Issues with Auria/shortie/jem/Aki

Jan 13, 2006

    1. ...Eh....?

      I don't know what to say- I offered this person my sympathy, andit never occured to me that they might not have been telling the truth....

      I feel wierd now, and I can't quite bring myself to be convinced....

    2. Oh, dear. . .

      While I don't want to jump to conclusions about whether this person is or is not intentionally scamming people, that's an awful lot of conflicting evidence right there. I sincerely hope the Henna the dog is not suffering -- I was going to donate some money for her surgery, but now I see that there's no guarantee that that's what it would be used for.

    3. Wow....ok. This is making me sick.
      Maybe Aimee should ban her from DoA?
    4. O_o I agree with you, WickedStitch this is just....

      Wow, I'm shocked.
    5. This has actually relly upset me- maybe I give people the benefit of the doubt too often????

      Ok- I'll be backin a bit, I think I'm going to cry.... How can anyone lie like this????????????
    6. After having to deal with having a pet of 15 years die of cancer, her puppy (who is 9 but still a puppy!) add a ripped achilles to a long list of leg woes and then my chinchilla get sick within the space of a few months, Auria's story really got to me and so I paid $137.50 for a $21.50 sofa in good faith that the money would help her and her dog out.

      I just don't have the words really. If any of this is true I feel utterly disgusted and betrayed :(
    7. I thought it was all suspicious... :\
    8. This whole ordeal makes me want to vomit with rage.

      If you have a sick pet that needs surgery, you DO NOT buy hundreds of dollars worth of dolls. End of statement. Living things, especially a beloved family pet, come before inanimate objects. Whether or not she intentionally scammed people, she still put dolls in front of a sick animal, no matter how you spin it.

      You disgust me Auria.
    9. this is one of those things that can get so emotional it gets people either over saccharine or overly nasty. you go all mushy trying to save a pet, then find out there's suspicions of fraud and want to tear hearts out.

      i'd vote for the middle ground; don't be taken in by the sob stories that roam the internet, and politely request your donation back.

      here's the thing; times of stress we want what we want to feel better - chocolate, a dinner out, a doll, to make stuff, to break stuff, whatever. and no one has the right to be bitchy about what someone does with their own income. and yeah, even putting off an optional surgery! because you can get into judgemental nit-pickery TOO fast; i'd give up FOOD to have it done NOW! etc making heat of someone else's decision. so just devolve and stick with the point for just a sec=

      however, everyone has the right to be amazed if a donation for hardship is used for a luxury. not even a percieved luxury {dinner out instead of store-bought} but a doll - a real non-essential item.

      no one who has all the basics in hand and can buy luxury items should have paypal donations made, a website advertising their "hardship", and be pimped as a worthy cause. that's just misguided. it soils the field for anyone who needs help, really and truly.

      maybe she THINKS the dog fund is separate from the doll buying fund. can't be. the concept is bizarre. i find the sigs in support of this fund disgusting and vapid considering the posts wanting to buy in the same forum.
    10. Ok, we all know how it is to be addicted to BJDs, but this is unbelievable if it is true. That is a very unfortunate way to go about raising money for doll purchases.
      I don't want to be mean about anything, but how can someone pray on the sympathy of others to fund an addiction?
      They are expensive and if we don't have the funds, SAVE MONEY! That's the only honest way.
      And if the story is true about the pet, then why leave such suspicious trails? I mean I love animals, I have 5 cats, so I truly have sympathy for hurt pets, but would never involve them into anything in this manner.
      That's all I have to say. I just had to put my two cents in.
    11. Been following this for a while. I too am sickened. It's posted in a comment in the LJ, but I'm going to repost it here for general info. (If no one minds.)

      General FYI: "Henna has been a patient of Banfield Pet Hospital since April. She was not diagnosed until SEPTEMBER. Further, she was diagnosed with something called CruciateTear, NOT ACL.

      Henna is having a surgery wednesday called TPLO, and it will cost 1500 to 2000. and the dog should NOT have gone to the ren faire or to Omaha. Further, the clinic says they DO do payment plans and Henna could have gotten one had Andrea asked."

      Being an animal lover with FAR too many pets, it literally makes me ill that a pet owner who claims the dog is "beloved" to her... would abuse her through NEGLECT while going on shopping sprees for dolls. Asking for money for her poor injured dog out of one side of her mouth, and offering to spend that same money out of the others.

      I just hope she gets what she deserves, and that the poor dog is taken care of in the end, like she should have a long time ago. My main concern is that Henna may have permanent damage from lack of treatment. :/
    12. Reminds be of poor Toby in a way. Although from a slightly different angle.
    13. That is sad Ishamael, it is so horrible when nice poeple gets used...
      I hope it is some kind of misunderstanding.
    14. This is what is upsetting me- if the dog is ill, it needs to be treated!

      And if the dog isn't ill, then that's just mean....
    15. Didn't she also say that it cost $3000 for the vet bill? And like, $5000 w/o the pet insurance?

    16. I hadn't seen this before.

      This is sick.
    17. Exactly. I just mentioned that in the LJ so that it can be added to all of the info. I think she lied about the cost to leech more money from people for her doll fund and still have money for the surgery, quite honestly.