Ixtee Mui-Chan & Fat-Chai Discussion

Aug 18, 2010

    1. Thank you gelfling9uk. I didn't expect a response so soon. Right away! lol
      Glad you like. Yes, both dolls are cute. I have a Ragdoll. He is a beauty. Thanks.
    2. I've been searching for everything Mui-Chan today on the internet - I feel exhausted! ;)
    3. Oh, new page. I can't resist posting one more. A close-up of this one. Cute.


      I likes soda pop!
    4. Must of been fun gelfling!
    5. I really like the whole 'package' deal with these dolls and think it's a wonderful idea to have her + clothing + face plates and a few accessories, you're all set to play and have the peace of mind that all these things will work for her.

      Do we know how often Ixtee come out with new dolls? I won't be able to get her this time around, but would like to be prepared for next time?
    6. Yes and no!^^
      It was fun looking at her pics, but not so fun that I cannot afford another doll for a long, long while - I have just purchased my all time wishlist doll Soom Euclase which I am ecstatic about and now completely broke :)
    7. Well, that is rough to wait for dolls. It is something to look forward to and I am glad you got your wishlist doll. I think Mui version dolls may be released only once a year. You can get one later. I would think they will keep coming out with cute ones. They have improved on the body now, so that is good. Yes, I like all the cute extras. It is fun.
    8. Well I love this hobby so I think I can wait a year - she would be worth it as I have never seen another doll like her! Thanks Dollightful :)
    9. my "Boo"
      she's a Back-To-School Mui-Chan :)
    10. heres my Shane sharing some secrets

    11. Wow... how the heck did I just read 23 pages? It felt like I was reading for maybe 5 minutes, but the clock tells me I've lost half an hour somewhere. I think I got lost in the cuteness!

      Anyway, hi! I'm Cherish. I don't have any BJDs, only Blythe, but Mui Chan is the one non-Blythe girl that keeps attracting my attention again and again, and I think she's going to be my first BJD. There's just something about her quirky, expressive little face that really speaks to me (and what it usually says is "HI THERE! I FOUND THE SUGAR!!")

      Anyway, I just wanted to thank all you guys that post in this thread, and please do continue to post.
      I'm loving the pictures, and finding the discussions very informative. Your Muis are stunning!
    12. Lol! I tend to think things like that of the Puki Pong.. XD I totally understand what you mean though, she has the most adorable and fun faces.

    13. Gotta a question for you guys: has anyone tried dying their Muichans?
      I got my basic (bought secondhand) Mui today.
    14. That's exciting!

      I haven't.

      I hear that resin can stain from dark colored fabrics or wigs being left on, But I haven't seen any Mui-chans with staining on them. A Dye would be a controlled stain so It may not work on Mui-chan.

      When you say you got a basic Mui-- did you get the number 1 that was made from a much paler resin?

      What color are you hoping to dye her? Please keep us posted on the results if you do!

      Congratulations on adopting Mui-chan! She is so much fun!
    15. Hi, today I tried my best to faceup my Mui-chan myself.
      So much fun but I have to do it better next time.
      I know they are not perfect.
      This is the first time I makeup for bjd.
      Different feelings for mui-chan.


      Mui-Chan : I forgot my password... T^T



      Thx for watching.... ^^
    16. Very Fun Sugar!! I've actually been facing up My Mui-chan--Not to change her but I wanted her to have rosier cheeks and lips that were a different shade. I ended up giving her an overall fine pink blush that is not really noticeable but gives her a healthier complexion and then did rose up the cheeks a good bit because she wears so many bright colored things and many times on BJD with pale painting the face looks faded when they wear something bright. You did great work for your first time doing face-ups! My first attempts at face painting certainly didn't look that good! LOL
    17. I got my Fat Chai version 2 today! IXTEE made several improvements over version 1--they brought back the key fit around the magnet that holds the faceplate in place--like on older Mui-chans! What's so great about that? Well, it makes putting wigs on him without the faceplate slipping off a cinch! Love that!

      Please IXTEE bring back the key fit to Mui-chans faceplates so her faceplates do not slip off easily when wigging, ect.

      They also gave a Fat-Chai a swivel waist joint! VERY COOL! I'd love to see this on Mui-chan too!

      His eyes also fit better in the sockets without the major gapping of version 1----Just adorable little guy and I am so happy with him!
    18. I attempted and the dye didn't take well at all so I am going with the paint route.

      Her resin seems very yellow,but there is a colour difference between the head and body.

      Has anyone done hybrids or mods to their doll's body for posibility?
    19. Chibi - I have modified the knee and elbow joints on some of my older Mui-chans. The new ones have bodies that hold a pose very nicely- but the older ones have issue with "kicking back". I modified this by taking a flesh colored two part epoxy putty into the joint and then "refitting the lower arm or leg ball into it. Then remove and allow to harden and then use sand paper and dremel to clean it up so that only the original resin surface shows outside th joint. Basicaly it makes the joint fit snug-- and poorly fitting sockets were the reason for the kickiness so it cures that wonderfully and isn't noticeable at all. I also made the wrist socket more shallow so that the little wrist ball sits up higher and you can pivot pose the hands better. Finally before restringing I lined the head socket with some flesh colored knit fabric and glued it in place in the head peice with PVC glue. This makes the head pivot smoothly without that "clicking" and it makes the head stay wherever I tilt it and not "click back" like before.

      As for the color of the resin it is very yellow---but many asian BJD come in yellow so I am guessing it is very normal and appreciated by asian cultures.

      Mui-chan version one was an altogether different resin which was a very pretty pail color and somewhat more translucent. Its a very pretty color and I do not know why the changed it up for the more yellow color unless the yellow color is more typical for asian dolls or maybe real asian children that play outdoors alot? I think Mui-chan is modeled after a little outdoorsy tom-boy- and not really a prissy girl who hides from the sun and tries to look like a Geisha.

      I've grown to love her yellowness- and since most resin dolls eventually turn yellow unless kept in the dark, it is something BJD collectors do not seem to concerned about.

      Sorry the dye didn't work out----what color were you hoping to acheive? I've had alot of luck with just doing body blushing techniques with pale pink and rosy pink pastels (blue tone pinks to counteract the yellow tones- not orangey toned pinks which would just make her more yellow looking) I use MSC and then do the blushing and then do two coats of MSC. I play like crazy with my Chans and have had no issues with the msc or blushing coming off, scartching, or chipping and the MSC has uv blockers in it and is a true beautiful Matte finish.. I'll have to take some before and after pics of a faces to show you how the toning can work with what is there rather than try to cover it up altogether with paint-- which might chip off easily after a while during play.