Ixtee Mui-Chan & Fat-Chai Discussion

Aug 18, 2010

    1. There's no thread for these cuties! There must be people out there with one?
      I have one of these bundles of joy on her way to me, and would like to see more pictures!! :aheartbea

      *She is about the same height as pukifee/lati yellow(approx 15cm) although a little bit skinnier.
      *She also takes the same size wigs, 6.5''.
    2. Happily I was mistaken and Mui Chan IS allowed :)
    3. OMG! She IS on topic!!! Thats wonderful!!! I wonder if they changed their minds about her? I absolutely love my Mui-Chans so it would be fabulous to be able to discuss her here!

      Thank you Samson! *doing a happy dance!*
    4. Its wonderful to know she is allowed! I'd love to see more of these little cuties:D I do not have one but I adore the fantastic array of expressions:XD: So spam away!
    5. Ooop my mum (samson) got there first, but yeah I asked if she was on-topic a while ago!

      Don't worry I'll be spam happy when mine arrives!!
    6. :XD: Glad to hear it, Allstar! Which one are you getting? I have seen there are different sets.
    7. I'm getting the 'Hide and Seek' set, i love the little clothes it comes with! But I want to get her the grumpy face too one day!
      I got her from Ebay and i'm hoping she'll come some time by the end of this week :aheartbea
    8. *gasp!* Mui Chan is on topic??? Weeee! Spam!!!


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    9. Hot damn!

      I really wented one but only show things mostly on DoA so I didn't want to get one if she was off topic.

      I was really disappointed by Mui-Chan 3...the faces really weren't anything natural and were great for one expression but not for an everyday look you know what I mean?
    10. awwwwwwww ms.plum she is adorable!!! does she have a name?!!

      Reine I know what you mean, they were cute/funny but i'd rather have them in addition to her normal face/sleeping face etc and i really really want grumpy face ahh!
    11. Thanks Allstar! Her name is Zella. All the other tinies have A names (Ava, Aki, Anju, Aury, and Andi) and she needed to set herself apart ;) As if her attitude didn't already! We have learned in this house -- don't cross a grumpy Mui-Chan!! Or it's bam zoom, straight to the moon with you!

    12. I love that! Made me laugh soo much :aheartbea Love the name Zella too!
    13. Oh, a Mui Chan thread! I love these little ones. Was very tempted by the last release, but I really wanted the normal and grumpy face, and missed out on both when it came time to order.
    14. I did have one of the first ones ..but sold her ..could not get used the the scowl ..
      then she was sold out of the Neutral faced girl real fast the last release

      I hope they make them a bit easier to get next time :(
      I really would like just a smiley faced girl ..and her Brother looks lovely
    15. hehe, Zella always make me smile :D

      I really like Mui-chan too - I would love to have one, but I'm thinking there is just too much dolls at home as it is! Lol!
    16. tinybear ~ aw no i love that little scowl! yeah hopefully theyll do another smiley release :) i agree fat-chai looks adorable!

      Katrine ~ oooh do it, she's only small, wont take up much space............ ;)

      I'm so excited ahhh, but tracking wont update since she left the country she was in :( Her LaLa Troop hat arrived today though and made me more excited :aheartbea
    17. hahaha - yes, I know! But the tinies are multiplying sooo fast too! I already have too many on my wishlist as it is *lol* We'll see, though - I love Mui chan's expressions so I might surrender!
    18. Hey it looks like your Soso's enjoying the flight!
    19. I like mui-chan., she is very expressive....but I like fat-chai even better...such a cute boy, hope he will come with more faces and with a lot of toys...