Ixtee Mui-Chan & Fat-Chai Discussion

Aug 18, 2010

    1. tiffany- I was late to this thread too! LOL Welcome--its nice to have some activity in here-- It doesn't get as much as some of the other tiny BJD threads!

      Your verison 1 Mui sure is pretty!

      Hey- IXTEE told me the other day that Mui-chan version 7 is in the works and plans are to release her before the end of 2012!
    2. Twiddle66 - Thank you for the warm welcome! :)

      Wow, version 7 already? I didn't know there were that many versions, but I am glad there are! I'm looking forward to it.
    3. She has been with me for quite some time already, but this is the first time I am introducing her to everyone here.

    4. She's as Cute as a shiny red apple! I love her little outfit and that wig looks GREAT on her! Thanks for the eye candy!
    5. Thanks Twiddle66. I was surprised how good Mui-chan look as a blonde too, her original black pigtail wig kept jumping off her head, and this wig is an extra, so I pop it on her head for fun, and oh~ she looks good~ but she doesn't like me dressing her up in all the girly stuff.
    6. I got my own little Mui-Chan home lately. Oh I am very happy, she is one of the dream dolls I thought I never would be having, but now she is home! She reminded me about the character in Moomins "Little My" and so her name is Myy. She seems to have some mischief in her mind even while having her happy face...

    7. Hello, Myy!! You're looking cute as a button!

      Quiet warning to all Mui Chan moms: do NOT leave credit cards lying around when there is a Mui in the house. Carly just did all her Christmas shopping in front of the computer:doh

    8. P.S. Similarly, do not leave your drinks uncovered when there is a Mui in the house...

    9. [video=youtube_share;l2ri0uzEQ28]http://youtu.be/l2ri0uzEQ28[/video]
    10. I adopted a Big Wolf Mui Chan..she arrived today and I adore her!I especially love her grinning faceplate :aheartbea

      Here is Mika :)


    11. Oh She is So Cute the way you have her made up! She looks REALLY happy to be with you and this is one of the best face plates! Its so versatile!

      Can't wait to see MORE pics! Keep em coming!
    12. Thank you so much,I am loving this little doll,she is such fun :)

      Today Mika is a little grumpy..I gave her peas for lunch and she does not approve..



    13. Poor Child! How could you be so mean! PEAS! Even Grumpy Bear does not approve!

      Now get that kid a Chocolate Sundae IMMEDIATELY!!

      LOL!! These pics are great! I love the set ups and the color choices! So bright and cuddly in the middle of a very cold winter day here in Pennsylvania! THANKS!
    14. I do love my little dolly diorama..even on such a cold winter day it is nice and cosy :aheartbea

      And no need to worry..I gave in and let Mika have cake for lunch and now she is happy again (Although Grumpy Bear is still grumpy) ;)

    15. I guess thats because she didn't share any with him!! LOL

      Now you've got me wanting to take some pics of my little girl so she can say high to your little one! It's always nice to make new friends!

      I have a busy day tomorrow, but hopefully will be able to take some pics Sunday!!

      Til then I am thoroughly enjoying yours! THANK YOU!
    16. Looking forward to seeing your Mui Chan pics :)

      Has anyone else ordered the Mui Chan cafe version that Ixtee have up for pre-order at the moment?

      I wasn't going to..but after repeated visits to the Ixtee site..well,temptation just got the better of me (whoops!) so it looks like Mika will have a Mui sister to keep her company very soon :apresent:
    17. I order it! The tounge face plate is Too cute- But even MORE tempting was a brand new hand position. This is the STOP or HALT hand (which they use to hold a tray in V7) This hand was seen in Prototype Pics, but has never yet been released so its an exciting hand to have. You can do some fun things with it besides the holding up of the tray. I am not too excited about the outfit. I don't get the whole French Maid look on little kids - or the whole waitress thing. But I am very excited about that hand and the new face! I'm glad you ordered it! You take such great pics I just know you'll do something really fun with that hand!

      Did you get the last version with the Lolly Pop face? Thats a SUPER cute face! I bought an extra set for my neice because she wanted a Mui-chan but then she got a boy friend and lost interest before it was even shipped from IXTEE. So I have just had it in the closet and have been saving it as an extra in case I lose a foot or something, But if you are interested in that version I might be willing to part with it.
    18. I do like Mui Cafe's stop hand..and I think Mika is expecting her new sister to serve her lots of cake so she will have a chance to wear her waitress uniform for maybe a few pics ;)
      I adore the lollipop face!Mui Chan is such a fun doll :aheartbea
      I am hoping Ixtee may be shipping out in a few weeks?Which will be nice..I ordered some toy story balloons for my Mui girls as well,they are very cute little props..
    19. Today Mika decided to play a game of Scrabble..