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Issue with Mad_Hatter - RESOLVED

Aug 12, 2009

    1. I am starting this thread to keep track of communications and the fact that her original sales post has been changed to sell another doll. I did however screen-cap the original post:

      http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v57/michpowell/Tilda MNM/MH1.jpg

      Communication is not the issue here, as I have to say it has been constant, although I feel -slightly odd. But the fact that the doll hasn’t arrived is.

      Within the UK next day Noon delivery is very possible, and two days at the very latest.

      I purchased a Dollfamily Ella from Mad_Hatter, and sent payment via Paypal on 3rd August, and received a reply that day that she had received the payment.

      Hatter posted her by DHL Courier on 5th August in the morning.

      I then received a PM from her friend Amanada/maggot on DoA that the doll had been delivered to the wrong address on 7th August (note it took two days to be delivered)

      Please note, she says that DHL are collecting my parcel and redelivering ASAP.

      I reply 7th August:

      From maggot 7th August:

      Ok, now even if the seller had included her email address in the parcel, she wouldn’t have put her friend’s in as well, because she didn’t tell me she would be taking over this sale, and the doll had already been posted.So how did she receive an email from the recipient? Also if they read the name back to her with the address it surely couldn’t have been delivered too far away, and certainly wasn’t wrong on the parcel?

      I was starting to get a little concerned.

      A few more amicable PM’s were exchanged, and after the weekend still nothing.

      Continued in next post:
    2. From me 10th August:

      From maggot 10th August:

      From me 10th August:

      From me Yesterday 11th August:

      From maggot Yesterday 11th August ( 6.15 PM):

      From maggot Yesterday 11th August (7.30 PM):

      From me Yesterday 11th August (7.40 PM):

      I then had a look at Hatter’s profile, and noticed she had been on DoA.

      From me Yesterday 11th August (8.40 PM):

      From Hatter Yesterday 11th August (9.35 PM):

      From me Yesterday 11th August ( 11.18PM):

      From Hatter Yesterday 11th August (11.43 PM):

      From me Today 12th August ( 8.20 AM):

      These are just the facts as they are.
    3. I beg your pardon? Do you want your money back today or not? I was just going to send it to you too as I've only just got back in from a day of traveling @__@ The very fact that Maggot helped you out at all is a good thing because I was AWAY and she didn't actually have to and it would only starting to be sorted out today...She needn't have messaged you about the mix up either.

      We've both repeatedly and profusely apologised on behalf of DHL whom messed up big time and sent the parcel to the completely wrong address and yes, it is their fault because the address I put on it was confirmed to be right..We're still not entirely sure what has happened with DHL and we want answers! I am NOT happy with them.

      It was YOU who had no patience to get this resolved..If you were that stressed you should have messaged me directly and waited for a response, Maggot was only suppose to help with my other sales as we live together and have full access to eachothers dolls.

      Neither of us have anything to hide, if you want ALL of the emails sent to you from Parcels2go you're more than welcome..

      I feel that with one of the PM's you sent to Maggot was very out of line basically insinuating I was avoiding you as if DHL was actually some scam on my behalf...Which it's not and I can fully prove it...You could even call parcel2go's helpline and talk to Alex or George who have been fantastic and can prove it was sent.


      I asked you nicely for another weeks patience because we were just getting somewhere in solving this problem but you wouldn't..The doll still had to be collected and then have delivery rearranged and you seemed to want that solved at the snap of your fingers....You only gave us 2 days grace and I couldn't guarantee redelivery by then so I decided it would be best to refund you....We've been bending over backwards to help you, but you still weren't happy..I'm not sure what else I could have done.

      We've done our BEST to resolve this problem with a better outcome, but it seems you wont allow it, so I'm about to refund you the money (As I SAID in my previously PM, but you obviously paid no mind)

      This hasn't just been stressful for you..I actually lost sleep over this lastnight as the way you've carried on is innapropriate...

      WE informed YOU of the problem
      WE have been endlessly trying to solve this problem for YOU
      WE have apologised profusely for something that wasn't OUR fault
      I automatically offered YOU a refund at the risk of myself losing out

      But you still went and posted this not even a week after the problem occurred..

      I'm hardly like to be a scammer when I use DoA on a regular basis and I need it for future sales also..You are my first problem buyer, thank you very much.
    4. Postage was through parcels2go DHL standard service 24-48 hours, next day noon delivery is not an option with it unless specifically requested and would have cost twice the price.
      If any mods/anyone would like to contact me about my part in this please feel free to do so, i have nothing to hide.
    5. http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee197/zombiekyokun/ppal3.jpg = proof of refund

      See? I already told you I'd refund you @__@ Instead you just made more hassle for the both of us and DoA's mods.

      Can I have my privileges back now? This has really offended me as I've nothing wrong..I't makes me feel like a criminal with all these warnings.
    6. I have posted PM's as the facts are.
      It is up to the readers to draw their own conclusions.

      I have received an email from Paypal:

      Payment details
      Amount: $230.00 USD
      Transaction Date: 12 Aug 2009
      Transaction ID: 87861979GY408445K
      Subject: REFUND FOR: (Unique Transaction ID #0EC83979K31603942)
      Message: REFUND FOR: (Unique Transaction ID #0EC83979K31603942) I will send you the postage as soon as DHL refunds it to me (I couldn't do this throught the proper paypal refund procedures as I didn't have it all in my account as paypal automatically uses the balance for any purchases made in the meantime)

      So as soon as I receive postage payment, I will ask the Mods to mark this thread as resolved.
    7. Postage refunded today.
      Issue resolved.