Iplehouse Soa=Narin Narae

Jan 8, 2021

    1. I ran across this doll faced up online and I honestly thought she was Narae. Is it just me or is the resemblance a little too close for coincidence?
    2. I believe that it is just you...from the shape of the eyes, nose, lips and chin to the overall style they are two very different faces.
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    3. Sometimes a face up or another can make the same sculp look really different, so I guess one specific make up could “change” the features and make a sculp look more like another. I think it’s like one of those videos where a person just using make up looks like Angelina Jolie’s twin and after another they’re exactly like Johnny Depp. It must have happened something like that.
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    4. Not really, the two are very different and the sculpting style of Bimong is pretty different compared to Iplehouse artists as well. Besides, there are so many Narin and Narae faces (especially in the MSD range), which one of them is supposed to look like Soa? :lol:
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    5. They look completely different to me other than being East Asian in features
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    6. Really two different faces in my opinion, even with the same makeup. Soa is more like Mari by Iplehouse but it's not Narae at all ^^
    7. This is not a case of "too close for coincidence", they are in no way copy of one another. This thread is closed.
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