Ixtee Mui-Chan & Fat-Chai Discussion

Aug 18, 2010

    1. I wanted to order some more Ixtee converse as well :(

      Next to hunt down on my wishlist is a Fat Chai..my Mui girls would love a little brother ;)
    2. WHOA! I had no idea the minis were so big! Look at that head!
      She is very very cool -- congratulations!

      Aw yeah, his pudgy tummy and jumpsuit rock...
    3. WoOW! they are sooo cute!
    4. That's good to hear :)

      And maybe Ixtee will open in the new year again with a new Mui Chan for us.. :aheartbea
    5. Love this pic!Your Mui girl looks so sweet :)
    6. I agree! What a darling child! Love her! And where did you get those fab ears?!

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    7. Thanks, both of you, for the kind comments. Mui is a natural charmer in front of the camera.

      Twiddle66 -- The ears are actually a keychain from Disney World, straight from the source :) My husband bought them for me when we were there in October -- he figured they'd fit somebody around here and he was right. They fit Mui best and look the best on her so she got to keep them. I guess the caption should have been "Daddy brought me Mickey Ears", lol...

      IXDOLL seems a lot more active on flickr and facebook these days -- I wonder if they're waking up from the baby fog....
    8. Gosh! I guess the website is never coming back! Has anyone heard any details about Ixtee coming back to life? I MISS MUICHAN!!!!

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    9. Ixtee's facebook page looked promising for awhile back in January with a new mini Mui Chan looking to be released..and then nothing!They have disappeared into the void again! It is very weird and frustrating.

      Right now I would just be happy if they were selling just the outfits and accessories again..my Mui Chan girls want a tricycle ;)
    10. Agreed, it's sad... and I really want some sneakers!
      I was hopeful too for a while, since their facebook page was being updated around that time. Perhaps they did the doll show but couldn't get back into the daily grind afterwards? A new baby can do that to you.

      I think I got the very last Mui to leave Hong Kong... and it was quite an ordeal, with the slow boat delivery. Right now, I'd be satisfied with a few listings on e*ay...
    11. I just happened to check Facebook, and it looks as if they will be back soon. There is a very cute picture of the baby with a Mini-Mui-Chan.
    12. That would be a dream come true! Its been FAR TOO LONG!!! Lol

      After such a long hiatus i hope they start back up with a BJD Mui-chan version and not a Mini. But as long ad they come back I guess ill accept whatever. But i wont buy another Mini muichan.

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    13. Ixtee are finally re-opening!!!!! :dance

      All details on their facebook page:


      You wouldn't believe it to look at her grumpy pout but my Miki is overjoyed to hear such news! ;)

    14. I saw this!! I have not been able to think of much else!! Lol so excited. Wish the Panda costume was on a BJD Mui-chan, but i will probably buy one to support them and the shop reopening and hope for some new clothes/shoes to fit BJD dolls! Miki is such a spunky Love!

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    15. I don't know if I'll have enough pennies to order a mini Mui Chan but I am super excited about being able to get some new goodies for my little Mui Gang!

      So far on the wishlist are lots of those adorable little converse boots and a tricycle!!

      Now we need to keep an eye on their facebook page so we know as soon as they are open ;)
    16. Every time i see there are new pics over at IXDoll i get excited, but then i see more waffles, more food stuff. Is it just me or is anoyne else feeling the imbalance? Am I collecting dolls or watching the food network? Personally i feel like the food thing was covered extensively with Mui-chan 7 Cafe. I was hoping for a return to the little girl with the big imagination, not just a stomach. What happened to going to school and playing dress up as a chick or a wolf or pretending to be Red riding hood? What happened to Mui-chan's fascination with toys and cute childish things? I sure hope Mui-chan v 8 isn't going to be dressed in another grown up foodworker costume. Mix it up a little IXDoll and let her play a little again.

      What about that adorable dragon mask new year outfit or a kimono release if you are tired of toys.

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    17. Honestly, I think it's a new venture for them that's only marginally related to Mui Chan, the doll. It's a waffle cafe with a cute dolly logo....
      Now whether they get back to doll stuff, I'm hopeful, but not holding my breath...
    18. Wow! That didn't even occur to me! You might bey right! :??

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