Iplehouse Kid K.I.D. 35cm discussion part 5

May 26, 2016

    1. I definitely see similarities but I also see diversion. In the KID line I thought Beau, Daisy, and Celina were quite different and enchanting.
    2. @ResinRapture I love your Dots. Did you do the face up? Freckles are great.
      Where did you find the overalls pattern. I have some corduroy and would like to make a pair for my girls. Super cute!
    3. Thanks @Oliveoil I did, and I made the pattern. It's the Kid's pants pattern from my blog with an added bib.
    4. Thank you! I have a bib pattern I could use. I enjoyed the pattern making on blog. Great idea...I may have to try this. :)
    5. @ResinRapture they didn't lose just one... they lost 3 or 4 almost at the same time >< but Satorial(sorry forget how to spell) just sent out emails about THEIR new sculpt and it's comparability with EID and SID men... and could work with RS and PG.. I have to find the email again that's all i can recall atm lol. What I 'can't' remember at all is was Zako a sculptor too or just make up? And using 3D would definitely explain a lot towards being so similar...makes sense if they begin on the same 'base'.

      This I will agree with... the KID line seems to have got the best in recent diversity. Only somehow they don't fit in as well with the overall look when with the bigger dolls? if that makes sense? lines are too soft/smooth?... i find myself at a loss for descriptors...
    6. [QUOTE="Lady Tiku, post: 12579244QUOTE]This I will agree with... the KID line seems to have got the best in recent diversity. Only somehow they don't fit in as well with the overall look when with the bigger dolls? if that makes sense? lines are too soft/smooth?... i find myself at a loss for descriptors... [/USER][/QUOTE]

      Yes, the KID line suffers from "scale" issues with the bigger dolls, imo....but they are really cute and I still love them. They are a fun size.
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    7. To me the KIDs have a different head shape proportion. They have really small faces on the lower half of a rather large head - just like really young children. If you put them beside a BID, BIDs have bigger faces on a similar sized head, although the BID head shape is more realistic. The KIDs have really big upper/back heads in comparison, which makes them hard to wig in a realistic scale, especially the boys.

      That being said, I still love them, and have ordered a Daisy boy.

      I just wish Iplehouse offered a less 'feminine' basic hand for the boy body option.
    8. @luluna You're right about those KIDs - I especially love little Beau's sculpt. Wish her face-up wasn't so heavy (not so much blushing on the cheeks) but she's definitely on my wish list.

      @ResinRapture Dot looks adorable in her overalls! I can just imagine her playing outside having all sorts of fun and adventures : )

      @MB Lilac Congrats on boy Daisy! Looking forward to seeing how you style his character : )
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    9. Thank you for allowing me to join.
      About a year ago I purchased Lonnie from Iplehouse and. She’s beautiful, but I’m not crazy about her eye color. I had hoped to get the green, or light blue, even. She does have blue eyes, but are so dark they look almost black.
      I would like to change them out, but I have no idea what I’m looking for as far as size. I think I’d like to get glass, but I don’t even know where to start looking. There are so many companies out there my brain just ends up scrambled.
      I don’t want to have to order all the way from across the sea, but if that’s what I have to do, then I’ll do that.
      I would love to get some crocs for her as well, but they don’t seem to exist except for the ones pictured on other people’s dolls.
      Any input from you would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you in advance!
    10. You can find some reasonably priced glass eyes on eBay, which is a good place to start. Lonnie use size 12 mm eyes.
      As for crocs, often they are from keychains and it is what you’re probably seeing. And usually MSD or SD size, no where close to Lonnie size. She is a YOSD.
    11. Thank you for that...it already answered a few questions.
      Does YOSD stand for something?
    12. I personally love Makoeyes, which are urethane resin, but your milage may vary. Lots of places sell glass eyes at fairly reasonable prices, so try looking for a dealer in your country to save on shipping times. I've also gone the route of purchasing some (very) inexpensive acrylic eyes to test colors and sizes before, both online and from a local doll show; that's how I found out that I prefer my souldoll girl to have 12mm small iris or 10mm eyes instead of the company recommended 12-14mm eyes.

      If you're in the US, I know denver doll has some glass eyes. If you're not crazy about them, though, it's usually worth your wait to order some from overseas.

      The SD in YOSD stands for "super dollfie". I can never remember what the YO stands for. It refers to one of the earlier BJD makers who more or less set the standards for sizing. It's a more general term than KID and usually refers to childlike dolls between 25-35cm tall. 1/6 scale is also sometimes used, although not exactly accurate; my YOSD is (very) approximately 1/4 the size of a human child in body measurements.
    13. "Yo" is Japanese. It means "young", like infant to toddler size.
    14. You can look at Sprouty! It's made in the USA and I think they are pretty affordable. She had sales before so you could wait for those sales. She also has an account here so you'll see when she brings the sales back.

      Edit: Also she sells kits to make your own eyes so if you don't like any of them you can make your own. Either get a full kit with eye base and supplies to make it your own, or just get the base and use whatever you have at home.

      Basically to find the things you need you may need to do some looking around. But this forum has helped me find all sorts of stores.
    15. "YoSd" is the general term used for BJD around 24-30cm. Yo- meaning baby or young, and SD- 'Super Dollfie', what the original Line of BJD from Volks are called.
      I am seconding ebay for glass eyes. Theres a good selection and they're generally cheap. I dont know if Ive ever seen yosd size crocs, but if you search 'BJD espadrilles' on etsy theres a seller there that makes crochet shoes that sort of look like crocs :)
    16. Affordable Designs sells all kinds of colours of crocs, the perfect size for BIDs and KIDs. I have quite a few pairs for my dolls. They call them 'Frog Shoes'....
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    17. Thank you for posting this! Great shoes. Fun colors!
    18. You know, you’re the reason I had to get me a Lonnie and have to have some crocs!
      I made her a a beautiful tebitan mohair wig yesterday. Made some modification and some mistakes, but I love the way it turned out. Thank you for the inspiration and instructions!
    19. LOL. Lots of people blame me for getting them into this hobby. The more the better, I say!
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    20. I found the frog shoes. It seems they only sell the one size. They are for Leeann.
      I can’t find where I saw it, but I think somewhere it said the shoes were 1.5 inches.
      Are these the ones that will fit my K.I.D?