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It's Preorder Time at Rapunzel Rapunzel! Wigs for Lati, Yo-SD and Puki

Feb 14, 2011

    1. [​IMG]
      Preorder by Gantaeno, on Flickr

      Morning all!

      I just opened for Preorders in my shop. I'm ordering the following styles:

      Short Alice: a shoulder length straight wig with straight cut fringe
      Prima Ballerina: a fluncy wig with two curly buns on top
      Punk Tracy: my original shoulder flip curl wig with a punky streak of colour
      Wednesday: side swept fringe with two skinny plaits at the back

      Some of them only have sketches and descriptions, but will follow with preview pics as soon as possible.

      The preorder will end on 28th February. I won't be ordering any wigs that have no preorders at this time: you can see what's been ordered here, and you can FM me if you desperately want a different colour: the only one I won't do it a Prima wig in white as I reserve those for competition prizes :)

      Thanks a lot everyone!