Iplehouse Kid K.I.D. 35cm discussion part 5

May 26, 2016

    1. I can see the similarity too, so it had crossed my mind, but more like what we would imagine her to look like young. Not an IRL young Nicole, she looked entirely different back then. :)

      Check this out! http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1199741/thumbs/o-NICOLE-KIDMAN-570.jpg?2
    2. OMG! I don't know if that Nicole Kidman photo is funny or scary! Maybe both.
    3. @Xanadu Dolls lol! She could also be a young Rania. I can never decide if Vera is inspired by Nicole Kidman or Taylor Swift.
      Anyway back to KIDs - my Paige in (RS F/U B) arrived yesterday, and I have a Box Open and a couple of outfit snaps so far, no vid this time as my toddler is a photobomber: Iplehouse KID Paige Box Opening
    4. My Lonnie and Milo just came back from a trip to the Maritimes. Here's Lonnie in Peggy's Cove....
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    5. Your KID are adorable! Does anyone have an Ah-ra? Soleil is asking for a big sister...:XD:
    6. Your Paige looks really quite different with the dark wig.

      Yes, I do, but I haven't done her face up yet. :( I've been busy with other things, so she's still sitting here starkas!
    7. @Enid Black - Your Bambi looks sweet even without a face-up.

      I don't know why Iplehouse says the BID wigs fit KIDs, because I find them all too snug. I find it easier to use 6-7 wigs from other companies. Stretchy wigs like Monique Gold fit well. They're made of softer fibers than the Iplehouse wigs and you don't have to stretch them out of shape to make them fit.
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    8. Thing is, it's not even an Iple's wig XD. I bought it on Ebay (from a seller I've already bought wigs from and I think they're great)...

      In the end it fit, and I think it'll stretch fine like this. I love it on her.
    9. OMG!! I got my Irene!!! She's so pretty!!! I tried to get an outfit together for her but it wasn't easy!! OMG!!! But hopefully she turned out not to too uggo... This isn't really what I want her to look like either. I'd like to get some more fairy kei looking street wear for her but don't quite know where to start...

      Anyway, here she is! And more HERE

      [​IMG]Iple Irene arrival 009 by Che Gilson, on Flickr
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    10. I'll be cross posting this.... I know Cheery Doll makes clothing for the EID/SID and nYID's squeak in too but does anyone know if JID's (middle size bust), KID's or BID's fit their other sizes? I don't know the dolls they typically use. I would so love some of the new stuff for the little ones! Help?
    11. She's absolutely gorgeous! I think she'll look super cute in fairy kei style clothing. It'll definitely be tricky to find some that fits her size, I think, but it'll be worth it!
    12. I have found ONE person on Etsy with KID size clothes and they are pretty cute!! So when I have some free funds I'm going to start building a wardrobe! (finger's crossed!)
    13. CONGRATULATIONS! :dance I have Irene too and she is the most beautiful doll, I should photograph her more often though.

      I have just finished this outfit, modelled by Lonnie. Not sure if she will keep it though, as I prefer her in pinks and lilacs. :roll:

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    14. so cute! and i just adore green! lol I'll take it if you don't want to keep it. ;)
    15. Super cute dress!

      And yes! Everyone should take more pictures of their Irenes!
    16. Thank you both for your kind comments. :hug: I will take some pics of my Irene and post soon. :)
    17. I'm curious, has anyone every done a hybrid with a KID body and an MSD head?
    18. you mean other companies? some KID/JID swaps work well ... some are okay because heads seem too big or small I know there were pics some where of some. If you had any in particular in mind ask and you might get lucky... resins are a pain to match with other companies though. And when we get them we need to post to the Head Swap thread (for iples) Seems only the big dolls in there so far.