May 1, 2009

    1. This is just not my month. Any ways. I bought a doll from Cho. He has been leading me on for weeks now and has even told me that he shipped my doll and that he would get back to me with the tracking number but STILL has not.

      I paid for My Namu 'Voice of Angel' full set with extras in full on April 10th 2009 .....Today is May first....

      I have really not wanted to open this thread but the fact that he refuses to resond to my PMs all this week and has been giving me "reasons" all month about why he had not shipped yet....

      Also he informed me that him and his girl friend "share" a DOA account and there for its not his fault if it looks like hes been online when in fact its just her.

      I just want my doll....This has already happen once this past month and I cant deal with the heart strings being pulled again..

      PLEASE if any one knows him I need help!! I just want the tracking number that he said he would give me a week ago...

      As a side note.. there is another doll that I have not heard from the seller in a while who should have shipped it by now as well.. :doh
    2. Well I opened a paypal claim but only for the last payment on the doll that's $210 :( the other payments were just out side of the claim time. I guess I should have opened it sooner. :(

      Cho ether needs to provide the promised tracking and shipping information or issues a full refund for $410!!
    3. Cho, PROMISED a few days ago to have him in the mail.

      I have requested an Update to no avail. :(

      Still waiting....
    4. STILL waiting on that shipping notice...:(
    5. Leon / Cho is not responding to me again.
      Since its been so long I have asked him to refund my money since it has become apparent that he does not intend to ship my doll :( I am very sad and hurt by this adn could use help from any one who might know him.

    6. Phoenix Rising ~ Was there resolution to this? Did you receive a refund and/or the doll?
    7. Sorry yes I did receive the doll at long last not to very long ago.. I forgot to say that I had gotten him since Cho had already been banned..
    8. Do you remember when you received the doll?
    9. Hi mods -- I'm posting these things on behalf of Cho because, as you know, Cho is banned. I have no relationship to this transaction, and all of the following is verbatum, sent to my by Cho (who is a girl, even though referred to in previous posts in this thread for some reason as a man named Leroy).

      As for why she didn't contact mods sooner / respond to paging thread:
      As for why it took so long to complete the transaction:
      Her experience with the buyer:
      Cho also forwarded these pictures of the shipping label:


      I didn't embed them in the thread because of the large size.

      Also, apparently the buyer was selling this item BEFORE it arrived. As you can see, the shipping date is June 1st, and as it took unusually long to ship, it must have arrived at least a couple of weeks later. The buyer began to sell this doll, according to the link posted by rkold, on May 31st.

      In light of these things, Cho sincerely hopes the mods will reconsider her banning -- at the very least, especially since the doll WAS received, Cho would hope it could be reduced to a marketplace ban. This was Cho's first selling experience and she wasn't prepared for it, but she did try her best to sort it out!
    10. Oops, I almost forgot:

      Since Cho is banned, she can be contacted at

      She did not expect to be banned as the transaction ended successfully, did not know the paging thread was ongoing and that Phoenix would not update it. Phoenix never did update it, despite Cho's banning, and it was my PM to her that prompted the update she gave about having received it. It just doesn't sit right with me that Phoenix never spoke up about receiving the goods, as if it wasn't important.