had been going on for a long time... in all sizes. HID Calix was one of the last ones with any character and even he was too much like existing sculpts... About the time the CREAA line came out things started to lose 'distinction' and then they did the face up 'update' and then the face ups started so 'slide downhill'... in my opinion....
    19. I guess that explains why I've not been tempted to buy anything the past years, other than maybe an older sculpt I don't already have.
    20. @Lady Tiku I agree. Thank god for the classic faces and new sources to get sculpts of the sculptor who did the last interesting sculpts. But even if I haven't been tempted by any of the new faces for exactly the same reasons I love my old ones.
      I think they did not only lose the sculptor, they seem to have switched to 3D modelling faces. They look like the same faces with a couple of tweaks here and there - voila, new release.

      My Dots got a new pair of bib overalls today. Dotted, of course.[​IMG]
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