Iplehouse Kid K.I.D. 35cm discussion part 5

May 26, 2016

    1. so minifee fits KID's? cuz that is totally adorable! so is kitty XD
    2. Well in this instance it sure does! It's a little longer on the KIDs than the MNF's, but it totally works for her. The bodice on this one is stretchy and has no darts though. If the top was fitted wouldn't work as well probably. I have a couple other things to try to see though.
    3. @JinCIncy your Arabel makes me want a Faye, and now I kind of want that minifee dress too!

      A simple pic of my Lily in white

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    4. Kind of slow here......

      My Paige is all set to join a regal Fantasy family...

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    5. @MB Lilac What a lovely dress! Paige looks adorable!
    6. Paige has found her niche in time! She looks beautiful in that gorgeous gown <3
    7. oh she's gorgeous! and for some reason the purple makes her eye stand out... are they iple or did you change them? I love that color! And I see Paige likes her ribbons ^^.
      so sweet something about girls in white dress's with a blue sash ^^
    8. @nancy_schroeder_ca - Thank you.
      @rosehollow - Thanks. I made her two gowns but I like this one best. The other one is the same colour as her eyes.
      @Lady Tiku - Thanks. I really don't know. Iplehouse usually puts eyes in these smaller dolls that I find too large, so I almost always change them for a size smaller. I had wanted to change her eyes to a more natural colour, but I didn't have any other size 8 oval ones, and the round ones didn't fill the eye hole.
    9. Always such beautiful pictures, @MB Lilac :D
    10. @The Giant's Poppy Lily is so pretty in white. I do love simple dresses. She looks happy. :)