Ixtee Mui-Chan & Fat-Chai Discussion

Aug 18, 2010

    1. Mika is really cute!

      My cafe mui shipped two days ago! My grail is grumpy mui Chan though. If I got that faceplate second hand from a previous version, would it fit my girl? Thanks!
    2. Hi Ohlala! My Mui-chan V7 has shipped too! I am very excited!

      Unfortunately the older version Grumpy face plates will not fit your girl. The connection is completely different now. They did re-release the grumpy face last year with the new double magnet connection. It was for a special version called We R Twins- a double set with Mui-chan and her brother Fat Chai in school costumes. Alot of people compalined and said they would not buy because there was nothing new-- that wasn't really true. It marked the only release of the Grumpy face with the new head attachment- PLUS it was the first time they released the Victory hand in Mui-chans normal skin tone. Previously the victory hand was only available in the pale skin color of version 1 Mu-chan- so for a real collector We R Twins was a great set to have. If you get a chance at it on the secondary market- buy THAT set and you will have the grumpy face that will fit your Mui-chan.

      That said, IXtee , now that they have reformated the grumpy face for the new head connection, will PROBABLY be releasing it in a version in the future. They would have spent alot of money making molds and changing that connection for the new head backs--why would they only release it once in a 50 pc limitred edition. I am sure financially they will want to release that again to make up for some of the development invested. So just watch those future versions! They average a release or two a year so it could happen ebfore 2014!

      Now we just have to wait for our current dolls to get to us!!

      Its Chinese New Year and I am just hoping our dolls made it out of Hong Kong before Chinese New year began beacuse the postal system shuts down there during those days! LOL
      So far my tracking number still shows her recieved by Hong Kong Post but no movement since 2/6/13. I think my girl may be spending the new year celebrations in Hong Kongs customs offices!
    3. Thank you so much for such an informative answer, Twiddle66! I really appreciate it!

      Sounds like both of our girls were shipped the same day. Mine doesn't seem to have moved till the 6th either :( I will keep an eye on their next releases, I really want the grumpy faceplate. It's the cutest thing ever!
    4. I just checked--No movement again today!
      Anyone know when Chinese New Year ends? Not that I want their happy celebrations to end any sooner just so I can get my doll!!! But just wondering!
      Ohlala you will get that grumpy face! And if someone offers you an older face they may also be selling the body--as long as you buy the body too you won't have a problem. GOOD LUCK in your search!
    5. I meant SINCE the 6th, lol. No progress as of this morning :( The New Year was on the 10th so maybe they'll be off the whole week?

      Thank you! I hope I do. I wouldn't mind a second Mui-Chan one bit!
    6. My Mui Chan Cafe arrived yesterday (a fantastic Valentines day surprise!)

      She was beautifully packaged and has lovely faceplates :aheartbea

      Here she is meeting her new sister (and still un-boxed!)


      And her she is after being de-boxed and picking out a pretty outfit to wear (Her name is Kiki)


      I hope your Mui Chan Cafe's arrive for you very soon..you are in for a treat :)
    7. Here is the status on my Mui-chan V7:

      "Your item has been processed through a sort facility in HONG KONG, HONG KONG at 11:34 am on February 09, 2013".

      Its said that for two days now. :(

      Your Kiki is SUCH a Peach! Are those sweet little black shoes the ones that came with her? They are SWEET! I love the buckles!

      I think she really adores that bear too!
    8. PS-- HA HA!! I love that those little Easter Chicks got dressed up for the occassion!! TOO CUTE!
    9. Mine arrived Friday afternoon too! I love the packaging, it's awesome and of course she's adorable. So tiny and different compared to my Pukifees and Latis. I love her. I can't for the life of me put her wig on though, lol.
    10. They are her stock shoes..they are so sweet!

      Here are a few pics of Kiki with her other faceplate and her other hands..she and Mika my Wolfy Mui Chan had a bit of a tea party today :)



      Congrats on your girl arriving Ohlala ~ try giving her wig a gentle stretch before trying to fit it on her head..the elastic is very tight but it does give a little once it's been used :)
    11. Awww all your Mui Chan´s are sooo cute ^^ I have the School Girl Version on the way and cant wait to show pics of her <3
    12. Oh lovely..big congrats!Looking foward to seeing pics of your girl when she arrives :)
    13. Kiki is a LIVING DREAM! Your pics are EYE CANDY as always! My Version 7 has landed in Washington DC so it won't be long now!! It's actually my Version 3 Laughing face that is waiting to play with the new STOP hand! She has wanted that hand For Years!! She has big plans for it.
    14. My Mui7 is in town now-- she will likely be delivered today but I won't be able to sign for her so will likely not see her until tomorrow unless the people at home get to the door faster than usual. The postman doesn't wait more than two seconds before he leaves the "Pick it up at the post office yourself" slip.

    15. Mui-chan thinks I should clean up my workbench before Version 7 arrives!!

    16. Fab pic ~ I love her grumpy face so much! :aheartbea
      Has your Mui Cafe arrived to you yet?I must say I thought even the packaging was supercute :)
    17. She did! :sweat I left work at lunch and picked her up! :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea I am having SO MUCH fun with her and I agree- the packaging is WONDERFUL!
      The foam design was new with Version 6 and now seems to be the standard packaging which I am so glad for because it makes for super storage when you aren't playing with this bit or that! Plus they are so safe during the long trip from Hong Kong!

      I hope to get some more pics taken soon now that I have my camera going! I don't have any cute sets like yours but I have toys and furniture and odds and ends because I always INTEND to make a diorama with with props, but then I am always working on someones else dolls! My own dolls don't get as much play time as I would like! So, anyway, don't expect anything as cute as what you are doing, but you have inspired me to try and come up with something beyond taking pics of my dolls on my messy bench!:)
    18. I am really looking forward to seeing more Mui Chan pics and I do like seeing pics of dolls amongst our big human sized stuffs..it always looks really cute :)
    19. Omg my Mui Chan arrived and i restringed and sueded her, because her body is ..... not thaaat good ^^ But now its "ok". Maybe i can give her an other body ^^


    20. Hi There-- she is SO SWEET!

      It is true--- The Back to School and earlier versions had bodies that were very "Kicky" and hard to keep a pose, but any body from Verison 4 onward will give you no trouble. You obviously have no problem with stringing. Just buy a body from a version that is 4 or beyond and you can restring with the old Head backplate so you can keep that happy laughing face!

      IXtee's newer bodys are very nice to pose now. I switched my Version3 Back to School, with a version 5 Bathing Duck body and she is a joy to play with and pose now!

      HAVE FUN and Congratulations on the adoption!