Iplehouse Kid K.I.D. 35cm discussion part 5

May 26, 2016

    1. just remember it's not the 'original' Ken or the NEW version. they are both 'slim' and only roomy t-shirts for those would fit. You want stuff that would fit the 'super star' era body.
    2. @Lady Tiku if you know of a web page that explains all the barbie bodies, I'd love you to death! LOL, I'm so confused! When I was young there was only ONE barbie / body! Now I want to buy things on ebay and there are so many choices, I'm so confused :(
    3. I am withh you there! When a company adds all these body options, I just tend to give up and ignore then!
    4. oh boy.. I don't know of a site per se. I know what you mean though. Almost all fashionista won't fit. Fashion "Fever" not too sure about Ken stuff. the 'best' clothing is Fashion "Avenue" Ken size. When they started in on the 'fever' stuff I noticed not all of it fit my 80's Ken. And I 'think' much of the Ken 'prince' dolls fashions fit with a teeny bit of tweaking. Like removing the velcro and doing a fastener of some kind you can get as close to the edges. the prince type stuff also fits BID's... and prolly better on the Q type body... So stick to cheap ebay finds until you learn the feel of the fit...I have developed a pretty good eye to tell if the cut of an outfit shuld fit... it takes a bit of practice. Sadly not pants... KID's seem to have bigger bottoms for the girls... Not sure if the size differences of the boy body is enough to help or hinder ><... don't have a boy body :P
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    5. @ResinRapture Thank you for the link! It is very interesting! And the TrickyBJDfeet is helpful too.
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    6. LOL, yah, maybe I should just get some "new" barbies and kens so I know! It'd probably be a good investment! Thanks @Lady Tiku :D

      @ResinRapture WOW! well, I don't think I could do that, but those are amazing! You're so talented! Nice website BTW :D
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    7. I really liked the curliness of the first wig, but you're right about the colour Martha, it came up very orange on my screen. This colour wig photograph's much better. :)
    8. I liked the first wig too, but sometimes the camera just doesn't like a colour, and since photography is important to me, I had to make a new one. This one photographs so much better...
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