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Issues with MagicWhiteLady

May 10, 2006

    1. Is anyone else having issues/problems with MagicWhiteLady and commissions from her?

      On March 20 I paid her to make a Rikku FFX-2 outfit for my Mini Fee Lishe. I wasn't too concerned with how long it would take at the time, and the 2-3 weeks she said were fine. I emailed her at the end of March to see if she had started yet, and she said they're were a few people ahead of me, but she would be starting soon. Then the whole business with her moving and having to set up internet access started. I've been trying to find out how long it would take her to complete my outfit for a couple of weeks now, and it's hard getting a straight answer out of her. Now, she says she has it somewhat started, a few pieces cut, but she has to find some material for the skirt, and cords for the bikini. She doesn't eve have all the material yet! I PM'd her to ask if it would be done by the end of May, so we'll she what she says this time.

      I just wanted to start this thread as I know of at least one other person having problems communicating and getting their commission from her. I'm hoping others are out there that have got their commsion and can assure me that I will get mine soon. I really don't want to have to ask for a refund, but it might come down to that.

      MagicWhiteLady, if you read this, I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just looking for answers on a commission that's almost 2 months old now.
    2. Oops, sorry. My fault for not searching. Thanks for passing on that link.
    3. I posted in that thread, but I think this one should stay open as well. It shows she's still doing this to people.
    4. I am another frustrated customer as well. I pd for 2 fur wigs at the beginning of March. I've sent a few PMs & she's answered them, but it is beginning to sound like a "run-around." At 1st, with the "move" thing I was okay with that, but now I am really concerned I & others are not going to see our items. The excuses she gives me sounds like the same song & dance others are getting. Buyer beware. I hope my transaction as well as others gets resolved but, it's not looking good. :(

      Paid March 3rd

      PM from her on March 10th
      Re: Yo-sd kitty/bunny/whatever wig!
      Oh goodness~ I thought I PMed you with a "payment recoived" X.x I'm so sososososoSOOOOO sorry aobtu that~

      I've got the nessisary materials and am hard at work on them~ Would you liek me to wait til lyou are back on vacation to ship them..? I'l lbe done them a bti before that, but I would -really- like to get a personal aproval before shipping them out <3

      Let me know your thoughts~
    5. She now reassures me mine will be in my hands by the end of May, so here's hoping.
    6. I'm still waiting for my fur wig that I paid for back in February. ^^*
    7. ...wow. That's... wow. Yeah, really poor workmanship, and not really accurate at all. *I* sew better than that if I make an effort, and up until a month ago I hadn't sewn in eleven years (and I wasn't anything to write home about eleven years ago, either).

      I'd definitely ask for my money back. After how long you waited, it's absurd for the result to look like that.
    8. It's also an idea of her quality of work and probably what those who're waiting for wigs can expect as well.
    9. Wow. x_X; That's really awful. Did she provide examples of her work before you commissioned her? I can only assume that if she did they looked halfway decent. (Your doll is cute, though! ^_^ But maybe because I'm partial to Rikku myself.)

      I hope everyone gets everything sorted out soon. As a seamstress myself, seeing shoddy work like that always makes me cringe.
    10. That's awful! Thank you for posting this. I will add her to my "never deal with" list. I'm sorry you are having so much trouble!
    11. I got a few of her 'example' pics when she offered to do a comission for me, and they looked better than that!

      I'm actually quite shocked- you should certainly ask for your money back.
    12. I asked for a refund and she's going to give me one in a couple weeks when she gets paid. Hopefully she follows through with it.
    13. I am extremely sorry this has happened to you guys. This is so odd, she's usually a great seamstress.

      I hope that she gives you a refund and that this is all resolved peacefully. :(
    14. I received my fur wig that was comissioned back in February last week. She has offered to make a free item since I had to wait so long.

      I'm relieved to finally get my wig. I hope you get things settled.
    15. Still no wigs! She said she mailed them!
    16. Stinkerbell - have you considered asking for a refund?

      She agreed to give me one, and I kinda holding my breath about it, but it won't hurt to ask.
    17. Yes, I did ask for refund today & she finally had some pics to show of the actual wigs. She said she sent them, so I'll wait a bit longer. Anyway... :roll:
    18. You know Mandy, I'm tempted to offer to take on your commission myself, though I stopped taking them months ago.
      I feel horrible that you didn't get what you wanted and that outfit doesn't look that difficult.