Ixtee Mui-Chan & Fat-Chai Discussion

Aug 18, 2010

    1. Awww really!? After the 3 Version the Bodies are no more pain in the ass?! DAMN ^^ But i love her even if she is a bit strange. After restringing and sueding she is a bit more of a ballet dancer ^^

    2. HA! I love this PIC! She looks like Fembot!! Somebody call the Bionic Woman (Ok now I am showing my age!)

      Yes, It's true- After V3 they started gtting the bodies right! BUT you honestly can't BEAT that big laughing face! It's one of my two all time Favorite Mui-chan Faces and the girl now has 11 different faces (umm or maybe 12--gotta think hard here) And this face you got is a MUST have in my opinion!

      I wish they would make more magnetic shoes in different styles. I also wouldn't mind some different foot positions since the ankle joint doesn't pivot as well as Fairyland--- but then Fairyland jointowrk can kind of spoil you for anything else! LOL. But Mui-chan has it ALL OVER any of the other dolls for personality thanks to the variety of faces! My doll world could NOT exist with little Mui!
    3. Thank you! Oh yes, we need more magnetic shoes ^^ i hate the magnet connection on this body, everything is not really save with the magnets, i always have to watch out that i don´t loose a thing -.- but i love Mui so much!!!!

    4. Goodbye Winter!! Mui-chan and I are READY for Spring! Here in the USA we have this odd practice of adjusting time twice a year with the seasons. Next week we turn the clocks ahead an hour-- and so gain an extra hour of sunlight! Its the first sign of Spring around here!
    5. Live long and Prosper to you too, Mui Chan! What a happy face...
    6. LOL! I always think that about this hand too! It is so Trekkie!
    7. I love the little 'moon boots' too.

      Twiddle66 -- may I ask how long you've had your Mui Chan? Do you have just the one? Sorry if I sound nosy, but you seem to have a good understanding of their history (and thanks for sharing it!) especially regarding what face plates will fit and which versions are better posers...
      I'm falling hard for doll but I'm not bowled over by the waitress theme that's open at this time and I was wondering how often they have a new theme. From the flickr page, it seemed like it took a very long time between announcement and release of Ver.7 -- is there really just one or two releases a year? The ordering period has been open for a long time -- will it close without warning?
      As you can see, I'm trying to decide if a little Mui Chan waitress now is better than waiting another year, Mui Chan-less, in hopes I like that one better :)
    8. Hi, Icicle-- I don't mind you asking at all. I don't normally talk about what I have because its just not me--I am more of closet collector rather than someone who likes to show their entire collection, but I do have all the versions of Mui-chan except for the tan version 1 and the Gingerbread Baby. I've been collecting for about two and a half years and did have to buy some of my sets second hand and on Ebay because Mui-chan has been out for almost twice that time and I missed the first year and a half of her "life".

      They do really only put out approximately one version a year now. In th second year they did issue two versions (2 and 3)but then it slowed down to one. They often try to get a limited special version squeezed in there. I love making Mui-chan Friends because there are not too many of us on DOA and its nice to meet other collectors and share mui-chan adventures!

      The waitress theme did not appeal to me either but I am an avid collector so I bought the set and was really glad I did because the new Yummy face is even cuter in person! They also released a "thumbs up" hand and a "stop" hand in this set that are very versatile for posing. The shoes that come with the set are very nice form fitting maryjanes and will work for alot of outifts. PLUS- for a new collector like yourself- this set came with the standard shy smile faceplate---and they don't release that with every version. If you wait a year you may get two cool new faceplates but no standard face.
      You won't want to keep Mui-chan in just one outfit anyway, once you see how cute she is in clothes. She is skinnier than Lati yellow and Puki-fee and so she looks even nicer in clothes because they don't "bulk out" and look stuffed.

      And there is generally no warning when they sell out. They just one day have a grey sold out sign on the pic and thats it til next year. I think the black and white waitress outfit may not have appealed to alot of Mui-chan collectors because its kind of grown up for her. She is only 5 years old and the outfit looks kind of mature. I think most Mui-chan collectors like their Mui-chans very young looking. I think the costume would have been more appealing if they had made it look like a makeshift waitress outfit thrown together by a little girl "pretending" to be a waitress.

      That being said, once you get her you will want to try alot of different looks on her and will have a great time doing it! I think you should go for it!
    9. PS-- since version 5 all the muichan faceplates fit the same head back really nicely---so if you buy this year next years faceplates will fit really nice too! Then you'l have 4 faces! LOL
    10. My goodness, you *ARE* the Mui Chan person to talk to, aren't you! Wow, that's a fantastic collection you have -- I'm sure all of us would love to see more photos (hint hint:) )...

      I actually wrote to ixteedoll yesterday asking when the Cafe Ver7 order period would close and was basically told "when they sell out" but no other idea of when that might be, how close they are to that, or how many they planned to sell. I started digging in this thread and it seemed she was a little harder to get in the first few years with immediate sellouts but I'm glad she's still available in some form or another now and that they keep upgrading her body to make her better. Long live Mui Chan!

      So she's supposed to be 5 years old ... that's funny as I have a 6 year old and I was pegging her more at about 7 or 8. I think that's because I've seen her around flickr dressed a bit more sedately than most 5 yr olds I know, lol! I have to say, ixtee does do some beautiful clothing. I could easily spend the price of a doll on the cute balloon shorts and funny tees and polo shirts they have. I like that Mui's a skinny leggy kid and I agree that Latis and Pukis can look a bit pudgy baby for my tastes too. But then, I have a skinny leggy kid so I guess that's why it appeals. I actually thought she was taller than the other two, but again, it's just those cute legs...

      Sigh... the Waitress... the shy face is perfect, the hands too, I know that the basic mary janes are excellent and that the black dress could be 'cute Alice gothic' if I tried... and I don't really mind that it's an older look as I tend to make my dolls older anyway ... but I have to say it's the yummy face that's really holding me back. The lollipop and straw faces I find funny in a cute un-selfconscious kid way but yummy is a little too cartoony funny and I'm having trouble seeing myself wanting to use it. I guess I could sell it but I absolutely hate breaking up a set.

      Well... I'm tapped out of dolly funds this month anyway (I fell for the Lati SP release, I do love odd sized dolls) so I'll have to wait and see if she's still around in April or wait til next year I guess. Lati does seem to be sabotaging my Mui plans lately -- I almost picked up the Big Bad Wolf set in the Marketplace in January but had ordered a Lati Green just before I saw it instead. Stupid Lati... :)

      Perhaps some yummy spam to help me wait? Thanks for chatting!
    11. Icicle I totally get that! LOL--While I do have an extensive Mui-chan Collection I must admit my BJD collection is not terribly diverse!! Not due to lack of love or admiration of other types of BJD- but because my funds are not unlimited! So like you I have had to concentrate on my main interest! I do also have some Fairyland Pukipuki's and have a Pukifee on order and have a couple Real Puki's but no where near what I would LIKE! I did recently delve into Luts Tiny Delf. I bought a special version Hansel Head in Tan with acute smiling mouth--BUT I do not even have a body for him and will have to wait a while to put one on order!

      I've always thought Lati Dolls have such beautiful faces-- but have always bee afraid to buy one and start yet another addiction! This Luts head is gonna be a problem! I forced myself off the site last night! LOL

      OK- Here is my Lollypop Mui-chan dressed in a some SPRING duds! I want to make this pic my New posting icon but can't figue out how to get that to work! LOL
    12. Aw yay! What a happy face! My daughter loves lollies so this face is my favorite. Thanks Twiddle66!

      Cafe is still open for orders.... c'mon April... ;)
    13. Hey Icicle. I've been AWOL since losing my little Shih-Tzu. But I am starting to come back to life. I thought of you the other day because its April now and The IXDoll site still shows Mui-chan available for purchase! Have you ordered one yet?

    14. No! I've been bad again. I caved on a secondhand Lati impulse buy and then managed to score a spot for some needed face-ups, so April dolly money has been committed -- rather unceremoniously actually but both deals were too good to pass up. But! I have been checking every day just to see if she's still available despite my fickleness. At the end of this month, I finish my layaway for a DC Ada, so I should be clear for May.

      I'm shooting for May! Hear that ixtee? Keep it going til then!
      (I often joke with my dh "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a dolly today", my personal variation on Wimpy's hamburger cry)

      I'm so sorry to hear about your dog, Twiddle66 Although resin can't replace a pet's love, I hope Mui is helping to put a smile back on your face and making each day a little easier.
    15. Thanks Icicle! I really miss her so much! I couldn't do anything fun for weeks without feeling weird. I finally had to break down and go to a Shih-Tzu rescue and adopt someone unwanted and as lonely as me--and it has helped so much! Now I have a new little Boy and we are getting on very well, and while I still get weepy for my girl it is good to have the new baby to divert my mind.

      I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for May for you too! If not there will be another versionfor you I am sure, but I think we'll have alot of fun in here once you get a Nui-chan! I've got to go catch up at Flickr and the other sites! I've missed alot!
    16. This made me giggle, because I just saw footage of the "Fembots" the other day...we introduced our kids to Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers - it's great to screen TV series that don't have unexpected cuss words or too much skin showing - more than that I shall not say because my age is DEFINITELY showing:lol:

      I totally agree with you, Twiddle66! My doll world would not be complete without little Mui...cheers!!
    17. Oh man that lollipop mui-chan is the cutest thing!!
    18. I know, that lollipop face was the expression I wanted most as my 6 yr old daughter would look like that everyday if I let her... :)

      --My order is marked shipped but Hong Kong Post tracking doesn't seem to work for US shipments (nor does USPS with their numbers) -- Anyone recall how long packages take? I ordered a wig from Hong Kong a few weeks ago and I'm thinking at least 1 week if not slightly more... (why yes, I *am* a little impatient ;) )
    19. HEY!! Thats FABULOUS! I am so glad you found a set! HURRAY! I know she is the one you wanted most! :fangirl:

      Who did you order from? I know it never takes IXTEE's shipments to take more than one week on average for me. There were a couple times when HONG KONG Customs held it up a week longer and one time that NY Customes held it up three weeks, but generally a week is about right. But thats IXTEE. They are pretty fast.

      I bought privately from a person in Hong Kong and it took several weeks to get, and I ordered some magnets from a company in Hong Kong and it took two weeks. but I've also ordered clothes and wigs from people in China and its taken about a week on average so I'd say one week is not unrealistic at all!

      I am just THRILLED for you! Did you get the complete set with the teddy bear rain slicker?