Iplehouse Kid K.I.D. 35cm discussion part 5

May 26, 2016

    1. Thanks. He's a KID Daisy, with a faceup by my friend. I made him a hard cap wig out of Angora mohair locks. He was an 'orphan' along with his little brother, so I made them part of an FID royal family.

      I'm in need of another KID boy for another Fashion size family, so will order a boy Paige next month when the FIDs open up again, since I want one of those as well.
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    2. He's adorable too, but I was giggling at the pouty BID :D Both, all of them are adorable!
    3. That's BID Ringo. He's David's little brother, and also became a Prince last year.
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    4. LOL, even better up close, soooo cute!
    5. @MB Lilac I love your princes and princesses. What beautiful costumes!

      May I ask, when you made that curly wig, was the hair curled when you applied it, or did you curl it later? How did you make it lay right? I need to make something like that for my boys.
    6. The mohair was curly to start with. I have wig tutorials one of which features David's wig. Well not the exact one in the photo, since the one in the tutorial photographed too orange so I made a new, darker one.
      For the Hard wig cap - Hard Wig Cap Tutorial
      For adding the mohair - Hard Cap Wig - Tutorials
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    7. Thanks! You're awesome.
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    8. I could have sworn I commented a thank you on posting those tutorials @MB Lilac . But as usual I was probably distracted. Those will be added to my references when I finally get down to work! LOL
    9. I pressed the 'BUY' button on a Paige boy last night. I needed a new boy to wear this costume that Milo has kindly volunteered to wear for the time being. But he's a contemporary boy, and can't do double duty in two separate families, so I had to buy someone new....
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    10. Paige is my only KID, and I love her! She has other friends though. I might need to get some JIDs for an idea I have though!
    11. My Faye....
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    12. Faye is so adorable, @MB Lilac and the flowers look in perfect scale as lilies :D
    13. She is so pretty! <3 I fear you are making me want a Faye...badly!
    14. @IngieBee - Thanks. I'm always on the lookout for in scale flowers to take advantage of.
      @rosehollow - Thanks. It's funny how owner pics will do that. I never considered Fay as a girl myself, until I saw an owner pic here.
    15. My WS Celina (Gyda) got a new outfit. :XD:

      [​IMG]Gyda by luluna33, on Flickr
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    16. Very sweet!
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    17. Introducing Jamie, my new Paige boy. He's SR with Iple faceup, whereas my first Paige (girl) is Normal with an artist faceup...
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    18. Your wigs always look so fantastic! He's adorable and so is she :D Paige is the one I have :)