Iplehouse Kid K.I.D. 35cm discussion part 5

May 26, 2016

    1. Weeellll I was thinking I'd maybe try to get a head from Withdoll for the body. But I'd totally be down for getting a JID head. I saw that Iple has a custom doll choice thing (IPLE BJD) where you can choose a body and a head that would fit that body. Looks like they aren't offering this option currently but I'll keep my eyes on the site. Only thing about that is that the KID bodies don't offer and option for any of the head sculpts I like. (Namely Owen.) If they open up the option again soon I'll ask if it's possible that they could offer more boy JID sculpts.
    2. I've tried getting a JID Soa head on a KID body, and it didn't look right in my opinion, so I ended up getting her a JID body. But since a picture is worth a thousand words, and I just happened to have a KID boy, and Owen standing around, I switched heads and took a picture. Meet KID Owen. Mr. Bobblehead extraordinaire!
    3. My Irene as promised. :)

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    4. Omg this picture is priceless XD I think it might look a little less weird if the head hadn't had a beard, (which actually looks amazing) The size looks about right tho. A fraction of me is convinced I just need to sculpt my own doll but that would absolutely take FOREVER! I really like the KID body tho. So far, it looks like the best posing body I've looked at in that size range.
    5. @Xanadu Dolls - Your Irene looks so grown up in that outfit. Love the dress! That's not from Iplehouse, is it? I don't remember seeing anything like that on their site. Love it!
    6. @Xanadu Dolls - OMG!! That wig looks amazing on her!!! She's so cute!!
    7. Thank you so much. :hug: I designed and made her outfit myself. Irene was one doll that I knew exactly how I wanted her to look before I even brought her home. The only thing I'm disappointed with are her shoes, I really need to find the perfect style as it really bugs me.

      Can't quite remember if the wig was an IH or a Monique, but I love it on her. I'm pleased you like it too, thank you. :hug:
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    8. @Xanadu Dolls - Irene's outfit is just so cute! How wonderful that you can make such nice clothes for your dolls!:)
    9. Are all the KIDs back in school? Where are they? :XD:

      I got a cute little Paige and she's showing her inner Diva with a long wig I have yet to trim.

      [​IMG]New wig by luluna33, on Flickr
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    10. Your Paige is adorable!
    11. Thank you so much, I enjoy making them. :) Your Paige is gorgeous, she reminds me of Veronica Lake with her peekaboo hair. I still have to order mine, just waiting on hubby to give me my Christmas money.
    12. @luluna I love her!!! Great pic.
    13. My Lonnie and Milo are all dressed up for a historic reenactment...
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    14. Gosh, I realize I have trouble doing the multi-quote. *_*


      @MB Lilac -Thanks so much! Paige has such personality. And your Lonnie and Milo are just utterly amazing in their lush outfits. Such amazing details! And even the little globe is perfect! You are such a marvel!!! :)

      @Xanadu Dolls - Thank you ever so much! And I need to name her and now I'm thinking that Veronica would be a perfect name for her! :XD: (My mother's middle name is Veronica and I have always intended to use it for someone...) I didn't expect to get a Paige just now...but found her for sale and couldn't pass her up.

      @hyssop - Oh thank you! She's a bit miss-matched at the moment till her outfit arrives and her wig needs trimming...but she still is a cutie! Thanks!
    15. Thanks! I thought I'd try some old Barbie costumes I made way back when I was in high school for a historic fashions project. They don't fit well, but are good enough for a couple of pictures. I managed to get Peach into Elizabeth's Armada gown....
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    16. Oh my, she is perfect! I am sure I will need a Paige one day too. That smirk of hers is so unique. I can already see my future Paige in loose tomboy clothes and with a baseball cap, smirking mischievously ;-)
      And btw, I LOVE your girl's hair colour! <3
    17. Those are gorgeous. You made them in high school? So you were just born with all that talent. I should have known.
    18. Maybe, but they are a mess on the inside, so my sewing has definitely improved over the years.

      *PS - DOA is having a problem linking to photos, so mine are constantly popping in and out. One time they are there, the next they are all gone again. Just a heads up to why there are so many broken links everywhere.
    19. @MB Lilac - Thanks! And those historical "Barbie" outfits are amazing....and your were surely a prodigy in the sewing department!

      @Airike- Thanks! I took a chance on that wig and it will work really well for her. Paige does have such a cute expression. She's hard to resist. I think mine has tomboy tendencies herself. :XD:
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    20. You won't be able to stop at one.....they're addicting!