Iplehouse Kid K.I.D. 35cm discussion part 5

May 26, 2016

    1. Three of my KIDs building snowmen recently.....
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    2. Thanks Nancy! Irene does have a very sweet face. :)
    3. What are your opinions on Fay?

      I think he is amazing and I love the fullset and the look of him a lot, I think it is about time I got my doll a son :love Ive always wanted to have a "doll family"

      @MB Lilac That is amazing photo, I love how it looks like its from a calendar photoshoot

      @Oliveoil shes so cute
      I really want to rewatch Kiki's delivery service now lol

      @nancy_schroeder_ca I love how different your Irene looks, she looks victorian with her red hair like that :love

      @LaurieESW Congratulations, shes another one that looks so much nicer than the promo shots
      Shes very gentle and innocent, I would love to one day see her with your bigger doll family, I think it will look very warming<3
    4. I like the look of Fay, as well as his outfit. He has a very nice face, but to me he just looks too young for a KID - better as a BID. My KIDs are all a lot older looking.
    5. I agree that he looks rather younger. Wonder how he might look on the BID body. KID and BID head are now interchangable, so maybe one day we may know (slight enabling mode :wiggle) ;)
    6. I suppose it's possible to make him look older with a different faceup.

      I wonder, now that the BID and KID heads are interchangeable, if Iplehouse will ever decide to offer us that option through Doll Choice?
    7. My Daisy boy finally has a faceup. I wanted an auburn Johnny wig for him, but they are out of stock everywhere, so I had to make his wig myself...
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    8. He is adorable! I love the wig!
    9. [​IMG]
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    10. Hello! Can someone give me advice? Does anyone have a blank K.I.D. Peach head? I want to try a mokup so I can decide between Peach or Paige sculpt
    11. Thanks! It looks really good in real life, but photographs way too orange. I'm thinking I may have to make another one in a more muted auburn.
    12. if all you want is a photo... go to doll choice on the iple site Peach is shown 'blank' on there. Just grab the shot.
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    13. I had no clue that existed!!!! SO USEFUL

      (I realized this could seem sarcastic... it is not... I'm bad with words)
    14. lol no worries.. miss what's under your nose is not unusual.. and many never think to look in the sections they don't or won't use... I on the other hand am damn nosy and as long as i don't think I'll blow up the internet I snoop. XD... and with iple snooping is a good thing. a lot to learn...
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    15. So, I made David (boy Daisy) a new wig, because the first one photographed too orange. I was happy that it ended up looking very similar in style to the first one.
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    16. There's a lot of discussion here as far as finding girl KID clothes but not much in the way of boys. I feel really lost. I have not purchased a KID yet and the biggest thing holding me back is a lack of clothing at all. It seems like I'm just not seeing boy options anywhere.
      I mean at this point I'd settle for him having a single outfit..but what I'm looking for I just can't find. I'd really like him to have a school uniform or a sweatervest with shorts..I can find these options for girls with skirts but nothing with pants or shorts for boys.
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    17. Dollmore's Narsha doll is similar in size to the Iplehouse Kid dolls - actually just a smidge more plump. Anyway, there are some cute items on the Dollmore website for the Narsha boy.
    18. what siteblock said. Also some of the older body Ken doll (yes Barbie's Ken), tops will fit 'baggy' style or a bit tight across shoulders.
      Narsha pants, red loose Ken doll muscle top, tighter fit Ken doll plaid shirt is what my girl has on (the size differenced for boys/girls should not affect fit much.
      [​IMG]P1020586 by DoA Lady Tiku, on Flickr
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    20. @Lady Tiku Oh wow, I'd have never thought about Ken! I've got a Hawaiian shirt .... ;)

      Wow, @ResinRapture , she is amazing in that photograph. I mean she is beautiful, I love her beautiful summer dress, but how did you do those tiny flowers????????