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Issue with Kazakai

May 14, 2007

    1. +++ For the sake of my sanity. CELEBARE does NOT owe me anything. All she did was try to help. She has NO blame on her shoulders. There is nothing negative for her here, other than the fact she stuck by Kai's side.+++

      I realize x_kazakai_x has been banned from DoA. However, I believe this needs to be posted and said for future reference.

      Febuary 2007 I sent Ame and Reila (chiwoo and woori) to Celebare to be painted. She agreed to do it. However when the boys got there, I recieved a rather nasty message on my phone saying that I gave her no notice they were coming, which of course I did. Around the next day, Celebare begun to accuse me of wanting to copy her chiwoo, Henry's faceup and that I forced this upon her. Before they were shipped I even offered to pay for the faceups, I was hesitant to send my dolls anywhere to begin with and she was both local and said it would not take a long time to complete.

      However, that was when x_kazakai_x came into the picture, we had been friends before with a few fights yet at the time everything between us was fine. She told me I should pay Celebare for the pastels that she bought to do my boys, which I did. x_kazakai_x also said to send them to her, that she would do the faceups free of charge.

      I took that offer and sent them to Kai after paying celebare shipping and for the pastels. Shortly after she recieved them, and told me that she would work on them soon as her other commisions were done, that it'd be about a month. A few weeks went by, I purchased a shiwoo head, Kai said she would also paint that.

      At the time she had painted my chiwoo, however she said the MSC flaked and she would have to redo it. No issue. A little over a month went by, I begun to call and text her a lot as well as send her messages on AIM. She became very annoyed however we worked through the problems.

      March came, she was almost done with her commisions for other people. No issue. She wanted me to pay her for the faceups, so I did. $52 dollars was sent to her via paypal, I had also bought epoxy to fix my woori's lip, it was sent directly to her. Woori's lip was supposidly fixed. I asked for photos, I recieved none after she continued to tell me she would take them.

      One conversation over the phone, Kai asked me when I'd like my boys home. I said a few weeks. She said she would try.

      April came. Still no photos or pictures. When I talked to her again, she said she would have them home by the end of April. Still no photos, limited contact. I was accused of calling/texting/messaging her on AIM and doa obsessivly, perhaps I had. It had been three months.

      May came, I filed a police report. Police did nothing. I sent her the money to send the boys home.

      She said that she had completed the faceups, however didn't like how they turned out. So I told her to redo them, she refused because I had filed a police report and wouldn't leave her alone.

      Thus she decided to have Celebare do it. May 10/11 Celebare picked Kai up from Rittman ohio and got my boys. I asked her to simply paint my shiwoo head and leave the other two blank, thinking it would speed up shipping time.

      No issue. I spoke with er friday May 11th to confirm she had my boys.

      Now tonight, May 13th/14th 12 am (aprox.) She got online, I asked if she had completed Kasumi's faceup. She responds saying that she is not the right person to have it done. And they would ship monday or tuesday.

      However, I do not see how she simply could not have shipped them friday if she was not going to do a faceup. I also told her and Kai I wanted my money back, Celebare responded that her father is lawyer, that I have no case.

      However, between epoxy, 3 cans of MSC and the 52 dollars I sent Kai. I paid 111.94 cents. Plus shipping, however no work has been done on my dolls.

      The question is why?

      I am not meaning to be hurtful by posting this. For I believe, Celebare and I will stay friends if we can. However I want this to be a warning for others.


    2. I'm sorry to hear that, maybe you can get a hold of her by posting on this Forum
      Hope that helps!
    3. I would disagree that you don't have a case. You paid for a service, entered into a verbal contract, and that service was not completed. Said contract was broken. As a general rule, if in a disagreement with someone you are told by them that you "don't have a case", you shouldn't listen. Do your own research on your rights and the law, don't allow the opposite party to inform you.

      I am not involved in this transaction, so if this is off-topic, I apologize.

    4. This is deplorable, and I can assure you, you DO have a case. This is effectively theft by deception- you gave them money for a service, and they did not provide that service.

      Unless there was an aknowledged agreement that payment was non-refundable, then they have no case... and even if there was such an agreement, it would still be pretty shaky.

      If you paid by a credit card or paypal, I suggest you get on to them about getting a refund if you can.
    5. I think you may still have enough time to dispute the funds send by paypal, if you open it now. Good luck.
    6. Why on earth would you want to stay friends with someone who stole money from you and told you you had no case in which to get it back (which is a blatant lie!)?

      File a Paypal claim for any money you sent at least, and I would try sorting out getting money back for the rest of the stuff also.

      EDIT: Did you manage to get the heads back at all?
    7. Here's proof I do have all three heads in my posession at the moment:

      (Er, I guess I should have taken this next to a newspaper? 8D; That's my lap, anyway.)

      On my end, I am willing to paint these heads, but I feel that with the combination of my low skill level and the amount of schoolwork I have right now, it would be a better situation to leave them blank and get them out to Seasons as soon as possible. I told her that if she really wanted me to paint them, it would take at least a week for a single head, and that because I didn't take this commission on myself I couldn't make any promises - and she said she just wants the heads home. Which is completely understandable.

      So I will be cleaning these three heads up (Kazakai did offer to do this himself when I saw him this weekend, but I said I'd take care of it) and shipping them out by tomorrow at the latest. As far as I can tell there are no damages. The repairs as I was told of them by both parties have been done.

      As for me not shipping on Friday. The time of the text message I sent comfirming I had her boys is around 11:30PM. Obviously, the post office would not be open at 11:30pm on a Friday night.
      One could argue that I could have shipped them Saturday morning, but the PO closed at 2:00pm that day, and I simply didn't have time to get there (I was at a friend's house and had no way of getting back to campus and the PO myself).
      I can't ship today because of my class schedual and because the heads need cleaning (No, my being on DoA long enough to make this post is not an indication that I also have time to wait in line at the post office)

      Me mentioning that my father is a lawyer was to indicate that I have a pretty firm grasp of the legal situation. Because there was no contract filed in writing, the most the police can do in this situation is retrieve the heads. That's what I meant by that statement. I could (and probably am? 8D; ) be wrong, but honestly, because I'm friends with Kaz the thought of him getting into any sort of trouble with the cops freaked me out. I said things that should not have been said, and I do feel ashamed for that.

      Just wanted to clear my part in this up. Please note I am clearly not Kazakai and that I do not owe Seasons any type of money or service. I have not been paid by either party. The only reason I'm involved in this at all is because I'm dumb and was trying to help a couple of friends out.
    8. As even Celebare stated, she's not Kazakai. She doesn't owe me anything. She's simply trying to help me, thus the reason that I'd still like to be her friend.

      Since this is the first time that I have seen my boys heads in about four months. I will state one thing.

      In four months time, the only doll that has been modded is woori (the middle one.) Kazakai however, apparently did not do anything to shiwoo.

      I do know that the started faceups on both chiwoo and woori are what kazakai started. Kasumi however I cannot be sure if that was kazakai or the previous owners faceup. Which means -- how can you mod eyes without removing a faceup? You can't. Obviously. Which means barely any work was done.

      I just want to state out before that Celebare's not responsible for any money because I really dont want to ruin her name.

      And for those who have suggested things, I'll be sure to file with my CC company and paypal. However,

      Since Kasumi was not done, mods wise or faceup. Would it be possible for me to somehow try to get 46 dollars back for 3 cans of MSC that I bought her?

      I do not feel that modding a little chip in a lip is worth 46 dollars. I paid for the epoxy, that should have been enough.. Right?

      And as an edit I can't file a PP claim its been too long. I just tried. However Celebare said she'd try to help me get the $52 dollars back.
    9. sorry to stick my nose where it doesn't belong, but...

      Verbal contracts are no less valid than written ones; they're just harder to prove. As for the police...Celebare is right in that the most the police can do is retrieve stolen property. If you want your money back, and the PayPal/CC claims don't do you any good, then your next step would be small claims court. Since you're in the same state, it's definitely a feasible option.

      good luck!
    10. She has taken alot of money from alot of people, please, do not hesitate to file a small claims if she will not return your money.
    11. Yeah- you need to get on to getting your money back ASAP from Kazakai. >_>
    12. Excuse me, but why are all these outsider comments being allowed in this thread? I thought the rules stated that unless someone is directly involved in the transaction, they aren't supposed to be commenting. I've had my own comments deleted for similar reasons.

      Just, you know... for the sake of fairness.
    13. If Celebare is unable to get the money ._. lest 52 of it I will be filing small claims court.

      And for everyone to know. The boys will be shipped tomororw, hopefully. And will come to me and then proceed to go to someone more responsible.
      And Shiwoo has been sold.
    14. Because they're trying to help me Megs T_T; Just like you are.

      Also if anyone has suggestions feel free to PM me. T_T so this doesn't get locked and I can add info as it comes to me.
    15. "Around the next day, Celebare begun to accuse me of wanting to copy her chiwoo, Henry's faceup and that I forced this upon her."

      Sorry, but if anyone started flipping at me wanting to copy their doll, for whatever reason, whether I stated I wanted an exact copy of her faceup or not, I wouldn't have sent the heads in the first place, nor would I want to continue any friendship. Anyone who sends nasty messages over a doll is no friend of mine.

      I do not know the whole story though, and I'm not SFC, but if Celebare would like to explain this and correct me I do not mind, I don't know Celebare personally to judge her, but if what SFC has said is true well, you know how I feel about it.

      I hope everything works out and you get your heads back and learn from this, I hope you'll learn from this at least. I know how you feel SFC in some respect, trust me. And I'm not trying to spread hate against either of you.
    16. Why are we allowed a thread to be posted about a banned user? :roll:
      All the comments here have been trying to help her in retreiving the heads/money that rightfully belong to her.

      SFC- maybe the police can help you get the actual cans of MSC back from Kazakai if money was not an option. Thought if you paid with a CC you should be able to call the CC company and have them do a reverse charge.
    17. This is a bold-faced lie. I NEVER said this to her. This is absolutely ridiculous. What she wanted for her dolls was nothing at all like Henry. Why on earth would I have said this?
    18. Regardless it WAS said. Apparently you DID say it because Kai said so. End of story. Not that I beleive Kai either but hey one of you all said it.
    19. Kai did not say it either. Kai would not need to say it. You're lying about so much in this post, but sadly it's our word against yours, and we all know how that's going to go down :|
    20. Haha Kai lies SO much, Celebare. You're just blind because you like her so much. Everyone actually hates her if you haven't noticed. But please STOP commenting here before my thread gets locked. It'd be nice to tell all the lovely people of DOA when I get my dolls back if you awnt to talk well you KNOW where we can talk. K?