Ixtee Mui-Chan & Fat-Chai Discussion

Aug 18, 2010

    1. It is very confusing ;) They seem to have been promoting their Panda Mini Mui Chan?

      Oh well,I guess we will find out in time - I'm still hoping they will re-stock the Ixtee online shop..
    2. Those kitty and panda Mui-Chans are adorable!! I really like the Tiger son one 'cause it comes with an grey cat magnet.

      Tho I kinda wish that these were available in the BJD-version as well.
    3. Does anyone know what size wig Mini Mui-Chan's fashion? Their heads are much bigger than regular Mui-Chan!
    4. It looks as if Ix-tee will be back in business real soon. I just checked their Facebook page... a new BJD and sneakers will be available soon.
    5. They also posted on FB that a new Mui-chan V8 will be released soon!

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    6. FINALLY!!! Ixtee will be opening tomorrow for a limited 10th anniversary celebration. Four previous editions will be available -- Cafe, Play with Me and Bath Time Mui and Fat Chai, version II.

      gosh, I was really hoping for Fat Chai, version I with his awesome "OOOOO" face but Bath Time is looking promising too...

      Any one else still interested out there? Twiddle -- I'll bet you have all these already ;)

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    7. I am so very happy to see this :)

      It has been a while since I had a little Mui Chan live with me as I had a big downsize and let my Mui Chan girls go but I must admit I have missed them so I am very pleased to have this chance to own a Mui girl again!

      I've ordered a Bathing Duck Mui Chan and hopefully she will arrive in time for Christmas..
    8. Congratulations, tallulah!
      I want to too but I'm having problems with Paypal through Ixtee -- I can't seem to get to my Paypal credit option. As my car just got new brakes for Christmas and my daughter is making a list and checking it twice, layaway is the only way I'm going to afford one for me ...
    9. I hope Ixtee will do a layaway for you - these little dolls do empty your purse! That is why I had to choose and order just one,even though I like them all ;)
      It would be nice if Ixtee did a more budget friendly "pic 'n mix" option where you could just order a body/replacement parts or specific faceplate instead of just the fullsets,but at the the moment I am just thankful that they have restocked after so long.
    10. just noticed that I've never written here... I've ordered a Mui-Chan version VI at the beginning of the event because they told me they were very limited (but I see that they're still available) and she's been shipped! I hope customs will not kidnap her for too long :)
    11. My girl has shipped out too - with luck we will be able to meet our new Mui Chan girls before Christmas - what a lovely festive treat parcel to look forward too! :)
    12. oh yes! I can't wait :dance and the tracking is not very helpful, it only says that it has been shipped... :huh?: not like ems that says from where it's shipped and in which city or country it is, step by step
    13. Fingers crossed our girls will be with us soon :) The tracking on the Hong Kong website says my Mui Chan will be leaving HK and flying over to the UK tomorrow..
    14. My little Mabel Puddleduck has arrived - just in time for Christmas and she is so cute!


    15. yes! she's adorable *__*
      mine is not here yet :( tracking said that she arrived in Italy the 16th and yesterday said "The item was in transit within its destination on 24-Dec-2015" but she didn't come... I hope she will on monday

      happy holidays btw :hollyberry
    16. Thank you MarshMellina - I hope your Mui Chan has arrived to you now and look forward to seeing some Mui Chan pics of your new girl :)
    17. she came to me today! she actually arrived the 29th but the postman left her to my neighbour :horror: I saw in the tracking site the she had been delivered but I can't knock at everyone's door to ask if they have my package! well, she's here now and pictures will come tomorrow ^^
      for now....happy new year!! :sumomo:
    18. here's a little box opening https://denofangels.com/threads/ixdoll-mui-chan-vi-play-with-me-b-o.698514/ but the only picture worth to be seen is this, lol
      she's really really cute but actually I don't feel excited as much as I expected, maybe because of the second face with open mouth, I don't know...I'm thinking that maybe I had to buy version V with bathtub, grumpy face and specially the ducky :P well they're still for sale and I could think about buying a second one...if I had the money :sweat :eusa_naug