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Iplehouse Kid K.I.D. 35cm discussion part 5

May 26, 2016

    1. Question to the lovely people in this thread! Do anyone have their KIDs as adults? If yes, do share pictures please!

      I am lusting after Paige since she was released but I want to use her as an adult dwarf too be the wife for my Unoa Chibi dwarf lady but atm I am still not sure... ideally I'd hybrid Paige with a different body cause she feels a bit bobble headed on the KID for me but since getting s.o. for a split when you don't take the body is mildly impossible I've resigned to accept the KID body and just hope dressing her like an adult might help x'D
    2. I have both of my KIDs on nine 9 style bunny bodies. They look so much better than the KID bodies IMHO.
    3. Oh, could I ask for some nude shots? The Nine9Style body I didn't have on mind at all!
    4. They're both headless right now for faceup updates. Lonnie is in my profile pic, let me dig up a nude pic.


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    5. Thank you! That does look amazing indeed!
    6. Yeah, I really like the combo.
    7. @hannaliten - oh I've never heard of those bodies....I have a Vampy Lisa floating head that I think that body would work well for!
      Thanks for the info!:)
    8. Here's Ana, my vampy Lisa.

    9. @hannaliten - Oh yes! That head looks great on the body! Does she have the Iple hands on in that photo? If so they look like they work well too.
    10. The green dress is fairly loose, especially around the waist. The Bunny9 skirts and dresses do tend to be short,more like mid thigh. Non of this knee length or calf lenght stuff.
    11. Just wanted to share a picture of my Lonnie. It was a small outing, but it was nice to take her out for a bit. :)

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    12. Your Lonnie is very cute bluepita.

      Does anyone have a Milly they can post pictures of. I'd really appreciate some pictures as I'm thinking she might be my next doll.

    13. That's my Milly - Liam (he is a boy though) for you.


      I cannot remember if I've ever showed him here...

      And your Lonnie is really sweet bluepita! Hope she enjoyed the walk!
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    14. Milly NS/B

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    15. @Dustbunnie & @Darlin Thanks so much! My Lonnie doesn't really get enough attention, which is a shame as she is one of my favorites.

      Does anyone have a boy Alice? I've been thinking about getting a boy KID, but I'm really at my limit on dolls. So, I thought about making my Alice a boy. Not sure if that is going to fit the sculpt well, though.She already has face up B, but I don't have any good wigs for boys to experiment with.
    16. Alice NS/B with a Monique-Roxie wig
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    17. Thanks Darlin. Liam is very cute. I was actually thinking when I was looking at Milly at the Iple site that it would work well as a boy too - although mine will be a girl. I plan to make her a relative of Miripihka my DollZone Feilian. You can see her here: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v11/Dustbunnie/BJD/Miripihka/Miripihka-24-1.png

      Thank Eilidh. I love your Milly. She does seem to look a little like DollZone Feilian. At least enough to work as a relative.

      Edit to say: Eilidh your Alice is cute. :)

    18. Oh, he looks adorable. Thanks for sharing. I completely forgot I bought a wig similar to this to be a short hair style for one of my girls. Didn't work for that, but I can try it here. :) Thanks! **runs off to play**
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