Iplehouse Kid K.I.D. 35cm discussion part 5

May 26, 2016

    1. Very pretty!
    2. Thank you guys. I always wanted one of these bjds. I do wish they came out with high heel feet.
    3. My Peach in NS.
      [​IMG]P1020024 by J L, on Flickr
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    4. Lady Tiku thanks for the picture.

      Would yo sd dresses fit? I know the shirts fit from what research l been doing also what about volks yo sd clothes would they fit. Now just to find a out what kind of props people use
    5. about fit... yes and no... it depends on the outfits. I have several yosd dresses from Alice collections... they work on both my BID and KID ... but on the KID they are often 'very' short. watch your shoulder and chest size and as long as the torso is not super fitted it should work. Just remember a Yo dress 'waist' will come up high on the dolls body instead of being at the waist. for KID's Dollmore Narsha stuff that is not super fitted works. AND my fave is older Ken doll (as in Barbie's Ken) with the superstar body (the beefier one) some of the looser tops and shirts can work. My Peack as a boy is in a Ken top further back in the thread (she's got short blonde hair and is in front of a doll sized large dresser).
    6. Here's my special Irene:
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    7. It is fun to see all these great photos of KID. They are a fun size. Thank you for compliments on my Peach. :)
      Nancy, I love your Irene. She has such a fun sculpt. @Lady Tiku Your Peach is lovely. @MB Lilac Beautiful setting. You have amazing props.
    8. She is very pretty! I love her face-up.
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    9. Aw, that's so precious! Merry Christmas, @JinCIncy and to everyone here :dance
    10. Pretty picture! She looks so festive.
      Merry Christmas!
    11. She is so pretty and your photo is lovely! Her dress is beautiful. Did you make it? :hollyberry<3
    12. Thank you. THe dress is a Tonner 14" Betsy McCall dress.
    13. Hello! I'm wondering if anyone has tried a chibi unoa head/faceplate on a KID body? I think it could work... but I'm not sure
    14. I would think you'd have to use the entire head/headback structure, not just the faceplate?

      Noni says hello :D
      Noni SDBJD
      by clochette62, on Flickr
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    15. Hello Noni! You are beautiful. :)
    16. What a cutie!!! And sadly the head back for chibi has a ball joint for the neck! I can easily make a head back though :) I want a body that can pose and crouch so the KID body/doll is perfect :D
    17. Noni looks so pretty in her purple @clochette
      Arabel was feeling like a little purple this morning as well. This dress was actually made for my minifies by ShahmaranBJD on Etsy, but its a perfect fit on Arabel as well
      More pics of her on my blog
      Adventures of the Wee Resins
      [​IMG]Sparkles by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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