Ixtee Mui-Chan & Fat-Chai Discussion

Aug 18, 2010

    1. Yep! I got a complete fullset direct from Ixtee!! Squee!!
      I'd posted a wanted notice on the flickr group and got an FM from another fan saying she'd just bought one that week and that Ixtee had mentioned to her that they had an extra set that was pre-ordered but never purchased. I never imagined that would happen and it never occurred to me to ask them -- I'm so glad someone was not as resigned/practical/shy as me -- and she bothered to let me know!

      My shipping # started working as of June 29th -- I'm hoping for beginning of next week :)
    2. WOW! That’s an extremely Rare event! LOL—Its almost just like this set was MEANT for you!

      It would be less incredible if it was the Mui-chan Café set which just closed. But to snag a sold out set from over a year ago is just AMAZING!

      Lollipop Face is one of my all-time favorites. When I first saw it I was like “Gee what am I going to do with a face that constantly has a Lolly in it. BUT you’ll be surprised at how that face in any situation can add a second or third emotional dimension to the scene.

      Pose Mui-chan with her normal face in a candy shop and you get one thing, same face while Mui-chan is in a recliner watching TV is another, and put her in her little tikes car or playing with a toy and you get another feeling. Now switch in the Lollypop face and all those scenes take on another meaning.

      Am I just sounding weird? LOL I guess I take my Mui-chan world way to seriously! Haha!

      The drinking face can be used for blowing bubbles or whistling scenes, kissing etc. too!

      At first glance the faces seem to have one use, but they are really very versatile.

      I am so happy for you that you snagged one of these sets! They are really fun!

      I’ll bet,Unless US Customs does something goofy, she should be in your hands really soon!

    3. I know, right? I still can't believe it... All my waffling on the Cafe set was fate telling me to be patient! lol!

      And I know just what you mean about the faceplates bringing such variety to the same pose. That's why we pay ridiculous amounts of money for them -- they're so versatile it's like having dozens of static dolls all rolled into one -- change the eyes, wigs and faceplates and a totally different mood, personality, or character can emerge. Not weird at all! Add in the ability to pose the bodies into myriad scenarios and... yeah... they are so cool!....

      Hong Kong Post... not so cool... sigh...

      I've been looking at "Accepted for Departure" as of June 28th which has just today been updated to
      "The item will leave Hong Kong for its destination on 20-Jul-2013" --

      whaaaa ??????????? It has not even left Hong Kong and won't until the 20th??? ahhhhhhhhghhghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

      USPS tracking is slightly more reassuring: [TABLE="width: 958"]
      [TR="class: shaded, bgcolor: #FFFEEC"]
      [TD="class: status"]Processed Through Sort Facility

      [TD="class: date-time"]July 9, 2013, 11:35 am

      [TD="class: location"]HONG KONG INTL MAIL CENTRE, HONG KONG


      ... in other words... little Mui is on the slow boat from China...
      Ah well, more time to make some clothes for her, I guess.
    4. HI, Don't let the date on the Hong kong site get you down. They are not always accurate. The time Hong kong held mine up it was static the whole 3 weeks--with no updates like you've had. Sometimes they have updated with afar off date like that and then I get it here in the states 4 or 5 days later. It is weird that everything in China seems to have slowed down though. Even the China doll face book pages like Mui-chans page are not being updated as much as normal. I wonder if some kind of summer holiday is going on?

      Well, the Important thing is YOU GOT HER!!! That is an incredible feat in itself considering its been sold out for SO LONG already!

      Get to work on those clothes! She loves dressing up and if you disappoint her she make that sticky lolly out of her mouth and stick it in your hair while your sleeping! LOL
    5. sigh... still no Mui Chan...

      Hong Kong Post lists the package as 'shipped on July 20' but USPS has no updates. It's been over a month so I emailed Ixtee but didn't get a response.
      I guess I better finish those two sleeves on her hoodie or she's never going to arrive!
    6. WOW! Thats Strange! I wonder if Hong Kong is on some kind of major Holiday which delayed everything? I know in the UK August is the month for holiday.

      There has not been an update to Mui-chans Facebook page in two weeks. No changes at the online shop either, and I also emailed my friend there to ask about any upcoming releases with no reply. And Sui Dings Flickr acct has had no new pictures added to it in a week or two- maybe more. It almost seems like all of China is on Holiday!

      What an awful wait for you! I am so sorry! I usually get things from them so fast-- but Like I said there was that ONE time.....Hmmmmmm I wonder if that was in July or August?
    7. Welp, no Mui Chan yet -- it's been almost two months -- but I did finally get a reply form Ixtee that (sort of) clears things up a bit. It appears that Hong Kong Post DID put little Mui on the slow boat even though Ixtee paid for airmail. Ha! Ixtee was not pleased. They have rquested a track on the package since by now it's also uncomfortably late even for boat mail.

      I'm hoping she's not lost, poor thing. I'd rather she was languishing in customs than that!

      patience is a virtue.... patience is a virtue.... patience is a virtue....
    8. OH MY GOSH! How Horrible for you!! This is the FIRST and ONLY time I have heard of such a thing happening and I am really sorry you must endure it. I think it wikll all trun out in the end but you've wanted this exact set for so long--Its just like a Cosmic Tease or Joke or something!

      Please keep me updated. I am praying for you and Mui-chan!

    9. Lol! I know... It was supposed to be an instant gratification thing -- ROFL! Now, it's more like a normal pay-n-wait doll order with questionable shipping. Ah well, I still have faith she's not lost, just delayed. The only thing that gives me pause is I don't know if Ixtee put insurance on it. It's a risk, I guess but if she turns up -- what a pay-off!
      Thanks for the positive thoughts -- at this point, it's all I've got :)
    10. SHE"S HEERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Everything is A-Okay! by icewerks, on Flickr

      Mui Chan is in the house!

      The box looks worse for wear but no damage... whew!... My mailman delivered it to my door since he knew she was 'lost' and that I had been worried. He said the stamps were for airmail so it was Hong Kong Post's fault she was shipped by boat, not Ixtee's. Ah well, all's well that end's well...

      I love her posing ability, right out of the box-- rock solid! Her feet are a bit loose -- and those duck feet are nothin' but trouble-- but I like the easy swap out. Do you use the Coke bottle straw for her lolly stick? It seems a bit long.

      yay! I'm so relieved...
    11. Thats Great! I am so HAPPY FOR YOU!! I was really starting to worry! She is adorable and boy does she look thrilled to have gotten out of that box! She was stuck in there a LOOOOOoonggggg Time!

      About the Lolly stick---its a seperate stick. Maybe its fallen into the packaging? Its a shorter, straight stick thats slightly tapered on the end that you stick in the face. Its just a little peice of white resin. If its gone missing you could easily make one out of a splinter off of a toothpic or some white craft wire. Otherwise, I would contact IXTEE and tell them how it is missing if you can't find it. They should be able to ship a replacement to you easily after all you've been through!

      I am worried about IXTEE actually. All thei Mui-chan Ebay listings have disappeared and now today I visited the website and every single thing is being listed as out of stock. I also can not get a reply from my contact there for anything. They haven't updated Muichans facebook page in weeks and weeks and Sui Dings flicker page has not had any new pics added to the mui-chan album in even longer.

      In the Spring the gave a teaser about the return of their rabbit dolls Mika and Pika and said they were "coming soon" and yet nothing came.

      Does anyone here know if IXTEE is going out of business?
    12. Hay! Whaaa???? NOOOOooooooooo! They have disappeared. Oh. no. I didn't get a response when I emailed them she had turned up either. Oh dear, I hope it's just an overhaul... Now, I'm worried too...

      No extra stick I can see but now I know to search the packaging more closely, thank you!

      eta: I emailed Ixtee on their contact tab to ask if they plan to re-stock. I've been eyeing some extras but wanted to wait until my package arrived before I ordered. My husband joked "Maybe that's why Mui took so long to get here, she had to escape and row her way to freedom before she went down with the ship." Nice try dear, but not funny in light of current lack of on-line presence...
    13. Yeah, between you and me and anyone else that ever pokes their head in here I am worried. Version 7 with the little sexy french maid kind of thing really didn't fit the "Mui-chan" vibe with alot of collectors I know. I don't think she sold as well as hoped. It took longer to sell out than any Mui-chan ever had and most people said it was to do with the Lolita costume.

      I am hoping they just are deep in development of new stuff, but its REALLY weird for Sui Ding not to be taking any pics of the dolls on her travels. In the past if she did make a trip to the factories for development we would see pics on Flickr and also some on facebook of Mui in the airport or at a train station or a restaurant or a different city scape. None of that for a month and a half now and then today the strange way everything went from in stock yesterday to out of stock today--like they flipped a switch so no new orders could be placed.

      I also think its hard for a company to keep momentum with collectors when they make offerings of new dolls only once a years as IXTEE has been doing with Mui-chan. They should have some standard dolls that are available more regularly, and then do the full set "versions" once a year. That way collectors can stay excited. With so many BJD companies out there now, if you aren't constantly offering something you are losing customers doll money to some other companies preorders.

      Lets keep praying they make an appearance very soon!
    14. Glad and sad to read this. Since I noticed the same thing just yesterday :(
      I am also not getting any answers to my messages through the Ixdoll site.
      Hope they will be re-opening soon!!
    15. Sorry for just barging in. I am a long time member, but I don't post. I have 3 Mui-chans, and enjoy reading the posts. I checked out their Ebay store and it says that they are gone until December 30, 2013. I really hope they come back with some great new items/dolls.
    16. That is good to hear!It would be so sad if these sweet little dolls were no longer being made :(
      I am hoping that Ixtee will be back and maybe re-stock Fat Chai and a bring out a new Mui Chan..

      It would be nice if they started stocking replacement parts such as hands,feet and a basic smiley faceplate..I love my Mui's but do not like taking them outside for photo's as I am terrified of losing a hand/foot and having no way to replace it..
    17. Thanks for mentioning it -- I feel better now! I hope they do come out with a January release again...

      Yes, this! Those magnets are awfully weak and I seem to dislodge a foot very easily...
    18. My Mui girls always wear long socks or tights now..just so they cannot lose a foot ;)
    19. That is an excellent idea. Part of the reason I wanted to re-order from Ixtee was to get those vinyl sneakers and some long socks...

      brrrrr.... by icewerks, on Flickr
      "Hey mama, it's getting cold outside!"