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is this a scam?

Oct 22, 2006

    1. Hmmm the seller has zero feedback and only shows the official volks chris photos...i wouldnt bid on this auction >__<
    2. I think it is a scam. RMB as currency, and the seller has zero feedback and is in China. Looks like the other auctions/sellers which turned out to be scams.
    3. I wouldn't bid on this one as well:
      1) The seller has zero feedback.
      2) The price seems too good to be true.
      3) I saw this seller's other items: all of them are priced at the same cost! A wig = a S&K outfit = a White Cat Chris = RMB1200 :?
    4. I'm sure he's a scammer. Unfortunately, every day I find at least 5 scammers on Ebay *_*
    5. Yep i found this a fw months back and posted in the g.d. forum.
      They're all the same text, same location, same blaaaah/
      Scammer fo sho xx
    6. it seems that the seller forgot to change the currency into USD...
      personally thinking ^^'
    7. I saw the exact same auction yesterday for a buy it now amount of RMB $1000, but with a different seller's account. The guy yesterday had five positive feedbacks from five people who were no longer registered users. I guess what he did was register for an account, purchase something off himself, gives himself feedback, and then deregisters etc. His seller account from yesterday must have been banned from reported scamming...? These evil people.... he just needs to have one person bid on his auction to make it all worthwhile. *grrr*
    8. dont bid. better be safe than sorry. :/
      no feedback, no owner picture, is a no-no.
      and i dont know why when i log in from this ebay link, I'm in singapore ebay site. usually i get right to US site.
    9. 1200 RMB is like $152
      Not even enough to get a SD-Sized DZ doll
    10. I don't know if $152 is even enough to get one of the vinyl ball jointed dolls! (The affordable alternative to resin dolls). O_o

      Thanks for bringing this auction to everyone's attention, because there's no way it can be legitimate!
    11. becos the linkage is from ebay singapore.... lol

      and no i wun bid... i already have a chris :D D:
    12. And it is gone....
    13. Does this sort of fake auction happen often?
    14. well not realli depends if u can spot it :D :D

      and for someone like me who goes hunting on beay [x.x"] i tend to see this stuff... and go like too cheap isnlt it? lol
    15. That link is actually to another ebay seller's website. This other ebay seller have over 650 positive feedback amd no negative feedback
      I think they seem to want to use other seller's feedback to give them credibitliy, trying to make themselves look like this other seller's secondary account or something
      Too blatant....
    16. BAAHAAHAA! Oh the irony. The ebay seller who owns that site is someone I'd group in with those other scammers.

      Among other threads long buried, here's example 1 and example 2.
    17. Minus more points for effort, then? Frankly, I'm disappointed - They don't seem to be putting much effort in at all. If I was going to pull something like this, I'd make sure I was using different dolls and noticeably different listings, that I linked to a reputable seller, that the price more reflected what was possible while still being cheaper enough to encourage people to gamble, and that I wasn't, as far as the non-BJDs go, asking teh same price for Barbies of wildly varying values.

      Not that I'd ever pull anything like that. I'm a good girl. :)