Is Bluefairys nano fairy on topic?

Jan 19, 2018

    1. I am pretty new to bjds and DOA and want to ask about if Bluefairys nano fairy is on topic? She clearly does not have changeable eyes because of her micro size, strictly speaking she isn’t human either but fairy. Does that put her in the exception category? A lot of people in the bjd community have her and adore this little cutie.

      Picture for reference
    2. I can't say 100% that what I am saying is correct, but just going by the rules, I don't believe those Bluefairy dolls are on topic.
      The list of dolls that are exceptions are mostly dolls that had been discussed in the forum way before the current on-topic criteria was created (and I think
      the current on-topic-dolls criteria is pretty old, or hasn't been edited in a long time). I believe that the fact that the dolls have painted eyes is the reason alone,
      but I have no idea if the fact that they are not human will change anything. I think mostly the "case-by-case evaluation of non-human dolls" goes for those that
      are not humanoid-looking, but again, I might be wrong..
    3. You could always ask the moderators! Ask the Moderators
      I recently was unsure of the on-topic subject of a more recent doll and send a message over there. They reviewed and let me know, so I'm sure they could help you too!
    4. Thanks @Captian-Cardshark! This is exactly the right thing to do if anyone has a question about a doll being on-topic or not. @Ruthiepooh if you'd start a post in Ask the Moderators the team will be able to look at this doll and let you know. Please keep in mind that if a doll is determined not to be on-topic for DoA it's not a judgment in any way about that doll, only that it doesn't fit the Criteria for Inclusion. Topics discussed in Ask the Moderators are always visible only to you and to the staff, so it's a private way to ask questions and get input.

      I'll go ahead and lock this thread so that the discussion can go to AtM. Thanks. :)