Iplehouse Kid K.I.D. 35cm discussion part 5

May 26, 2016

    1. Lots of cute KIDs on this page! :XD:

      My two KID girls are school chums and put on some knitwear for a school outing...

      [​IMG]School chums by luluna33, on Flickr
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    2. pm

      What a lovely picture! I'm in love with the knitted pieces. The girls' skin is just glowing against that blue, too. Thanks for sharing!
    3. @bluepita - Thanks! I didn't realize that the blue in the scarf would match so well with the hat and sweater set. It was kismet. :XD:
    4. luluna, your girls are adorable!
      Here is Bree (my Lonnie) in a knitted hood/wrap that I made to go with the perla set. I love knits for fall, and was having trouble finding some of the things I had in my head that I would like for my dolls, so decided I would try and teach myself so I could try and make what I wanted.
      [​IMG]Ready for Cool Weather by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    5. I'm loving all the knits for KIDs! <3 All I've managed so far is to crochet tams for my Realpukis. I think I'm ready to tackle a project for a slightly larger doll. Thanks for the inspiration!
    6. @JinCIncy - Love little Bree in her knitted wear!

      @vermont chick - Yes try! I was only a scarf maker till recently...LOL

      Oh I I should amend my post to say the last page had the cute KIDs...I didn't realize a new page would state with my last post. LOL:doh
    7. :sumomo:Can hardly believe it, but my Paige is already on her way! Only ordered her a month ago. :sumomo:
    8. Oh that is awesome! I have put a Paige on Layaway last month when I ordered my Mom one of the cats as Christmas present :lol:
    9. Congrats @Xanadu Dolls ! I still want a Paige, but I'm holding out until I see what Iple releases next in the FID line.
    10. @Roterwolkenvogel @vermont chick Thank you both, I think she will probably arrive Monday or Tuesday next week. The news really cheered me up and hopefully I will be well enough to photograph her when she arrives. :)

      @vermont chick Are you looking for a companion for Lawrence?
    11. Well, seeing as I already have Miho at home, any FID I get will be a third wheel.:lol: I'm sort of regretting buying Miho in peach gold, so I wouldn't mind a girl in normal skin. And let's face it, I'm still hoping for a Leonard. Once I satisfy those wants, Paige is right up there on my list.:)
    12. Phew!

      I just finished reading through all the KID discussion threads. It has been such a learning experience! I loved seeing everyone's photos and reading their thoughts and opinions about the various sculpts and releases. I have a Lisa on layaway; she'll be on her way to being rehomed to my place some time next week. I am very excited to put it mildly! :dance

      I've been working on an outfit for her using the t-shirt pattern from Antique Lilac, but I have a question/request. I need the measurement from the waist to the top of the knee. I've looked everywhere online and on this forum, but I can't find that length measurement (they seem to all be circumference measurements of thighs, pelvis, etc.). I want to make her a simple skirt that brushes the top of her knee.

      Can anyone please do me a small favor: whip out a ruler and measure your KID? I'd really love to have an outfit ready for her when she arrives, and I would be so grateful.

      Here's the measurement I need (the green vertical line):
      [​IMG]MMreq by gal8028, on Flickr
      Image via Iplehouse.com

      Thank you so much whoever can help!
    13. Gal8028, it is about 4-1/2" or 11.5cm. I just used that same pattern to make a little dress, and it worked out well. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
    14. Thank you so much!

      I actually "hacked" the Antique Lilac t-shirt pattern to be a cardigan modeled after the green cardigan in the Iplehouse Green Flower Set. It's so cute--I just have final touches to put on it tomorrow and it's ready. I got a bag of quilter's scraps at a flea market a while back and what's left aren't big enough for anything hardly--except BJD doll clothes! The skirt is going to have a really simple design--a navy waistband and a floral print with yellow and navy flowers on a darker red background. The green cardigan (made from ponte knit scraps) matches the green in the flower leaves. I also have some red and gold beads to sew on around the hem (never beaded before! Little scared but wanting the challenge). I'm thinking of doing just a plain white cotton shell for under the cardigan so as not to distract from the skirt. Maybe a Peter Pan collar; my KID character is between 4-5 years old and Peter Pan collars are so classic on kid clothes.

      I'm so excited to work on the skirt--I will definitely post pictures and unveil her when she arrives!
    15. She's here!

      My KID Lisa, Whisper, has arrived, and I finished sewing her outfit just in the nick of time. Here's a photo of her sitting pretty on a lovely fall afternoon with her current favorite doll:

      Abraham: “I’m living, darling, just like you.” –6x01, “First Time Again”
      by gal8028, on Flickr

      The beading I put on the hemline looks wobbly and crooked in the photo, but it's just how the skirt is laying. My only regret is that I made the waistband to the measurements on the website, and it does not fit her waist! Way too small. I need to rip out everything in the waist and redo it, but as it is my first-ever skirt in this scale, I'm willing to let it go and chalk it up to a beginner's mistake. (Plus the cardigan I made covers it completely so it's only truly known to be too small to me.)

      What are everyone's Kids doing this weekend? Happy Halloween! I think I'm going to try to whip up something quick for Whisper to have a costume. :)
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    16. Congrats! She's beautiful and I think her outfit looks lovely.

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    17. Very cute. :)

    18. I still haven't managed to properly clothe my Irene... I feel bad she has nothing nice to wear! They are harder to fit than I thought...
    19. ALL iple's are a pain in the rear to dress if you don't sew... that being said do you have a particular style/look in mind... Etsy is pretty good for regular type stuff. Just make sure the seller either says something is made for an Iple doll or at least knows about their unusual size.